Sonic Colours TGS Commercial

Sonic Colours TGS Commercial


SEGA Japan has been playing a new commercial for Sonic Colours at the Tokyo Game Show and in it we get to see our first very brief snippet of what is believed to be footage of the Starlight Carnival stage. We also get to see the Pink Wisps’ Spike Power in action in the Planet Wisp stage. Check it out and post your thoughts in the comments section. Oh, and *ahem* LAAAZEERRRR!!!

Thanks to Dabnikz at the SSMB for the video.

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  1. I found it funny how enthusiastic he was about all the power-ups like “DRILL!” “ROCKET!” but than at the end he’s so casual with “Sega…” You’d think with a game trying to revitalize the series, they’d use a more lively way of saying your company name like back during the Genesis days


  2. I never understood the “LAAAZERRR” joke cuz they say it so quick in the game but oh well. xD;

    That whatever new level we glimpsed looked cool! :O

  3. Get ready for a bunch of new meme’s..
    getting closer to release and still don’t know which package to pre-order D:

  4. I can’t believe no one has made a shoop-da-whoop joke yet.

    OK, I’ll be the first…

    He’s a-firin’ his… LAAZAARRRR!!!!!!!!!

  5. Huh.

    The trailer voice guy is the same guy who did the announcer voice in Kamen Rider Decade and Climax Heroes, while the guy who does the effects (LASER, ROCKET, etc.) did the voice for the Gaia Memories in Kamen Rider W.

    I am very pleased, and will want to play this Colo(u)rs in Japanese if the voices are in the game as well.

  6. I find it fascinating how these foreign commercials often try to incorporate English words into them. Is English going to become the one world language or something?

  7. This is almost a comic slapstick trailer for the game. With the Jap announcer shouting the powerups while they appear on screen in simple cartoon comic lettering.

    How strange.

  8. First “Check out the consoles”, now “LAZAAAH”.

    Know Your Meme has been having one helluva a year.

  9. I hope people understand now that it wasn’t Sonic saying all that crap whenever he used a power up. lol

  10. IM4 F1R1N’ M4H LAZAR!!11!11one11!1!!1

    IM4 DR1LIN’ V4R DA GROVND!!11!11one11!1!!1

    M4 R0K3T !Z FLI3N V3RI HIGH!!11!11one11!1!!1

    SP!K3Z 4R3 ST!CK3N 0N D4 W4LlZ!!11!11one11!1!!1

    Sonic Colors: Its haz it all fer ya.
    Rly it does x: Even my little cousin is loven it xD

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