IGN & 1UP Review Sonic Adventure XBLA/PSN

IGN & 1UP Review Sonic Adventure XBLA/PSN

Gaming media giants, IGN and 1UP have given their opinions on the downloadable port of Sonic Adventure that is due to hit Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network today. It appears both of reviewers didn’t have a lot of fun with the game, just look at the scores, IGN’s Arthur Gies gives the game a 3.5/10 and 1UP’s Ray Barnholt a D.

Why such a low score and a low-grade? Both put an emphasis on complaints about poor controls, a bad camera, outdated graphics and sections that don’t require any player input. IGN’s Gies goes so far as to say the game borders on unplayable:

The game was so fast, in fact, that you probably didn’t even realize how broken it actually is. Sonic Adventure is so fundamentally flawed that it borders on unplayable – the sections that move the fastest, that work most, that are even slightly interesting, require the least input from the player. In fact, in many of these sections, input from the player will result in death or catastrophe, and there’s really no way to know which until you either fly through not completely sure what happened or die, also not completely sure what happened.

1UP’s Barnholt also seems very frustrated and think the developers should have implemented some improvements to the game:

But the thing is, Sonic Adventure DX wasn’t all that improved over the original version, so all of the questionable physics and maddening controls are still here; not once re-evaluated, not even thought to be improved. If you remember getting Sonic caught on loop-the-loops or practically begging Amy to jump a little higher over one little ledge, you’ll experience all of it in the same spots. If levels like the Sky Deck drove you insane with its narrow walkways that were so easy to fall from, prepare to go crazy again. And while the game was already somewhat touchy, it also feels like it wasn’t even tuned for the Xbox 360 controller and its analog sticks. Listen carefully and you can hear the shattering of rose-tinted lenses.

For the full reviews, head over to IGN and 1UP.

Do you agree with IGN and 1UP’s opinion’s? Do you plan on downloading the game today? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Slightly tenative on spending the point for it, but I personally couldn’t remember whether the port was the PC version or the Gamecube version. If the former, then I’ve been playing that WITH an Xbox 360 controller, so chances are they’re just bloody terrible at playing Sonic games. And if they think SA1 is fast OH LORD, nasty scores in store for SA2. …Whenever that’s out.

  2. @ Syaming Li: From what I’ve been hearing, it is the PC version they’ve ported. You just get Achievements/Trophies, online leaderboards and I think the leaks showed there’s supposed to be Xbox 360 Avatar awards.

  3. To be honest I never completed the game because I thought the control system and camera were rubbish. Got halfway through the Sonic storyline just after he has the first Tikal spazz out and put the controller on the 2nd hand dreamcast down, disgusted. So I would agree with those scores. Only redeeming factor is the music, the rest of the game is horrible.

  4. I’m trying to figure out if this is a bad review of the game, or a bad review of the port.
    I played DX and thoroughly enjoyed myself, so I can’t tell if these guys are playing a crappier version of the game, or if they just don’t like it.

  5. @Shadzter: Definately in the bag, then! ^_^

    @SoySoy: I’m beginning to believe it’s probably leaning more on the latter, but maybe a little of the former as they make mention there are no real improvements/tune-ups for Xbox (Like that was ever going to happen, but now knowing that it’s the PC version and worked fine with a wired Xbox controller with Xbox for Windows driver, it’s probably that they hate it.)

  6. But is this version the Dreamcast version or the SADX version, though?
    I’d never really had any problems with those two titles

  7. @sonfan1984:
    They’re advertising it as the Dreamcast version, but it looks to be a port of the PC version of SA:DX.

  8. cool, I’m still downloading this game cause I wanna see if its as bad as they say.
    It’s funny that the original SA recieved almost an 10 a decade ago and the GC version recieved a 6 something.

  9. I really don’t care, I own the G-cube version.

    I’m starting to think that IGN is biased against Sonic games, wether they are good or not. They gave Unleashed Xbox 360 version a 4.2!

  10. ffffffffffff first unleashed and now adventure? wow IGN, thats great.

    Did this release in the us yet? i have my points ready

  11. @Everyone who is slagging off IGN.

    1: How come your not slagging off 1UP? They’re saying the same things.

    2: How come your slagging them off? They’re absolutely right. The port is shocking, we’ve known for months that it was bad and no effort had been made to either improve or enhance it. Just read any topic on any board that isn’t afraid to criticise it and the problems with it are as clear as day.

    3: I bet you £50 that before the end of the week most other review sites will give this a low score.

  12. @Casanova
    IGN even gave SA2 Battle a much lower score then SA2 for the Dreamcast even though many people thinks the GC version is better. Does that mean that SA2B is a piss poor port, too?
    Their standards for these games has changed and the SA series in’t as great as they think it is back then.

  13. @ Ultimate Tails:
    Releases the 15th September, that’s today in the UK(01:28am here) and tomorrow in the U.S.

  14. @Sonfan You’re seriously comparing a gamecube port to a 2010 XBL/PSN release? Have you read any of the two reviews? Have you read any of the topic on SSMB about this game? 1up and IGN are right! it’s not a made up thing they’ve done just to annoy Sonic Adventure fans. All the problems that they’re talking about look as though they’re there in the game.

  15. @Casanova: Uh, no. I don’t really step foot anywhere on this site except read news on certain games. I’ve never had any problems with the Sonic Adventure titles and I own both the DC and GC versions.

  16. @BlueChaos:
    I hope so too. To be honest, the bad reviews all started with Sonic Adventure DX back in 2003. How ironic would it be knowing that the first Sonic game to get this brand of critical panning could also be the last.

  17. @Sonfan Oh boy are you in for a suprise then when you download it. You might wanna give the SSMB topic a good read from the start to finish before you spend monies on this one.

  18. Seriously guys, can you guys stop blaming IGN on it?

    I’m sorry but they are right and I was right too. Sega did a lazy port of the game to get money. It’s as simple as that.

  19. @Ultimate Tails

    Um… what parts? Last time I checked, there weren’t any states east of the east coast. Current NY time is 9:07. There’s still another three hours before any part of the US meets with September 15, 2010.

  20. Brianzilla2004- oh ok, but i thought sum guy at sega forums say in was 11:59 in Hawaii an hour ago

  21. Here’s the thing…it’s Sonic Adventure DX and you already know what you getting.
    All the glitches and other stuff that was wrong with the game in the first place. I’m glad I wasn’t expecting Sega to fix anything or else I would be disappointed. I just want the game and everything that comes with it.

  22. I LOLed at the IGN review.
    The game shifts between 3rd person and 2D side-scrolling? Boosting? Can’t figure out how to get to the next action stage? Walking instead of running in the Adventure areas? LOLwut?

  23. After reading both reviews, I can confidently say that IGN’s critic is a drama queen. Based on what I’ve seen, this appears to be a straight port of the PC version, minus the bonus content. With that in mind, there’s plenty of reason to assume that people who last played the game 11 years ago would have a bad time with the game. After all, DX was severely more glitchy. I can see this game getting these low scores, and I get where 1UP is coming from.

    The IGN review not only makes the game sound like bugs pop up every five seconds (serious bugs, at that), but it also brings up a glitch or two that I’ve never experienced, despite playing through the DC, GC and PC versions of Sonic Adventure extensively. Perhaps this 360 port manages to be even glitchier (yet runs well at 60fps), but I’m putting my money on this guy being a putz. Albeit a putz who can write a pretty good review.

    Even with this being a lame PC port, the leaderboards will keep me playing for a long time. Now if they’d just add proper leaderboards to the original trilogy…

  24. Pretty much what Gamer18 said. But then again I’ve never had any problems with the game like glitches or anything like that.

  25. There is one way to test whether it is dreamcast / pc.

    Do that glitch with the burger man outside the train station.
    If you pop through the wall and insta-die = Dreamcast
    If you pop through the wall and land on solid ground = PC.

    I did alot more glitching than playing in my time haha

  26. sounds like all their complaints are what the games were and everyone likes those games so they must suck! xD

    But in all seriousness, they seem to have been expecting a next-genified version of the games or something. o.o

    Oh well. You know how it goes. Can’t spell IGNorant without IGN. =P lol jk again! XD

  27. I dont get it, didnt everyone love the adventure games? I mean, clearly a whole buch of ppl have been craving for a SA3 so whats the deal? is it just that the Sonic fans like the Adcventure games but those so called “reviewers” bash them because theyre Sonic games? somebody enlighten me.

  28. “Listen carefully and you can hear the shattering of rose-tinted lenses.”

    That’s hilarious and couldn’t be said any better. If they slap a “DELUXE!” title at the end, people are going to think that problems have been fixed and new content has been added. That’s usually the implication of a Deluxe anything, more to go off of. This can include fixing the camera, the controls and at least giving it widescreen. It boggles the mind that such a feature was actually left out, but magically, it is. Sonic Adventure was amazing on the Dreamcast, and it’s still a blast to play on it today. However, if I’m going to pay for another release of a Sonic game and it has a special title slapped in, I want to see improvements.

    The scores seem justified enough to me, if it doesn’t work and/or it isn’t fun, don’t say it is.

  29. If I may say…WHO CARES ABOUT REVIEWS, sure it’s funny to read them, but never let them make up your opinion for you. Like me, I’m getting this, and I will have fun with it. I never took reviews seriously, especially IGN.

  30. While both are outrageously low scores, I reckon 1UP’s review was smarter in terms of criticism. At least they acknowledged while the older version of the game had those issues, the newer version should have improved on it, whereas IGN is bashing for the sake of bashing.

  31. @Neo Hazard

    I don’t understand… Are you talking about Sonic Adventure (360/PS3) or Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut (GC/PC)? The new port doesn’t say anything about being a ‘deluxe’ version of the game in its title, so everything you’re saying isn’t applicable to it. However, I do agree with the core concept, and applying it to DX is fair. DX DID add a bunch of extra missions and give you the chance to unlock Metal Sonic (whoopty do), but it also ruined lots of textures (Super Sonic) and shrunk the Chao Gardens (as well as adopted the vastly inferior Chao raising of SA2:B, but some could consider that a plus). The DX version also lacked any of the DLC from the original. So, while it DID add a decent chunk of bonus content, it wasn’t made to be the definitive version of Sonic Adventure.

    Back before this port was announced, I was kinda hoping that SEGA could release a definitive version to the XBLA/PSN, but I guess that’s just not gonna happen. I would’ve preferred a straight DC port with online leaderboards over a straight PC port with online leaderboards, but oh well.

  32. The game is 11 years old, it was amazing then, and now 11 years later they expect it to be the same amazing thing all this time later!!

    It was made for new sonic fans without dreamcasts, so dont compare it to dc or dx.

    I grew up on sonic adventure. So, don’t bash it IGN.
    I’m buying this and reach ASAP.

  33. I always say that I loved Adventure in spite of it’s flaws. Strip away the flaws and you have/had a great 3D Sonic game, and that’s what mattered to me. It was fun. In terms of solid quality game sessions, Adventure was incidentally better organized than Sonic Adventure 2, which intersperses a single session with multiple characters instead of just having solid single-character campaigns. Also, the look was quite breathtaking in most stages. But it’s totally natural to keep playing that game in it’s entirety a few years later, having forked over money for a shiny new remake, and realize that not only was nothing fixed, but also just how glaringly bad the flaws were. That ends up in a game that just doesn’t age well. I’ll still play it of course, because I can still have fun with it’s really good parts, which pretty much consists of Sonic and Tails. Knuckles too, although I did not grow fond of his treasure hunting in the sequel.

    It’s one thing to make up your mind. It’s another thing when you’ve said yes to ignorance and/or denial and no to whatever may happen to offend your viewpoint. Moving on.

  34. @Brianzilla2004 Something has gotten lost in Translation here, I’ve read from several sources this IS Sonic Adventure Deluxe, and then everywhere else it’s just Sonic Adventure, plain vanilla. I’d like to thank you for clearing that up. Still, the point stands, Sonic Adventure has aged horridly and to me, if you’re not playing it on Dreamcast, there’s not much point in playing it at all.

    That’s what’s got me so mixed up, several sources from SEGA Nerds and other places have stated this is DX without anything extra, which means no missions, no unlockable characters, nothing at all. It seems like a pointless buy since they haven’t fixed the controls or camera.

  35. SEGA just has to ditch XBOX and PlayStation all together. These reviews make it sound like as big of a disaster as Sonic ’06. But this game was great on Dreamcast and GameCube.

  36. Wow, we’re sorry your penis’s are small IGN.
    I won’t even begin … well, maybe a little – outdated graphics? DERH! It was 10 years ago

  37. So why is Sonic Adventure consider by many to be one of the best 3D Sonic games if the game has all of these problems? The critics seems to love it 11 years ago, but the scores seems to get lower and lower each time Sega re-release the Sonic Adventure titles.

  38. I’m tellin you guys, its not the game, its the hardware. Sonic Adventure was great on DC and GC, but appears to be bad on XBOX 360 and PS3. Sonic Heroes was great on GC but had problems on XBOX and PS2. There are already complaints about Sonic 4 on the XBOX 360, people are saying they prefer the wii version, and that game isn’t even released yet. Yet there are no complaints about Sonic Colors so far. Sonic needs to stick with Nintendo and just forget XBOX and PlayStation all together… matter a fact, maybe we all should.

  39. Don’t speak for everyone mr sonictoast, I like sonic in HD on mah xbox =P. That includes werehogs and iblis triggers you haters! D=<

    Now then, I can agree that the xbox controller and ps3 controller share a weakness, the control stick. The gamecube has tiny dents on the edges to help guide the direction you tilt the stick, ps3 and xbox are smooth silk. Sonic games dont suck, you just dont have a steady finger!

    This was no issue for the dreamcast, so if 2 controllers are the exact same but somehow not really…whats the issue?

  40. @Neo Hazard

    Alright, I need to explain myself a little bit…

    You are correct that this is a port of Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut, but it is being called Sonic Adventure. There’s a lot in a name. While the original DX, obviously, added to Sonic Adventure’s name to imply some form of improvement, this new XBLA/PSN release strips the DX away from the name, simply calling it “Sonic Adventure.” So it’s basically DX with the original game’s name.

    My point in responding to you was that they aren’t advertising this as anything more than Sonic Adventure. While it technically is DX, they’re just sticking with the vanilla name.

    As for the DX bonus content, I believe they’re adding that later as DLC. I’m sure they’ll want us to pay an extra $5, and they’ll try to convince us with an extra 50 Gamerscore to unlock. I’ve seen the complete list of Achievements. I believe it’s a total of 15 Achievements worth 250 Gamerscore. I know that the last 50 are from the DX content (mission mode, Metal Sonic). So basically, they’re ripping us off…

  41. The Dreamcast Version of Sonic Adventure is the best overall faster game-play on NTSC Mode (TV Screen), but with the Gamecube/SEGA PC Version it too shiny and lots of glitches (mostly from Gamecude version of Sonic Adventure DC)

    “Chao Chao”

    Note: SEGA should be blame for this not Sonic Team (this also happened on Sonic 2006/Sonic World Adventure “Unleashed”/Sonic Chronicles/Sonic Rush & Rush Adventures and other Sonic Games because SEGA rush it too much and if Sonic Team had more time testing the games none of these glitches that never happened!

  42. As a hardcore fan from the golden days, i will admit sonic adventure has not aged well at all…

    i mean i do still love it, along with sonic adventure 2, but sonic adventure i think is just dated for this generation, same goes to legend of Zelda ocrena of time i feel that’s dated too.

    Mario 64 weirdly enough isn’t dated yet, graphically yes but gameplay no.

    i used to be a sonic hardcore nut Buying anything with sonics face, now ive woken up from that and im a normal fan of the series ^^

    and ill be honest i didnt like unleashed at all, that game made me stop playing sonic all together till the release of colours and sonic 4 that both have got my attention and interest back into the series.

  43. I love how other outdated, old, gritty, shitty looking games that have loads of problems often don’t get the same bashing that Sonic Adventure and other games do.

    Bordering on unplayable? STILL bitching about the fucking cameras after this many years?

    What the hell, are they 10 years old? Jesus Christ.

  44. @Jason Wilkinson
    Sonic Rush was good, Rush Adventure was good, Unleashed was good for me ( Included Werehog!)X360 version of course! Chronicles was good too but not to me!( I hate RPG games!)
    The only proplem is Sonic 2006, the game that really were rushed!And you can see that SEGA gave Sonic Team an extra time to make Sonic 4 better! And they said they are now tested Sonic Colors to looking for any glitches and fix it!

  45. Sonic Adventure had all these problems in 2001, but back then we didn’t really care because the speed and experience was so great. I wasn’t expecting positive reviews of this game because of that, without any improvements obviously the game hasn’t aged well at all, but I still love it, so I’m getting it.

    But Haru is right, make the same damn Call of Duty game every year and you get no complaints, then a game which is nearly 10 years old gets bitched out for being dated, lol… Ocarina of Time’s insane framerate on Virtual Console doesn’t get bitched out, because they acknowledge that the thing is more than 10 years old and it had those issues on the N64, but SEGA games on the other hand don’t get special treatment anymore since they’re not a manufacturer.

    But still, all the complaints are valid and true, just they don’t seem to have remembered the fun.

    Still… 3.5 and D? That’s proof that these guys weren’t SEGA fans in 2001, the nostalgic value alone is worth the price.

  46. Okay, for all of you who are dissing the game now, please shut up. This game is only a PORT of a friggin Dreamcast game. Where you expecting a HD remake or something. We saw from the images it was clearly just a PORT. It’s the same game as it’s always been. I agree and disagree with the critics: It’s only a port, they shouldn’t have been expecting a gold-plated dog, but it would’ve been pretty kick-arse if Sega did remake it or amped it up. I expected the critics to be a-holes, expecially IGN (Let’s face it, they hate Sonic. At least 1Up gave it a passing grade. I’m American so I don’t know the grading scale of you European dudes.) You guys are starting to sound like fanboys, you know those unpleasable guys. If you liked Sonic Adventure before, you like Sonic Adventure. Period. If you didn’t like Sonic Adventure, you didn’t like it. PER-I-OD. You didn’t wanna open your big mouths until these critics said something. They expect something new everytime something is ported, at least for Sonic they do. (Reviews for Final Fantasy VII on the PSN are just as great as the originals. Same goes for Marvel VS Capcom 2.) This is just like people saying Sonic is dead. He’s not dead, some people just don’t like change. Sega was trying to do us all a favor and let us experience a classic on a new console, a favor for which I am very thankful.

  47. I’m playing the game right now as i type.
    The reviews are crap. i just the same game I’ve been playing for years.
    I don’t even know why they even bothered to review this game again.

  48. What a ludicrous series of reviews. Next up: we review Space Invaders and complain about the simplistic AI.
    Sonic Adventure was and is a good game.

  49. @Jason Wilkinson:
    Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure are good games. The only game that is rushed on your list and is really full of glitches is Sonic ’06

  50. It’s official, IGN will forever be biased. After the retarded review for 360/PS3 Sonic Unleashed getting an even lower score than Sonic 06 (which makes absolutely no sense), I’ll never bother to take them seriously again. I just like how Sonic Adventure has gradually been getting a lower score. Dreamcast version got an 8.6. Then it was revamped and ported to Gamecube with that version got a 5.0. And now a 3.5? Wow, IGN, really?? The game still looks lush and great for a game that’s over 10 years old and looks and handles pretty much the same as the previous version. It’s a port, just like Sonic 1, 2, 3, and S&K before it. It was a classic back in it’s time and all they do is bash it more for being exactly the same?? The game still plays as it was remembered, that’s all that should matter.

  51. @ Jason Wilkinson

    “SEGA should be blame for this not Sonic Team (this also happened on Sonic 2006/Sonic World Adventure “Unleashed”/Sonic Chronicles/Sonic Rush & Rush Adventures and other Sonic Games because SEGA rush it too much and if Sonic Team had more time testing the games none of these glitches that never happened!

    I totally agree. I still totally belive in Sonic Team but they are constantly forced to work will small budgets and little time :(.

    @MH MD
    “Unleashed was good for me ( Included Werehog!)X360 version of course! Chronicles was good too but not to me”

    Finally, some1 I can relate you. The Sonic Unleashed daytime stages were some of the best Sonic stages EVER!! I have a like/hate relationship with the Werehog. Liked the platforming and the bosses but not the combat. The Only talking about the 360/PS3 version. The Wii version sucked.

  52. I’m not Anti-American but the American reviews seem to have been set up to sabotage Sonic games on Non-nintendo platforms. And it seems to be working judging from some comments above. I wonder is Nintedo paying them? As far as Im concerned the only good Sonic Wii game is Sonic and the Secret Rings. European and Japanese Reviews judge the games more fairly. Such as UK maganize Gamesmaster.

  53. I’ll be downloading the demo later to see how it plays compared to DX, will buy it when it goes into deal of the week though

  54. I can’t stop laughing at all the IGN bashes here…

    Some people I spot bashing were saying last week about how they loved how IGN praised Sonic colours and a few weeks ago were praising them for liking Sonic 4… but now that they’ve publically pointed out that Sonic Adventure is quite a rubbish port…. suddenly they’re the ones who are wrong? lolz.

  55. IGN has a habit of giving Sonic games really good previews when they play the demo but still slap a low score when they play the final product. Maybe this time will be different with Colors but Im not getting my hopes up.

  56. @Sonictoast

    Sonic Heroes was worse on the PS2 due to bad porting, the Xbox version is argubally equal compared to the Gamecube version.

    Honestly, Sonic Unleashed was superior on the PS360 compared to the Wii’s cashcow version.

    And you should know that Sonic 4 was developed for the 360. All of the version’s are the same but the Wii version has worse graphics (Not counting the iPod version)

    Maybe we all should ditch the Xbox 360 & PS3? Haha, pathetic kid. Your just a Nintendo fanboy, run along. kthxbai

  57. @sonictoast

    Having read your comment just now, I think it’s pretty clear that you know absolutely nothing about this product or Sonic 4 or have any actual facts to back up your argument do you?

  58. Sonictoast is actually right, but not because it’s a Nintendo system. The issue is that Sonic games have been going downhill since they made the decision to go multi-platform. Sonic Heroes was made with the RenderWare engine for the sake of porting, and the graphics for the games got noticeably muddier in Heroes, Shadow, and Riders than they could have been (riders not as much, though it’s been a while since I’ve played that one). When they set out to make Sonic ’06, we got a buggy game with a shoddy engine.

    Now, I will admit that I haven’t played the 360 edition of Sonic Unleashed, so I can’t say if it’s gotten better or not, but the problems with Sonic 4 should tell you that SEGA’s problem is making an engine that can work perfectly on all the systems they’re attempting to support. This fully explains why Sonic Colors is looking better. It has nothing to do with the system infrastructure, (though apparently Nintendo systems are very developer friendly if you’ve developed on one before) it has to do with SEGA not worrying about the game working on anything but the one system. We shall see how things turn out from here, but I’m hoping that SEGA realizes that they need to keep their focus on one console for the engine when they get around to the 20th anniversary game.

  59. Finally, people are starting to realize Sonic Adventure was a pretty bad game. Why was it so highly reviewed? Hype, of course. Why do you people continue to like it? Nostalgia. That’s all there is it. After 5 years of no Sonic (in the traditional sense), the world went crazy over SA. 11 years later, and they’re finally starting to see how bad the game really is.

  60. Sonic Adventure is still one of my favorite Sonic games and I sstill find it a fun game to play even after 11 years later despite it’s flaws. I don’t think it’s a bad game cause IGN and 1Up and those critics said it is though they seem to love it with all of those flaws when the game came out 11 yrs ago.

  61. I must say… I am a little disappointed with the port, but just a little, i still love it. Ive only gone through level one and am noticing if i spinball in certain places i pull to the left or right and die in the water. And I can say i miss the gamecube controller for this because it could lock you into going straight by the dents in the controller stick hole. The xbox controller also has a much stronger spring pull back, so you push forward with more force. Nothing wrong with the game there, just controller preference. The CGI cutscenes are quite grainy, and I am wondering why it was so hard to port a movie with bad results, but the graphics are slightly improved. I am seeing more reflections in metal and glass, and Sonic and friends have a SLIGHT cell shade look to them and are curvy, yet crisp.Textures are extra clear, at least on certain textures, dont expect any bump maps. Everything else is the same for now, it was worth it for me caz my sonic DX disk busted a while back, but now i got this. Also, i can now play my own music to the game! I have seen this through HDMI quality, so i can absorb all the sonic juice through my tv. Just wish it was widescreen. BUT I still love it! Keep an eye out for that new character in the game too! “Mr. Know it All”! Im gonna love to hate that kid.

  62. @Sonic4K6

    I am proud to be a Nintendo fanboy. However I am an even bigger Sonic fanboy and I don’t appreciate bad consoles giving Sonic a bad rep. I played Sonic Heroes on XBOX and it was has horrible, every time I got going fast the game slowed down and became choppy. seems like bad porting to me. I know two different people who hated Shadow the Hedgehog. One had it for XBOX the other for PS2. I let the XBOX owner borrow my GameCube copy and he loved it. I convinced the PS2 owner to sell his PS2 version and buy it on GameCube, he did and he now loves the game also.

    I admit, I have not played Unleashed on 360 or PS3, but I did really enjoy the Wii version.

    And Sonic 4, a video game could have the best graphics in the world, but if the controls are bad, no one will care, thus Wii version wins.


    The only thing I know about this product is what I’ve been reading on this website. And from these reviews, it is clear that XBOX and PlayStation have failed Sonic again.

  63. Outdated graphics…really? maybe because it’s a port?
    Anyway, the controls aren’t terrible at all in my opinion, i’ve been getting on fine with them.
    And for that matter, where are the 2D sections in Sonic Adventure? I don’t remember any at all =S

  64. …Is it sonic? is he blue with red shoes? Does he run fast? Are there chaos? THEN WHO GIVES A FLYING FOX!?! God dammit, screw the review, screw the wonky camera, people, it’s classic sonic. When this game came out on the dreamcast, people were thrilled. When it came out on gamecube as director’s cut, people SWARMED to get it. I dont understand why the hell these so called “fans” cant just go, woo, sonic’s in it doing his thing with a great story and decent gameplay. Who the hell gives a crap what all these reviewers think!? Just play it like we used to when we were kids and have fun! That’s the whole point of it being a GAME.

  65. Outdated? I was just playing the game on my Dreamcast a few weeks ago, and I think it still plays perfectly damn fine. Yeah, there are some noticeable camera issues and a couple glitches here and there, but nothing bad enough to warrant review scores like this. (Unless this is a REALLY crappy port)


    That’s a pretty one-sided view of things. As I was just saying, I was recently playing the game and didn’t really notice anything wrong outside of some minor things. And the fishing.

    Anyways, doesn’t matter. I learned a loooooong time ago to ignore any and all major review sites when it comes to Sonic games. (Except maybe Nintendo Power)

  66. @sonictoast
    You are pathetic, truely pathetic.
    Shadow the Hedgehog has no differences compared to the Gamecube version.
    The Xbox version of Sonic Heroes has better graphics than the Gamecube version but yes it does have forgiveable slowdown. Sure the PS2 ports are choppy but the Xbox ports are no where near as choppy. But what’s with the fanboyism? it’s pathetic.

    You need to leave your house and take a deep breath 😉

  67. I dunno why people say SA hasn’t aged well. Sure there’s quite a few fustrating bits where the controls just don’t work very well and everything gets a bit rigid, but then name me a game that is perfect the whole way through.

    SA is no amazing feat of amazingness. (lol…) But I’m sick of people just downing it for stupid reasons. For example; out dated graphics. What. The. Fuck. It’s an 11 year old game, stop talking rubbish. This was a port, we’re not getting anything revamped. Just deal with it.

    I think SA works really well if you play it right and speed through the levels. It’s only when you slow down and play badly that the flaws show.

  68. ^ And considering the game is that old, I think it just shows that the graphics was ahead of their time. I’d seriously say it looks as good as something from 2002 or so

  69. @Sonic4K6

    You seem awfully defensive of XBOX, but agree on the PlayStation jabs. I think we know who the real fanboy is. Come out and embrace your nerdyness. you sleep with your XBOX at night and dream of the Master Chief. 😀

    First, I think I should address some good things about XBOX. Sonic Unleashed on XBOX 360 has amazing visuals. And it is awesome that All-Stars Racing has Banjo Kazooie in it (I’m not a Banjo Kazooie fan, but a guest star is always cool.)

    Now, I just shared the stories of my two friends who hated Shadow the Hedgehog until they played it on GameCube, neither told me why they did not like it on PS2 and XBOX, they just said it was a bad game. That same friend who didn’t like Shadow on XBOX also had Sonic Heroes on XBOX and said he did not like the game. I played the Gamecube version of Sonic Heroes and loved it, I played through the XBOX version and I’m afraid I disagree with you, in a game that has so much emphasis on speed, such slowdown is not forgivable. I did not notice any difference in graphics between the two games (besides the buttons in the corner).

    And your user name gives me the impression that you are a fan of the 4kids dub of Sonic X. This makes me think that your judgment of quality is greatly skewed towards the negative.

  70. So IGN gives Mario 64 an 8 for graphics on the Virtual Console, but a 6.5 for SA’s graphics on XBLA? If you just compare the specs– SA1 had both a higher poly count and texture resolution than SM64– in the vanilla Dreamcast version. But this uses the Gamecube models which have more detail. They also used more particles than Mario 64.

    I’m not saying that they should’ve gave Mario 64 a low score, but if you’re just comparing graphics? SA should be equal or even greater when examining it from a technical side. As people have said, IGN and 1Up seem to imply that Nintendo is ok with keeping things the way they were (hey, why ruin the nostalgia?) but Sega needs to do better….and even when they do? (i.e. SA:DX models) It’s somehow worse.

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