New Sonic Free Riders Gameplay Video

New Sonic Free Riders Gameplay Video


YouTube user, unikentaro has uploaded some new gameplay footage of Sonic Free Riders from a Press Briefing that Microsoft held in Tokyo yesterday to unveil Kinect’s release date and launch software in Japan, which Sonic Free Riders will be part of.

The track shown in this demo is the same old track we’ve seen since E3, but this appears to be a new build, because you’re now ranked after you (the player) jump and again when your character lands. Why this happens is unclear from the footage, but it is a very odd change. Your ranking now also appears at the top of the screen, instead of the bottom left. The controls look a little more responsive than in the E3 build of the game, but actions still seem to happen on-screen a second or 2 later.

Do you see any other changes? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Hmm… I did enjoy the first Sonic Riders, but Zero Gravity not at all. Is there any sign this will play more like the first one, and can it be played with a normal controller or not?

  2. Yes, unfortunately you need the Kinect to play the game. I asked over at the Sega blogs and kellie said that the Kinect is required

  3. @ Ben (aka Rio)
    1. It does appear to play more like the first game, with the air system’s return and looks to have the gear abilities of the second game.

    2. Unfortunately, you can’t play it with a normal controller:

    @MH HD:
    I’m referring to the double ranking shown in this gameplay video and the fact it’s been moved to the top of the screen. GT’s last videos have a single ranking and have it placed at the bottom left. Take another look at this new video and you’ll see what I mean 🙂

  4. I am really not a fan of anything XBOX, but I am really hoping this game is good and does well in sales, for Sonic’s sake.

  5. I think this game is going to bomb in sales cause not many people is willing to pay for an Kinect to play this game (me included). If Kinect has other games coming out that are worth buying then yeah I’ll proabably buy a Kinect but for now I’d rather wait.

    Don’t worry though, atleast Colors and Sonic 4 will make up for it.

  6. Well this game is gonna flop only because of the gay ass invention known as the Kinect. I don’t think people are gonna waste their money on a poor excuse of a device that microsoft has to dish out. But the game in general looks really good. its the kinect’s fault that will discourage people to buy it because its expensive and its the only way to play this game. :/ way to go microsoft.

  7. I like sonic,but I just got my xbox360 the beginning of this year,not going to go and buy a new xbox just for the kinect. @spmfam1984 yep 🙂 sonic colors will be a must for me.

    I bairly remember something called….eye toy!It was similar to this. It flopped as I recall,the only thing I used it for was the sims2. I suppose stuff like this you could homebrew to make your own webcam,if the kinect fails.

  8. @ amiterisu:
    You don’t have to buy a new Xbox 360 for Kinect, because Kinect works with all Xbox 360’s. Old Xbox 360’s just need a seperate mains plug to power Kinect, while the slim consoles can power Kinect through USB.

  9. @amiterisu

    Just so you know, there were many other attempts at making motion sensing controls ever since the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive. At least 5 or more. The failed due to the lack of technology.

    Well, if you try and fail one should never give up. Try again.

    The kinect, however, seems to be a much more advanced peice of technology. Isn’t it hipocritical for so many to put down kinect when the Wii is so popular? I mean for a long time people have been trying to work their way up to virtual reality. This is really close to that.

    For Dragonball Z fans, just imagine a DBZ game for Kinect on Xbox Live.

    The only thing I’d have to say now is for those who do want to get KINECT even if they wait for the price to drop, make sure you have room to play so you don’t kick or crash into anything. xD

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