New Jazwares Figures Now Available

New Jazwares Figures Now Available

Jazwares, the company behind a lot of Sonic merchandise in recent years, has released more goodies for you to spend your hard-earned cash on. An update at their Facebook page states that Metal Sonic and Eggman figures should now be in stores, along with The Super Pack and the large Racers Pack(seen in the photo above). Big and Froggy figures are said to be coming later this year and Vector and Espio will be packaged together in the latest Comic Book Pack.

Hey guys, so I know you all have been asking what the deal is with Sonic and I wanted to give you a clear layout of what to expect for the coming months!

Metal Sonic and Eggman should be hitting the stores
…So should the The Super pack and the large Racers Pack.

and Froggy are later this year, no images yet.
Vector and Espio will
be together in the latest Comic Book pack.

Some fans will be interested to know that Jazwares are hearing your calls for Mighty the Armadillo, Rouge the Bat and Omega figures. In a second Sonic update to their Facebook page, they say they have passed these requests on to the design team and will keep everyone posted. If we hear more, we’ll let you know.

As soon as we have images I will post them! Also, I
know a lot of you have requested Mighty the Armadillo, Rouge the Bat,
and Omega. I have put all your requests in with the design team, and
will keep you posted! Thanks!!

Thanks to fellow TSS Staff member Jason the Jackass for the pic of the large Racers Pack and to Jix Hedgehog for the pic of the Dr.Eggman & Metal Sonic pack. Vector and Espio pic courtesy of eBay seller tbhouse(thanks to SSMB member Aquaslash for the link). We’ll keep an eye out for a pic of the Super Pack figures and update when we get it. If you have the figures and could take a picture of them, please send them in to and we’ll credit you in this post.

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  1. Wow these are awesome! Vector, Espio, METAL Sonic!!!!! *faints*……………………………and I’m back. WOW LOOK AT THESE *faints again*

  2. Oh my giddy aunt – Vector and Espio twin pack? I’ve only waited 15 years for one of these. I shall have to order multiple packs – I need some to play with at work while singing Team Chaotix.


  3. They should make a Rejects pack: Mighty the Armadillo, Knack the Weasel, Bean the Dynamite Dux, and Bark the Polar Bear

  4. While these are all pretty awesome (especially the Metal Sonic/Eggman pack), i still demand a Blaze!

  5. wow, maybe requests to see Mighty may trigger SEGA to bring him back, of course they’d have to get his creators permission.
    Vector and Espio look great

  6. *Gets off his chair and stands, pointing a finger in the air*

    To The Toy Store~! >=D

    .. right after work.

    *sits back down and sips coffee*

  7. MIGHTY? SERIOUSLY? ZOMG!!!!1!1one!! *faints*

    That Espio and Vector pack is sick! I never would have thought they would get their own figures.

    @Keybearer Yeah I would really really like a Blaze figure, too. 🙂

  8. @ Everyone who said Blaze

    They ARE making her, actually, along with Charmy and Jet later on, maybe even Wave and Storm as well. They said so on their Q&A on the Sega blogs.

  9. Awesome, Guys you can vote your choice on who you want on the Jazwares site theres a voting page where you stae who your favourite character is and ‘who you want next in the 3 inch line’ and you can vote as many times as you like as well, i voted Mighty about 15 times haha also as things stand from numerous sites

    Metal/Robotnik pack – Out now
    Vector/Espio comic pack – Out now
    Super Pack – Out now (assuming)
    Big & Froggy – Out sept – oct
    Charmy – Coming soon ETA dec
    Blaze – Coming soon ETA dec
    Jet/Wave/Storm – ETA November ( Sonic Free Riders coinsiding with games release?)
    Rouge – Coming 2011?
    Omega – Coming 2011?
    Mighty – TBA 2011?

    So we’d have (from SA1 modern Sonic)
    Chaos 0
    Cream & cheese

    (Old Sonic)
    Metal Knuckles

    then lets not forget the possibilities of the Comic’s characters coming out?

  10. Back from TRU. Unfortunately no Super / Chaotix packs , but they did have the 4 pack S&SASR set and … the “BoomBox” which someone has already mentioned on this site somewhere.
    Considering taking a drive down to the next TRU tomorrow

  11. Looks awesome. The only thing I’m worried about is the feet of the toys. Every Jazwares figure I’ve got minus Silver have one leg shorter than the other.

  12. @ lee

    We can dream, but right now Jazwares can only make characters that were created by SEGA of Japan. They have said that since Metal Knuckles and Tails Doll were not made by SEGA of Japan, they will probably never get made into toys 🙁

    Ian Flynn said he’d like them to make toys of the Archie characters, so let’s hope SEGA and Jazwares agree, but for now, it is still just a dream.

  13. Wow, the’re really trying to cash in on the Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing stuff.

  14. Did anyone notice that the Chaotix comic pack comes with Issue 138? That’s the oldest comic yet. I haven’t bought any Jazwares figures yet, but I definitely plan on getting one of these. Keep up the great work, Jazwares!

  15. MiGhTy!!!!!!! HoLy Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!!!!!! YES! Yeeees! I’m am going to get that ASAP!!! if it comes out………

  16. I sent my little bro to TRU with a $20…

    .. hopefully, he’ll come back with the Metal Sonic/Eggman pack…

    Also, Chaotix is a GO!! Espio’s one of my favs!

    Also, SonicGear has pictures of Big the Cat, and Super Sonic(With REAL Super quills!) and Super Shadow.
    Figures they should make:
    Blaze the cat
    Super Silver
    Mighty the Armadillo
    Maybe Gamma?
    Rouge the Bat
    Charmy, maybe, to complete the Chaotix?
    Pretty much everyone from Sonic Heroes should have a figure.
    Heck, Neo Metal Sonic would be sweet, with a real cape and all.

  17. I would like to see super sonic 3″
    Also…Does anyone elses 3″ sonic figure have a really difficult time standing?

  18. @Daniel

    Super Sonic

    Also Super Shadow, nothing special though just a color change:

    And yes, my Sonic and Shadow figures both have difficulty standing. It’s mostly for two reasons; The large spines make them top-heavy, causing them to be off-balance. And since the legs and feet are only connected by a ball-joint, they tend to bend sideways there.

  19. wait, since there is NOW a comic pack thing series…..YES FINALLY JULIE-SU AND MORE ARCHIE CHARACTERS ARE FINALLY IN FIGURE FORM 😀

    yes it’s the first time I ehard this…I hope I can find something about the comic packs on either E-Bay or amazon (or Videogamefigures if I’m lucky)

  20. Tried the TRU 30 mins down the road.

    They didn’t have anything. Literally. 4 Sonic 3inchers, a stack of transparent blue posers, 1 giant Metal Sonic… they didn’t even have the standard 4 or 5 Knuckles + Vehicle sets :/

    No luck here, have to wait til my local restocks :/

  21. @SoundRes
    yeah thanks!
    noticed that today on sonic gear
    im stoked.
    I picked up Vector and Espio today…
    good stuff, the espio has one leg a bit shorter than the other and it a bit wobbly but still really good.

    So far I have
    Metal Sonic
    and Vector

    I think Eggman And metal sonic are the most well made so far.

  22. I just got the Metal and Eggman today (along with Sonic and Amy’s two pack). My TRU sucks and can’t carry Vector and Espio. I mean I’ve only been waiting since 2004 for that (Espio and Vector weren’t too great before then, at least in my opinion)

  23. I just went to london and got:
    5 inch S&TBK Sonic
    3 inch S&SAR Sonic
    3 Inch Tails
    3 Inch Silver
    3 Inch Warehog!!!!!!!

  24. Well, so far the only signs of the Super 3 pack is on SonicGear.. a small picture of the side of the box which looks similar to the Metal/Egg pack

  25. I WANT A ROUGE FIGURE SOOOO BAD!!!!!!! i just dont know where to get it…. 🙁
    On ebay but its not on stock…
    and my sister wont buy it because, shes afraid that Ebay wont give the order. Is that TRUE? O.o
    I just wish i could get Rouge The Bat action figure… 🙁
    i would be soooooooo happy if i had that toy! 😀
    but i dont and i wish… 🙁

    1. Well Rougefan1,
      you can find her on Ebay. They still sell her, and if not try checking Amazon. They probaby have it There! GOOD LUCK FINDING HER!!!!!!! 😀

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