Even More Footage Of Sonic Colours’ Planet Wisp Stage

Even More Footage Of Sonic Colours’ Planet Wisp Stage


Rawiioli.de has released the above footage of Sonic Colours on Wii from Gamescom 2010. Previous footage recorded only let us see so far into this act of the Planet Wisp stage, but now we get to see the final part. In this last section, we see more use of the Quick Step and the return of a launcher contraption from Sonic Unleashed, which displays a button on your controller.  By tapping the button displayed, you will be launched in the best direction for you to continue on. There are also stairways, which you’ll need to collapse by having Sonic hit a nearby switch.

Previous footage can be seen here, here and here with music.

Now you’ve seen the whole of the Planet Wisp Act in the Gamescom demo, what do you think of it? Speak out in the comments.

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  1. I like Sonic’s victory pose at the end. 😀

    I’d almost beginning to think that Sonic won’t have one in this game

  2. Wow another positive preview of this game.
    And that by a person which never played any other Sonic game before.

  3. I don’t know why… but I just CAN’T get hyped for this game… or Sonic 4… But it looks amazing… I think I’m losing my Sonic fanboyishness… ;_;

  4. Hey guys, i found out that sonic colors for wii not only use the wiimote and nunchuk, it can also use classic controller and gamecube controller.

  5. For you guys a short summarisation what the guy said:
    He starts with saying he never played any Sonic game for the Wii.
    However he thinks it looks incredible and loves how the controls work.
    He also praises the Wisps, as he said they would be “cool and interesting”.
    That’s about it.

  6. @ Edwin Shy and Braxton
    Thanks anyway, but Gamecube Controller and Classic Controller support was confirmed a while ago on the U.S. Wii Nintendo Channel. I’m sure it was mentioned in interviews too. The game was played with a Gamecube Controller on the E3 demo we had at Summer of Sonic too, because we had tech problems where the Wii wouldn’t connect to the Wii Remote.

    Here’s my news post from 8th July:

  7. @PK the Hedgehog: It’s called relative disillusionment, or having a genuinely unique opinion. It’s a good thing. Keeps you from blindly following crowds and buying things you don’t really want or would regret buying, like Jazwarez figures or Sonic and the Black Knight. There aren’t enough good critics in the fanbase, I tell ya; too many of them try to be and end up sliding into the whining-crying-babies extreme or the I-don’t-really-know-what-I’m-talking-about conundrum; the rest are either shushed or fought over in teh internet warz by oversensitive teens with nothing better to do. But then Sonic the Hedgehog’s image has always been associated with rivalry and mudslinging, hasn’t it?

    In the near future, though, it seems like Sonic’s image will pick up.

  8. I’m a bit annoyed that alot of these gameplay footage shows people sucking at this game, though. This game is even aimed for kids in mind and alot of people are still sucking at it. I guess that’s why the producer said this game is aimed for kids so the gameplay is easier for kids to play

  9. Don’t get too hyped up, because I heard that Sonic Colors will come out in November last time I remembered. I’m not sure whether or not it has a confirmed release date, yet. But we will be sure to find out more on this game, later.

  10. the game is confirmed to come out in November weeks ago and we have the actual release dates for them, too.

    NA 11/16/10
    EU 11/12/10
    AUS 11/11/10

  11. It looks pretty good. I do wish they would just take the SA2 engine, and add the features from Unleashed. Idk, but it just looks a little uncontrolled when ur trying to walk.

  12. @ Radioactive Puppy

    No it wouldn’t. It would probably be the best 3D Sonic to date.

    In the right hands at least.

  13. Why would they use the SA2 engine? That engine is so outdated. The hedgehog engine from 360/PS3 Unleashed looks so much better

  14. @killemoff So you’re saying the engine that had absolutely no traction whatsoever and even poorer turning physics than Unleashed would be a better game than this? Let’s face it, the SA2 engine is dated and doesn’t stand up to anything in the current gen.

  15. If they used the SA2 engine, the game will probably get low scores for having poor outdated graphics that looked good 10 or so years ago. Those graphics would’nt hold up with today standards.

    The engine they’re using in Colors looks great the way it is and it looks like one of the best looking Sonic games on the Wii.

  16. …You honestly don’t agree with the suckiness of the traction in SA2, Sonic Heroes, and StH?

  17. SA 2 had good traction imo- the movements I make in that game feel at least like I made them. Sometimes in Sonic Unleashed his ‘walking’ speed felt a little out of control when his speed has been maxed out, and led to lots of unnecessary deaths, for me. With SA2, your speed buildup and natural topspeed were far more controllable, though slower than in Unleashed (where you could go inanely fast, especially with boost). But Unleashed has an incredible graphics engine behind it.

    So how about this – A title built with the Hedgehog Engine, but with the play mechanics of SA2. Beautiful, lush graphics rendered at high speeds, but with Sonic’s startup speed reduced so that you can get your bearings every now and then.

    Oh, and by the way, video’s good, Sonic Colors great, blah blah blah…

  18. Hey Shadzter! 😀 Cool Video! Im So Getting this in November because My birthday is in november. 😀

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