The “Wisp Me Away” Giveaway! [N.A./AUS WINNERS ANNOUNCED]

The “Wisp Me Away” Giveaway! [N.A./AUS WINNERS ANNOUNCED]

The American/Canadian winners are here!! Thanks to all who participated. I’ll be sending out the Wisps near the end of the month.

Remember, this does not include the European winners yet!! Dreadknux will be taking care of that.

The winners are:

The Waffle Factory
Indigo Rush
Hello. Look at my sig
SuperCookie (Awesome Nick!!)
Jeffery the NinjaPirate
Doctor Eggman
Chavis the Wolf
F. Lobot
Trainer Rachel
Chan Kaylore
Blue Hedgehog

For those who just missed out, better luck next time!! This won’t be the last time I do something like this for sure!!

Hello, faithful Sonic Stadium fans. Have we got a treat for you! During E3, Sonic Colors was shown to the world for the first time. During that time, Sonic freed tons and tons of Wisps away from the capture of Dr. Eggman.


A few too many. That’s where you come in! As a reward to our readers, you can adopt one of these little guys and give them a home. They don’t need fancy diets. They don’t make messes. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’re not even alive.


Look at ’em. Soulless monsters the size of your thumb.

So, how do you pick one of these up? Simple! Just use your SSMB account to PM either JasonTheJackass if you are in the USA, Canada or Australia or Dreadknux if you live in the U.K. and Europe. Give us your mailing address and tell us why you are excited about Sonic Colors. The best entries will be posted in another blog later on.

Reply as soon as possible. The amount of Wisps available are split 50/50. That means there’s 50 for the U.K./Europe and 50 for USA/Canada/Australia. We are not responsible for any Wisps possibly lost in the mail. Only one Wisp and one entry per person.

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  1. Aww adoreable…
    Too bad I can’t enter, since I’m not in either of those countries.
    Good luck to the rest though.

  2. Unfortunately, since the cost of posting 100 prizes out is going to be high as it is, we’re having to restrict it to the two countries we have a stock of wisps to minimise our own costs.

  3. I entered……….but knowing me and contests….it ain’t happening…….still worth a shot

  4. @thewafflefactoy Find Dreadknux or JacksontheJackass (which ever area your from) on the forum and then select send a messege

  5. all i see is :add as friend, find topics, find posts, and display name history. Either im a blind dumbo or i have to do something before i can send messages to people.

  6. I should have made this clearer. The entry part is just for the second blog. As long as you PM your address and are one of the first 50 in your continent, you get a Wisp. So, anyone who’s PM’ed me or Dread so far gets one.

    This includes Australia and Europe too. I didn’t mean to leave you out.

  7. My luck never works out I sent it to the wrong E mail to the wrong person… lol.

  8. I sent mine earliar today, so if its first come first served, I really hope I got in in time ^^

  9. Could you provide a link to your accounts if possible? I’m not sure if I’ve got the right account..
    Sorry. I’m just nervous about giving out my address.

  10. Weird.. it tells me I need to add him to my address book yet I have no idea how to.

  11. Just sent in my submission to Jason… Damn, typing on the iPhone 4 is hard.

    So do we have to write our address in the message? Because I never read that anywhere, just wondering.

  12. Oh no… I’m really late on this. WHY didn’t I check TSS earlier? I really hope I still get a Wisp, they’re so adorable, no matter how freakish-looking.

  13. my cousin and i both entered though im worried since she lives with me and we entered the same address fingers crossed its ok

    cause were both major sonic fans

  14. @Jason

    That… would have been handy to know before heading off to sleep for the night. Ah well, shooting off an entry anyway.

  15. I don’t know about Dreadnux, but I’m up to 57 PM’s So all entrys for USA/Canada/Australia are done.

    It will take a while for me to send all these out, but they should be sent out by the end of the month.

  16. Well crap… I really think that this is an unfair contest. -_-‘

    First come first serve is not fair at all considering that I am in Universal Studios Orlando right now, I had to read this extremely quickly and couldn’t see the part that said I’m supposed to add my mail address. Plus seeing some of the comments for the first time… no offense, but this contest was horribly run, it seriously should have been run like the 19th anniversary contest (even though some of the winners seriously shouldn’t have won.)

    What the hell is the point of writing why your excited if it’s first come first serve? Just hand the damn thing out to people in the street if your going to do that.

  17. could someone help me i signed up to summer of sonic but accidently deleted the email how can i get it resent i def got an a-ok but i deleted it before i printed it????

    any ideas on who i can email about help with this?


  18. Some of you need to quit whining and have some humility. They were just trying to do something nice and you’re ruining by acting like spoiled little children. Quit being greedy and just be happy for those who are getting one.

  19. I’ll be announcing the winners (of USA and Australia) on Sunday. I hope to get Dreadnux to get his side.

  20. hahaha. best part was i forgot the rules mid entry, and accidentally forgot that we were supposed to say why we were excited for sonic colors.. So i just sent him a joke, and that prob doesnt count. haha


    Wow, cumbersome to type like that.

  22. I’m sorry, I’m just a bit impatient. I know it’s today. Typing like that is quite annoying, so I shall not do it again.

  23. Sorry, saw your comment, found it amusing, and had to poke a little fun at you. =P Hope I didn’t come off as too much of a jerk.

  24. Nah. Tis wasn’t you. It was Blue Blood over there *points*, but I don’t really care anyways.

  25. I can’t say for certain, but in all honesty I wouldn’t expect Dread to do it today anyway, yesterday took a lot out of everybody, just give him a break.

  26. its monday im australia cmon i wanna know if i and my cousin have won yet we cant wait to know when will we know? please give us a time

  27. its like 10:30 pm in america and everywhere else its like Monday why is there still no announcement?

  28. @tjthefox

    Perhaps because the people running this have other important things to attend to aside from this? Goodness, lad, learn a little patience.

  29. @Channy

    Patience!? im always on the run i never slow down always fast!
    im a speed demon, when i go to the shops i always go in the express lane
    when i drive down the highway i always go into the fast lane,

  30. @tjthefox

    In that case, think quick and show a little respect before whining that two hours have gone by without someone catering to your impulses.

  31. I’d say we’ll have the results to this little giveaway before the end of the week. Like Casanova said, Summer of Sonic was pretty taxing on people, and there were a lot of complications behind it, give the guys a chance to recuperate.

  32. Just read all the entries on my half of the giveaway. Almost everyone who entered won!

    But folks, I’ve got two words…..mailing address!! At least 10 of you folks forgot your mailing address. I’ll PM you to ask for them later.

    As far as Dreadnux goes, he just spent the weekend at SoS. Give him some time.

  33. @tjthefox

    Yes. I’m gonna update the page with the list of winners soon so everyone else be patient.

  34. @Jason

    Woohoo! I won! Di d I do everything right Jason? I’m pretty sure I included my full address. If there were any problems with my entry, Let me know. I am extremly happy, my wisp will look GREAT in my Sonic Collection. They’re pretty exclusive, right?

  35. OMG I actually won!!! Looks like I’ll have to run to the pet store to get some supplies for it. Also thanks for calling my nickname AWESOME lol.

  36. WOOT!!! I WON!!! I feel so happy! and I got 1st!!! I’m dreaming. DREAM COME TRUE!!! THANK YOU!!!

  37. Hooray! Thanks Sonic Stadium! You’re the most generous Sonic fansite I know of! Just look at all these happy Sonic fans!

  38. Yes I won!!! I overreacted earlier, sorry about that. Thanks so much Jason and TSS :D. (I’m SuperScourge12)

  39. Probably, I hope this gets updated by the end of this week or sometime next week. Weยดll see, until then Iยดll try my best to stay patient, but its not easy! ^^

  40. I’m going to start sending them off next week. Not all at once though, so Please be patient. This takes quite a lot of time to mail 50 little items.

  41. Also, I let Dreadnux know that the UK folk are asking about thier half. Hopefully, I’ll hear from him soon.

  42. How in the world did I miss this? Yay, I won something! I’m so excited. And now since I’m late in finding out, I don’t have to wait so long for it ๐Ÿ˜€ This just makes me even more excited for Sonic Colors.

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