Sonic Adventure Priced & Dated For Xbox Live Marketplace

Sonic Adventure Priced & Dated For Xbox Live Marketplace

UPDATE: SEGA of America have backed this news up with a new blog entry, which contains 8 new screenshots that you can check out at the bottom of this article. /UPDATE END

Microsoft’s ‘Major Nelson’ has today revealed, via his blog, the Xbox Live Marketplace releases for the month ahead, which includes Sonic Adventure for the Xbox Live Arcade. The Dreamcast classic will be available to Xbox 360 owners on September 15th, priced at 800 Microsoft Points. There’s no word elsewhere from Sony or SEGA about the PS3 version, but we’ll let you know when we hear something.

For more information about Sonic Adventure on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, check out the games product page at SEGA’s website.

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  1. I’m getting this for the achievements plus Sonic Adventure is one of my favorite Sonic games. =D

  2. @ TreThaCapBusta

    Agreed. Power Stone and it’s sequel i would defiently cough up my microsoft points for. I had the latter for my Dreamcast but a fault with the disc meant it kept on freezing. Actually there are pleanty of Dreamcast classics I would buy on Xbox Live Arcade of they were put up. Sega’s Chu Chu Rocket would be fantastic even if I have it because an online multiplayer would play like a dream over Live. Fur Fighters as well so I don’t have to put up with freezing issues. 😀

    Sonic Adventure on the other hand I actually have little interest in. I have it on my Dreamcast and it still works fine. It’s not exactly a classic game anymore so I can pass it by with little concern.

  3. Yeah, if this is the same game that’s been released twice already, I’m not particularly interested. If they fixed bugs or adapted it for HD, or added new content then maybe. But I feel like this is just a cash-in attempt.

  4. wow, that’s surprisingly cheap considering Sonic unleashed DLC was about that price (i think?)
    i shall be buying this definitely =)

  5. Jet Set Radio, Shenmue, PSO, Space Channel 5 (for the lols!) and Chu Chu Rocket. If any of those games get on as classic Dreamcast games (especially any 4 of them) I can see myself shelling out money for them. As for Sonic Adventure, I played and beat that countless times. Great game, but I know SEGA has other major hits on the Dreamcast that are just as worthy of being re-released.

  6. I wonder how the Chao Adventure mini game will be implemented if at all. They might just add a black market to the game to compensate. I would get this but I’m fine with the Gamecube version. The game hasn’t aged all too well and the voice acting is truly awful. Besides, I don’t feel like fishing with Big the Cat ever again. 😛

  7. Yeah, not intrested. SA is one of the weakest Sonic games to me.

    Any of the games that Reku mentioned however, plus Crazy Taxi? Put those up Sega, and I will gladly buy every single one of those.

  8. @ Daniel Butler

    Word on the street is that William Corkery came in and did the voices for every character in the re-release.

    800 M$ points is like 10 dollars right? Guess I know what I’m getting in a few weeks!!!!

    Is it just me or does that screen shot have the graphics of a Sonic 06 stage?

  9. Wow, 800 points! What a bargain for such as awesome game. 15th Sept? Oooooooh, so close Sega -> 9/9

  10. $10 is perfect!! I’ll pick it up just for the achievements.

    This bodes very well for the other Dreamcast titles.As they will probably be $10 as well.

    I wonder if this will influence the price of Sonic 4?

  11. Eh.

    Common sense says “You have this on PC, Game Cube and Dreamcast you don’t need another copy”.

  12. Hmm, this is like the first classic Sonic game of the true 3D era. ^_^ And considering it’s “Sonic Adventure” not “Sonic Adventure DX” I assume those models looks similar but not exactly the same as the gamecube version? o0 idk.

    But I’m glad they’re FINALLY doing this! I was hoping for it since they’re always re-releasing the first Sonic games on every updated console imaginable! ^__^ This will be the second time it was re-released (not including the special eddition or PC versions of the original. xD)

    Hmm, re-releasing Sonic Adventure, and soon SA2 so I’ve heard… and next year SA3??? ;3 (Reminds me of what they did with Toy Story and Toy Story 2 recently right before TS3 came out lol)

  13. @Brocky_Christ: LOL, same! Except I only own Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast and GameCube. I’m mainly buying this game for XBLA for the achievements cause I’m an achievement whore. =D

  14. I own Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast and GameCube… the GC one was broke already (scratched to death) when I got it but I had to collect it, and the DC version is in horrible shape because 11 years with a game can do some damage to it. I need this for 1.) Achievements, 2.) Nostalgia, and 3.) Another copy of this game.

  15. It would be amazing if this re-release is an indicator of something bigger… perhaps they’re doing this so that peoples’ memories will be refreshed of the Sonic Adventures for when SA3 comes out in 2011? I hope I hope I hope….

  16. I would get it but it’s DX….if it was the original then I woiuld get it since I have DX on gamecube….plus whats with the horrid border around it

  17. From what I heard was played of it, the framerate is a stable 60 FPS and some more of the bugs have been fixed. Also, it seems that the character models and their lighting has been given some noticable refinement. Just look at Sonic’s model in that screenshot with the whale. Pretty awesome.

  18. Sonic 2006 WAS Sonic Adventure 3. It may not have had that name but there’s no denying that SA3 was what is was intended to be.

  19. Hey assholes, how come some of you aren’t patient to realize they aren’t GOD and can’t release all of the games all at once? We’ve known for awhile that Sonic Adventure 1 and Crazy Taxi would be the FIRST DC games to come out, and then from there we’ll get more.

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