Jun Senoue Confirmed as Sound Director for Sonic Colours Wii Version

Jun Senoue Confirmed as Sound Director for Sonic Colours Wii Version

Nintendo Power magazine reveal this month in an indepth interview that SEGA sound director and Crush 40 guitarist Jun Senoue will be sound directing Sonic Colours for the Nintendo Wii. The interview also goes into detail about Senoue’s past, his musical influences, how he became involved with SEGA…and again there is another attempt to learn about Michael Jackson’s involvement in Sonic 3!

To check out the full interview pick up this month’s issue of Nintendo Power and check out their Power Profiles section!

Props to Shadzter and Hero of Legend on the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. not really big news for me personally. Enough of the small talk and get on with the sonic 4 updates! D:

  2. This is awesome news for fans. Great to see such talent directing the entire games sound 😀

    @ Tiny:
    SEGA don’t have any Sonic 4 updates planned until early September when they said they’ll be revealing more of the changes to the games on their blogs.

  3. Already had a feeling Jun would be the SD for colors. Sure is a busy dude doing 2 games at a time.

    Hooray for MJ and his awesome Involvement in S3! I hope we do find out more about it though, theres no way sega only kept the Ending Credits music he made.

  4. @ Shad:

    Hello again. Well thats too far from here now is it. I really wanna know what else is goin’ on with the game. The suspense is killin’ me.

  5. Sonic music has never disappointed me in the history of ever.

    Hopefully he will keep up the awesome streak.

  6. Dear @Tiny
    Its ok the susense wont get to you Jun Senoue has been confirmed and stay the Sound director

  7. Jun is at his best if he works together with other people with different style, like Richard Jaques of Ohtany.

  8. I’m really glad Jun is on this one, to me Unleashed didnt sound like Sonic, I think to give Sonic the attitude it needs the traditional Senoue/Crush40 input. Was one of the reasons I enjoyed Black Knight, Hoping for some tracks in vain of SA2 or Heroes.

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