U.S. Sonic Free Riders Box Art and Price

U.S. Sonic Free Riders Box Art and Price

SEGA of America has just revealed the U.S. box artwork (seen above) for SEGA’s first Xbox 360 Kinect title, Sonic Free Riders. SEGA also revealed that the game will go on sale for $49.99, which is $10 cheaper than normal Xbox 360 titles retail for. No information is given as to when the game will be released, but the game has been said in the past to be a launch title for the device, which will be launching in the U.S. November 4th and November 10th in Europe. We’ll keep an eye out for more information.

Source: SEGA of America’s Blog

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  1. It looks pretty nice,And its pretty Basic too.
    Now theres 1 thing left that i need….A TRAILER!

  2. I still won’t be buying this even if it does retail cheaper. The Sonic Riders series has been an absolute mess of a racing series and I doubt this latest game will change that. I also don’t intend to shell out for Kinect which is technically the main draw.

  3. Really? Even for Sega this is lazy…that’s one of the most boring game covers I’ve seen, made doubly boring by the fact that it depicts nothing new from the previous two covers. I mean…its Sonic, friends, and the Babylon Rogues….flying on boards…..again. “Well what did you expect?” You ask? “That is the game in a nutshell, isn’t it?” …unfortunately, yes, that’s the game in a nutshell. More of the same.

    I also love the big “KINECT REQUIRED” sticker they slapped on it. Like a slap in the balls.

  4. I’d love to play this, shame i can’t afford Kinect. =(
    wow tails better lay of the chilli dogs, he’s getting chubby =D

  5. Ha there are already bad previews of Kinnect.
    The most interesting in this game are the new VA for me.

  6. @ Stan:
    To be fair, the “Requires Kinect Sensor” label isn’t SEGA’s fault. That’s something all Kinect game covers are required to put on the cover. I don’t like it there, but it has to be there so people without Kinect don’t buy it and think they can play it with a normal controller.

  7. @Shadzter:
    Yes I suppose that is fair…but it is still sad that the sticker is the only thing on the cover that’s different from past games.

  8. the riders series and all star racing is stupid fun games but it doesn’t make any sense why sonic is always jumpin in cars and riding hover boards i thought he likes running

  9. Cover looks neat. I cant buy it though since i dont have a 360. Hopefully I’ll be able to try it out if its ever playable at a target or something

  10. …it soooooooooo ironically looks like a wii game’s cover and even their versions were better, man..

    But it’s the cover not the game i guess..

  11. Looks nice. =) It’s pretty much showing there’s a new Riders game for those who liked the games and didn’t know about this. And when they find out it’s on KINECT which they may or may not have/get, they may think “O__O I wonder how to play it :3” lol

  12. @TreThaCapBusta

    Its called playing fair. When you’re the fastest thing alive, it has to be done so the game won’t be broken. ^_^

  13. @TreTheCapBusta

    Sonic has a PLANE. I think he took the time to learn how to use multple ways of travelling. (wat’d happen if his legs broke, cut off or he was no longer able to run of old age? XD)

    But isn’t it obvious that if Sonic wants to prove he can drive better or ride a board better that he’s not gonna make himself look like a dummy and try to run in the race? Then people will be like “OKAY WE GET IT! You can run fast! Now get a board or get out of the way!!!” XD LMAO

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