Off-Screen Video of New Sonic Colors Level

Off-Screen Video of New Sonic Colors Level

Though SEGA is not present at this yearโ€™s Gamescom, its games sure are! Sonic Colors is among them, featured on Nextplay.deโ€™s Youtube channel. The featured video shows off gameplay from the newest level, Wisp World:


If you look closely, you can see the ring counter pass 99 rings at one point in the video, dispelling the rumor that you can only collect up to 99 rings in this game.

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  1. The gameplay is amazing!! But I think why it only goes up to 99 rings because its the beta version of the game.

  2. Shitty Gimmick Zone? I’m not sure you know what a shitty gimmick is, good sir.

    The orange wisp is completely optional, and I’m sure that the player could have taken multiple routes if she wanted to. Is that the gimmick you’re talking about? Because I see nothing terribly offensive here. In fact, this looks pretty damn good so far. The controls seem a bit tighter, and it’s nice to see the road signs from Unleashed coming back. A great idea, if you ask me, as opposed to the hand holding in some areas in Unleashed, ‘PRESS L1 NOW’. Well played, for once, Sonic Team, well played.

  3. …where did that “99 ring cap” rumor come from anyway? from the looks of the ring counter, you can collect a maximum of 9,999 rings.

  4. Ah, I finally know how the Wisp mechanic is executed. It’s all in the bloomin’ Wii Remote. I love the look of this stage as well. For some reason it puts me in the mind of the Flying Battery zone.

  5. @MamaLuigiBarrelRoll: That’s how it ALWAYS works with the first couple low-quality recordings of a level, though.

  6. I think the rumor that you could only go to 99 rings was proven wrong a long time ago. xD They never said it would only go to 99, fans in the comments speculated. In other screen shots even before Planet Wisp screenshots and including them it showed a 4-digit ring-count. =P


    Yeah, same with a few past games with “gimmicks” (excluding the WereHog and the sword). In Secret Rings, it’s just a theme of the game but the gameplay is mere Storyboard style (which a lot of ppl liked). The guns in ShTH come to mind when I see these Wisps. Only Wisps are more Teletubby-friendly. :3 The WereHog is fun but not everyone’s taste so it’s devided. idk what Sonic 06’s so-called gimmick could be. It’s not such a bad game, just very unpolished and slow (glitchy to a lot)


    I usually keep myself from saying stuff like that cuz not every are as good as hardcore obsessed nerd freak gamers. But also because what do I care how good someone else plays? And why insult them for it? But in cases like this I DO find it annoying when they try something that you already saw failed and should’ve known would fail with common sense (or they were just trying it out). But for a “noob” as internet-folk calls’em, she did alright. For all I know, it could just be she is unfamiliar with the Wii controls. xD

  7. Why must all offscreen footage have such TERRIBLE cameramen? Don’t show us Metroid, show us Sonic! Is that too much to ask?

  8. “Why must all offscreen footage have such TERRIBLE cameramen? Donโ€™t show us Metroid, show us Sonic! Is that too much to ask?”

    And TERRIBLE people who can’t play these games. I’m mean seriously, they slowed this down for slow people, and they still can’t play it. :U

  9. @ Ax I have a full agreement with your statements. I never saw sonic as a gimmicky game, i loved sonic 2006, and shadow the hedgehog… and unleashed! The fact is the review sites will never be happy with sonic games, even when everyone gets what they want, for example, a full new 2d sonic game (SONIC 4) they still wont be happy.

    True fact = Back in 2001 the review people got together and spun a wheel of hate, whichever game character it landed on they would be forced to hate it no matter what from now on. It landed on sonic the hedgehog and he was hated ever since, but we know its just because of this damn wheel because his games still sell fantastically well. So next time you see someone swearing, “I fucking hate you” at the tv, remember he is playing a sonic game, and that he truly loves it deep down, and the reviewers will eat his family if he doesn’t stop pretending to hate sonic games.

    Now I dont see what is so gimmicky about this, this looks great! My only complaint is a complaint that you will all be against, and that is… this game looks very easy. i loved unleashed (Werehog included) and i loved the challenge it gave me. Once I S ranked every level I felt I could take on 12 ninjas! But, it is a core sonic game, and i am interested in how the story will progress. I shall undoubtedly purchase this game, and it shall be a wonderful addition to the series. I do realize this specific game is targeting children of the age of 6-12, so that does seem reasonable for the easy difficulty, but i sure hope there are some harder missions to unlock!

  10. While I appreciate them giving us video footage, it sure grates on my nerves when they show video of someone who clearly sucks at the game. Just makes you wish you were there to take the controller away and say “here, let me show you how to play a video game, lady.”

  11. Either Sonic farted or that Orange Wisp is really powerful ๐Ÿ˜›

    BTW, now the “Good! Great! AWESOME! Outstanding… AMAZING!!” is written on the game ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. I’m going to GamesCom today and I’ll try to get another video ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m prety excited to play this.

  13. even though you can collect more than 99 rings you can’t earn a 1-up when you do. Watch the vid carefully and you’ll see the player getting the extra life icon which brings the lives total from 2 to 3, but when the player collected more than 100 rings the lives total remained the same. That Stinks!

  14. @Superstarsmasher

    I think perhaps the vid wasn’t specifically meant to be just Sonic, just showing gameplay of it while he could and what was around him. He/she probably took videos of his/her experience there in general. And since this happened to MOSTLY show Sonic and revealed something new when uploaded, it was used for TSS. =p


    Actually, the critics are a lot more pleased with this game than the previous games for some reason. It’s part of why I have so much faith in it (including there only being like 1 out of every 35 fans who actually dislike it while the SUPPOSEDLY more anticipated Sonic 4 has like 1 out of 10 fans who dislike it, oldschoolers even. xD)

    It’s aimed for 6 – 12 year olds, but it’s meant for all ages tho. =P People keep saying Unleashed was easy. Yet everyone who played it sucked on their first try. And they say the classic games were harder, despite them being nothing but pressing right and jumping (most of the time). Sonic 1, 3 and S&K were slower than Sonic 4 from what I see (not including the acceleration from rolling over hills and such) and the classics only game you homing attack and spindash, obviously their enemies weren’t THAT dangerous. I beat Sonic 2 when I was 4. If THAT’S hard, then yeah, we’re gonna love Sonic Colors! xD

    @PC The Hedgehog

    That just makes you look like an ass. xD One of those guys who likes to have all the fun yourself and not let anyone else learn to play.

  15. @Ax

    “the classics only game you homing attack and spindash”
    As far as I know, Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Knuckles didn’t had Homing Attack ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. @ax

    regardless of what a reviewer says, i buy a sonic game and love it. I dont think unleashed was easy, xbox version i mean. It had some great challenges and had a lot of gameplay too. I mean, unleashed got scores as low as 3.5 / 10 and it is still one of my favorites. reviewers like to say things they hate about a sonic game tahat I usually love, i dont even watch them anymore. I am out to make my own choices.

  17. lol @ ‘Shitty Gimmick Zone’.

    What is the huge gimmick in this zone aside from the orange wisp which is optional and the wisp serves more like a power up then a gimmick.

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