Sonic Colours’ Wii Co-Op Multiplayer Revealed

Sonic Colours’ Wii Co-Op Multiplayer Revealed

In a new preview, IGN has revealed details behind Sonic Colours’ multiplayer mode, which was recently leaked via a screenshot at Amazon JP. As suspected, multiplayer will be a co-op experience with various coloured Sonic robots. Players will need to use techniques and the Wisp powers to progress through stages.

Wisp powers can be combined in a number of ways, which IGN are told “throughout a total of 6 tiers of three levels each.”  The red special rings seen in the single player stages now have a purpose revealed. These rings are collected to unlock all of the multiplayer stages, so you won’t be able to play multiplayer co-op right away.

Check out the full preview at IGN.

Thanks to speedduelist at the SSMB and Woun at the SEGA Forums for the heads-up!

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  1. I can’t believe Colours did it again.
    We get a trailer of Sonic 4 with the newer build and then Colours comes along and overshadows 4 AGAIN!
    No way!! I can’t believe this!!

  2. @ sonfan1984:
    True enough, but Colours looks like to be the first all Sonic-like gameplay 3D game EVER.
    I consider myself a classic fan, but Colours looks like to be the 3D game, which people who couldn’t enjoy the past 3D titles actually like.
    Well but that’s just my view.

  3. I hope this multiplayer isn’t as half assed as…every multiplayer mode in a main Sonic game since Adventure 2 Battle.

  4. At least the special rings aren’t like Sonic Advance 2 where they’re needed to play a special stage in an attempt to get a chaos emerald. I’ll get the special rings just for the point system. I doubt I’ll be touching co-op though.

  5. @ ccproject72:
    I’ve deleted your comment.

    I didn’t notice you were the person who posted the first comment too. Still, no-one cares who is first to comment. It’s a tired and stupid form of spam on the internet at every news site, no-one cares and we don’t want that here. There was no need to swear and insult me at all. If you spam up the comments and insult me or any of the other staff again, you’ll be suspended or possibly even banned from commenting. You have been warned.

  6. @Eggman123:
    I agree and surprisingly enough, I’m looking forward to Colors more then Sonic 4. I don’t truely hate the 3D Sonics. They’re all just hits and miss for me. I also like Sonic Unleashed but found the werehog gameplay to be boring. Colors is what Sonic Unleashed should’ve been from the start. 😀

  7. Calm down now. This happened before. Remember Shadow the Hedgehog’s multiplayer mode where everyone controlled different-colored Shadow androids? SEGA still uses the actual characters in the multiplayer modes of their games (i.e. Sonic Riders series, Mario & Sonic series), so it is not like they have forgotten the idea or what made the Sonic series great in the first place. They all remember that, and you shouldn’t worry about it.

  8. @ Vulpine

    They haven’t forgotten what makes the Sonic series great, they clearly have the blue print but just can’t make the damn thing. That’s why Sonic Colours looks promising as it looks like lessons learnt.

    On the multiplayer front I’m hoping for online co-op (you’ know, like every other co-op game has) as a lot of my friends live quite far away and they might not even buy the game anyway. The idea of just grabbing some online friend codes and doing some co-op that way isn’t appealing but it could be the only way I can play multiplayer with this game.

    Kinda makes me wish this game was on 360. Then I could just matchmake the multiplayer.

  9. this is awsome…man this game keeps getting better and better XD….only people really hating on this game are people who didn’t enjoy the day time levelsin unleashed… good thing thats a small few…Xp

  10. @ProjectZuel
    I, too, also wished the game was for the other platforms (X-Box 360 as well as Playstation 3 and Portable). But SEGA decided to make it Nintendo-exclusive this time around. Not sure what the reason was, but I have no problem with Sonic being on all platforms. Oh well, maybe next time.

  11. @ Eggman 123– I sooooooooooo agree, man..

    I was hoping for VS. but this is more innovative, i agree..i just wish we had a solid vs. mode with our fave characters using wisps instead of bland androids, know what i mean?

  12. The biggest problem with multiplayer with different charas is probably the Wii itself.
    Consider Colours is one of the best looking game yet and has a nice amount of stages, a lot of place is already filled in the disk.
    Also they have to create an in-game model and different move-sets for every character, so that eats up some time as well they could use to improve the game.

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