Sonic 4 Splash Hill Zone Footage From Gamescom

Sonic 4 Splash Hill Zone Footage From Gamescom


Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 footage from Gamescom has hit the net, courtesy of YouTube user blogociomedia. Those hoping for footage of Lost Labyrinth Zone will be disappointed to see the demo is showcasing Splash Hill Zone Act 3. It is unclear whether this demo is of a build later than the one shown at E3 or not, but it appears to be the same old demo.

Here is a video of Splash Hill Zone Act 3 from an earlier version for comparison:

Do you see any changes? Let us know in the comments.

We’ll keep an eye out for any more footage and try to find out whether this demo is from a later build or not.

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  1. holy crap, either the guy doesnt know how to get sonic moving or the accelerometer was changed in this build 0_0

  2. It seems like a lot of players avoid holding right due to the fear that they’ll knock into a badnik… Hahaha.

  3. @ Dakota: Accelerometer? That’s the tilt stuff in iPhone games. You means acceleration, right?

    Either way, it’s the same old build. The player is simply going and pressing A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A.

  4. Agreed, Blue Blood. They really have to get rid of the string of Bubbles that you just homing attack over and over. That’s not fun and never has been fun. Even in the 3D games.

  5. It just looked like it didnt take much time to get to the faster running animation than it usually does. I thought the accelerometer meant how fast the animation speed was.

  6. D’oh! I’ve was hoping to see the version with the improvements in them not the E3 built. *sighs* Oh well

  7. @ Brad: Even worse when they aren’t actually homing on anything. But I have been a few instances here and there in S4 where the HA is used rather well.

  8. @ Lighteffor

    If you’re talking about the animation where his feet go in a circle, I saw it in the first video for about 2 seconds.

  9. Okay, seriously – can we get a GOOD player for these videos? Because all the gameplay we’ve been teased with so far, E3 build or not, has been crap because of who plays them! It’s not doing this game any justice at all.

    This really ought to be a standard for gameplay videos. If we can’t get this, can we at least get a big ass
    “AMATEUR” on these videos to warn us ahead of time? 🙂

  10. @Inferno the Fox The version at Summer of Sonic was the same, you choose what level you play from a menu, but whenever you go back to the menu, the build makes you keep whatever lives you had picked up in the level you’d played, lol. When i played i had about 200 lives xD

  11. I did notice a small speed increase. That’s it really.

    Also lol people still complaining about the game.

  12. @personguy we’re giving feedback to sega and we ant sonic 4 to play like the classics is it that bad to do that newschool fag seriously this complaining about complaining shit has to stop!

  13. It seems a lot of these play testers are very hesitant about moving at all, on most of the video’s i’ve seen, they stop right before they hit maximum speed, or just as they’ve reached the top of the ramp.
    Makes you wonder who’s actually playing the games…

  14. @Shoryuken

    God, just grow up already. I really don’t give a damn if it’s classic or not. I just want the game to be enjoyable, well programmed and fun to play. Yeah the classics are very well made games but that’s because they were well made; and if you really need nostalgia just go play 1-knuckles then. Would you rather have a poorly programmed game that had nostalgic factor or a game that was awesome but had no nostalgia?

  15. @personguy STFU man you were complaining about us complaining how can we not complain when the game doesnt have classic gameplay we want it to play like the classics sega talked their asses off saying CLASSIC GAMEPLAY so SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH OFF!

  16. Shoryuken’s harassing people again like always. xD It’s not like personguy was actually complaining about anything yet he got called “newskool fag”.

    Seriously though. I think what’s important that I notice is that this game is getting complaints but so far Sonic Colors is NOT. :3

    So much guff over a video of the gameplay we ALREADY SAW! It’s not like this is obviously the new version or anything. lol. Besides, it’s a LOT like the old games. It’s just minorly different. (and by that notion, the levels are not really rehashes as much as they’re just very similar in STYLE. They are not that alike and their routs are different. The robots and bosses are almost the same with minor changes.. but they all do the same crap anyways. lol)

    If I had to choose, I would choose a game that was fun, nomatter the style. ^_^

  17. @Ax he was tellling us not to complain about sonic 4 which basically means “Complaining about Complaining” read my post you fukin idiot and read his first post

  18. @Ax he was telling us not to complain and that is “Complaining about Complaining” read my post and his first post first before you talk you fukin idiot im tired that sega ass-lickers here come and complain about complaining we want to give our feedback to sega cuz sega sucks and they have to DEAL WITH IT!

  19. @shoryuken
    so it’s okay if whiny perfectionists who take things way to seriously (like you) complain about gameplay not being exactly like the genesis games, but it’s not okay if fans say that they prefer a plainly fun and well-made game?

  20. Well, surely it couldn’t possibly be fun if anything is even slightly modified from the originals, right? Surely that will instantly ruin any possible enjoyment any sane person could get out of the games!

    After all, we all know no significant gameplay changes were made in between sequels during the classic g—- Oh, right.

  21. Hey, let’s all just simmer down and be thankful that SEGA’s actually listening to its players and finally, at long last, bringing Sonic back to his 2D roots. Like Matt pointed out, there are always going to be changes in between versions of games in any series; that’s why they’re released as new games instead of add-ons! I for one am looking forward to whatever gameplay surprises SEGA may throw in there, as long as playability (and making sure it’s actually fun to play!) it fun are first and foremost in their minds.

  22. Look, we’re not stupid. Contrary to what people believe, not ALL dissenters of Sonic 4 don’t care for it just because it’s not Sonic 2. It’s not that simple. We know for a fact that games in a series tend to have some differences here and there. But, if it’s a good sequel, it will take the things that worked in the old games, and build from there.

    Not randomly take things out like the curling out of a ramp thing, just to cater to a new move. Or add things in that weren’t necessary in the older games like speed boosters everywhere. And I swear to god the first person to mention Chemical Plant Zone is getting a boot up the ass. Sure, zones HAD speed booster like things back then, but they weren’t just thrown around where ever, especially in the FIRST LEVEL In places where the spin dash could do the same damn thing! It FORCES the player into doing something, and that takes a lot of the fun out of it, don’t cha think?

    I’m not saying Sonic 4 is BAD, per se. Hell, I’ll probably have a lot of fun with it, simply because of what it is. But I think we can all agree, given what it’s trying to be, it could be a LOT better. It’s just some really dumb decisions that all kinda add up to a somewhat lacking experience.

  23. Shoryuken why would you give Sega your feedback if you think they suck and thinks Sonic 4 looks like a piece of shit? If you’re already thinking Sonic 4 looks like shit then you’re probably not going to like it when it comes out anyway. Just stick to the classic titles.

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