TSS Super Happy Hedgehog Moments: The Winners!

TSS Super Happy Hedgehog Moments: The Winners!

So last week we ran a day competition where we asked you guys to recount your favourite Sonic memories to snag yourself some merch from the heaving pile of goodies I’ve got lying in the merch depot. Well, as always with these contests it was difficult, but we’ve finally managed to choose 10 winners who each nab themselves some delectable Sonic Schnit!

Ah man Scruffy, I had a cry too! Scruffy described the heartbreak of when Sonic had to leave Uncle Chuck behind in the SatAM episode “Ultra Sonic”, and never got to see later episodes! No closure…oh the humanity! Luckily they did in the end though, so all’s well! And just in case Scruffy feels like a little blast from the past, they’ve now got a copy of the Archie Archives! Uncle Chuck…*sniff*.

BlueHedgehog92 reminded us of what it is truely like to be a child again by telling the tale of receiving a Dreamcast for Easter…that’s a damn big easter egg for sure! I know it’s not Easter now, but hopefully this will keep them tided over until Christmas!

Staples made us laugh with their description of their playground game Sonic tag…we sure hope you’re a girl if you were always Amy though (Unless you carry a mallet around with you!) Well now you can swap stickers at leisure on your lunch break with this nice little prize!

Fred knows exactly how to win competitions when it comes to pandering to my soft spots…and boy do I have one for the US Sonic CD soundtrack! Thanks for reminding everyone just how atmospheric it is! …and have a Sonic!

Arrrgghhh! Take this Crisis City! IT’S NO USE. Tyoshi’s decimation of their Sonic the Hedgehog ’06 disc reminded us that not all of our memories are remembered for the right reasons…but you know, what doesn’t kill us only makes it stronger. So Tyoshi…you know what’d make Sonic games better? LETZ GIV HIM A SORD! Congratulations :3

Continuing on from the theme above, I’m sure you’ll all have encountered the “barrel of doom” from Sonic 3. Jade certainly has, and we heard their story of their trials and tribulations. But hey…if you’ve got Tails…why don’t you just get him to fly you up? You don’t have Tails you say? Well here you go!

Apparently Sapphire’s brother has a habit of gene splicing and creating horrible hybrid Sonic-character creatures. Knuckles Shrimp will truely haunt this collector for the rest of his life. Do you think Sonic with a sword will be able to fend for himself? We sure hope so!

ForeverSonic reminded us here at TSS what a wonderful way to meet new friends Sonic the Hedgehog is. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a convention or online – it’s always great to talk to like-minded hog-fans. Thanks for reminding us of the true meaning of Christm…I mean…have a T-Shirt!

Flint gave us a heart-felt account of remembering bygone days of being a devoted Sonic fan, triggered when they heard an old favourite track. It reminded us at TSS that Sonic music really is the soundtrack to our lives, and that Sonic isn’t just a videogame character to a great deal of us. We hope by wearing your victory spoils you can remember more fond memories!

The Power of Teamwork is at the heart of Sonic Heroes…but years before that Sonic Toast and his bestest buddy were always looking out for each other…and they were even brave enough to rescue Sonic when they were just kids! Ok, ok…it was a Sonic toy, but Sonic Toast’s story was warm enough to warm the cockles of the hearts of even the coldest badniks. Thanks for sharing, and we hope you’ll have many great adventures with your new game (and your friends too!)

Competition winners please email your postal addresses (and your usernames so I know who is who!) to the competition address tbird[at]sonicstadium.org, and we’ll get your prizes out to you as soon as possible!

Thank you to everyone else who shared their memories with us – we’re all full of nostalgia now! Remember if you didn’t win anything this time, there’s always another competition around the corner!

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  1. …………………………..>:( That’s Why I Hate these Contest on the Internet!!!

  2. I never even Win on Internet Contests!!! >:(
    Why you guys think it was Terrible! Huh!!

  3. Meh, I thought that some of the winners story’s were rather short and didn’t have much emotion in them, and I noticed that many of them posted more than one story (something that was not in the description, seriously you guys said favorite hedgehog MOMENT so I thought you could only post one).

    I’ve never won anything in my life so I’m used to losing contests at this point. Plus there is one winner who I particularly think shouldn’t have won since their story was one sentence long and was not creative. But whatever, Congraduration winners.

  4. Sapphire’s entry was truly epic. Knuckles Shrimp was THE most amazing creation Ive seen so far this year xD

  5. That means you ALL SUCK!!!! >:( Cause I Never Even F***in Win at a Internet Contest… EVER!!! And There was NO ACCEPTING FOR THIS!!

    T-Bird, Go Suck It!

    Can’t Believe i have to start Arguing this, but You should’nt made Contest, That makes me Mad! Cause Every Time i Enter one of them, I Never Win!!

    [Well I never! *Drops monocle into champagne glass*. What a sore loser – what would Sonic think about this attitude? He’d think that it’s NO good! – T]

  6. @ Ristar24

    Aw come, why you complaining? I mean your not the only one who didn’t win you know. There will be more contest in the future.

  7. @ Ristar24

    Dude, chill. I’m a little upset that I lost to somebody breaking their Sonic 06 disc, somebody saying they liked Tidal Tempests american music and somebody gluing Knuckles’ head and Big’s tail but I’m not going insane over this. I’ve never won a contest in my life and I’m fine.

  8. By the way T-Bird, how are you going to know who’s who for sure? Are you going to check e-mail addresses? I mean seriously, people can cheat others out of a prize by using a winners username and getting it sent to their address instead.

    […but then I’d have the theives home addresses, and I’d come and harvest their organs! – T]

  9. Woo I actually won something! Too bad I already have that same Black Knight figure. 😛 (Which has NOT been dismembered, BTW.)

  10. Wow, didn’t expect getting a prize from my little early morning spur-of-the-moment ramble. Well chuffed and rather heartwarming. Cheers :).

  11. [Well I never! *Drops monocle into champagne glass*. What a sore loser – what would Sonic think about this attitude? He’d think that it’s NO good! – T]

    LISTEN T-Bird! WHY DID I NOT WIN!!!! TELL ME WHY!!!! I just never Win on the Internet!! Just Tell me why i did not win!! If you just tell me i would understand!

  12. @RIstar24; maybe because there were probably 100+ entries. And stop complaining geez. I haven’t won anything else either, get over it.

  13. And @Edge: I didn’t glue Knuckles’ head to Big’s tail… luckily there is a little hole in the bottom of Knux’s head where his body went and the tail fits very snugly. And I didn’t do it… it was the lulz I experienced when I walked in on my little brother who had created the monstrosity.

  14. @ Ristar24

    Seriously dude, quit acting like a baby since you didn’t win something. 90% of the people who entered didn’t win, you’re entry was no more special than the others. Competitions like this are biased. It’s all a matter of opinion and they obviously thought that some of the entries were better than you’res, like I said, I’m not happy that joke entries like Sapphires and Tyoshi’s won but I’m not really complaining about it. Just be mature and congradurate the people that won.

  15. @ Sapphire

    Ah yes, that’s right. It’s the bendy figure. I used to have all of them, Tails’ tails fell off and everyone else’s arms fell off. Ah the glory of reenacting SA1 with bendy figures and clay… good times. I miss 1999

  16. @ Edge:

    OMG I know we had like 3 or 4 different packs of the bendy ones because they kept breaking, and not ONE of the Tails’ still has their tails! And the Super Sonic was just a Sonic one dipped in gold paint. But yes, good times were had with them. 🙂

  17. @Edge

    Knuckles Shrimp was the most random-ist thing Ive seen, u cant help but have a good laugh about it 😀


    Get over it.
    I lost too (and Ive lost dozens more in the past), but I kept a positive attitude about it. So stop acting like a child. What makes u so special?

  18. Stop whining guys, you’re making my head hurt.

    Congratulations to the winners, especially you Flint, I loved your story. I do feel bitter-sweet about this contest too, though. I put my heart into my entry, and it stinks when your best isn’t enough.

  19. Good Job, Congratz to all the winners! C:
    There I go, getting my hopes up and being shot down again. Silly me.
    Congratz again.

  20. Eh, I didn’t expect to win anything anways. I’m more delighted at playing SA2B again…Nostalgia. I feel old. I miss the Chao Gardens, of course. At least there was a cameo in Shadow the Hedgehog 🙂 But congratulations to all the winners!

  21. Eh, I knew i wasn’t going to win anyway. 🙂 But congrats to the winners!

  22. Ah I never had to win.
    I already had a blast reading through the 100+ memories.
    Congratulations to the winners.

  23. @ Sonictoast

    Ah, the old standard, “brag in the face of a sore loser”. Nice. Good job. Out of all the comments I read, you’res was exceptionally good. I loved it. Congrats, you earned it.

  24. Final Comment on this post before ristar makes me go insane:

    Very Big Congradulations to all who have won, they were fantastic moments and you all Earned your merch. Everyone else had amazing moments as well, it was nice to read through them.

    T-Bird, u did a great job at picking out the contestants, I cant begin to imagine how difficult it must of been to have 100+ entries lol

    And Sapphire, tell your bro he’s a freakin’ genius for making that monster xD

  25. I never won…again D:

    I find it a bit unfair that they were allowed to add many at once :/

    As many people kept putting a memory every two posts, mines was long and lovely to make a difference!


  26. Ah well, I find it a bit annoying that my comment of 06 being good didn’t get in, when someone snapping it in half did. But hey, Always next time right? Well done you guys!

  27. @chaos shad: The people here are dicks like that >:(

    They’ll really only say they like it if the majority do -.-“

  28. ehh, I didn’t win, for a good reason: I was so young, I can hardly remember any of those memories! Plus, I’m a couple hours behind T-Bird, and He closed the contest just minutes before I commented!

  29. Wow I really wasn’t expecting to win but I did (yay finally!) thanks T-bird, you’re the greatest 😀

  30. Rister24: Butthurt much learn how to lose like a man/woman/star(LOL star) instead of moaning to death about not winning hell last time I enter a comp(was sometime around this time last year) and I lost but was I butthurt like you hell to the freaking no lol XD anyway congrats to the winners I wished I enter this comp now haha some awesome prizes there =)

  31. Congratulations to all the winners, I didn’t really think I was going to win anyway, but I don’t mind.

    I would love a Sonic T shirt though, I can’t find one anywhere..

  32. Dear Everyone, I’m Sorry for Being so Mad from what happened yesterday, i’m just not always lucky

  33. @ Sapphire
    Dude! I had two packs of the bendy ones, and both the tails’ tails are broken off. I tried crazy glueing them and after about a month they fell off again.

  34. See, this might be why the formula of creativity contests (Herms For Perms) overcome the types of “I like Sonic because…..”.

    Babies are more likely to be put off this way.

  35. Figured I didn’t win since T-Bird caught me in a lazy mood to start this contest, but hey, I already have 5 out of these 10 prizes so, ha! 😛

    Oh, and congrats to the winners, never heard of Knuckles Shrimp though, till now… O__o

  36. @Ristar24 calm down ya sore looser 🙂

    Theres nothing wrong with losing ive lost millions of times. im lucky i won this (Im Tyoshi i just made an account on here)

    So calm down 🙂

  37. @ Tyoshi

    Yeah, sorry dude but I don’t really think that one sentence story of breaking a good game in half was worth winning something.

  38. @ sonictoast

    I’m sorry if I don’t like to see unnecessary stories that bash a game getting prizes when they don’t deserve it.

  39. All these might be the reason why the formula of creativity contests (Herms For Perms) overcome the types of “I like Sonic because…..”.

    Babies are more likely to be put off this way.

  40. @Edge – I wasn’t expecting to win, but i did, and who cares? I didn’t like 06, i bought it for stupid reasons, i got angry at it, then i snapped the disc in half.

  41. @ Tyoshi

    I care. And don’t think that I’m upset at you, if you don’t like 06 then fine by me, I could care less what people think of the game. I’m just upset that people continue to do it after almost 4 years. See, I don’t care if people don’t like it, I do care that people continue to announce it to the world, it is very annoying to hear the same thing over and over.
    The main reason I’m upset is that you won for destroying a piece of Sonic merchandise. How the hell is that winner material? Destroying something from a series that you love get’s you a piece of merchandise from that series? I’m not trying to sound like a sore loser or anything, because really, I already have a lot of the merchandise that I want from the contest, but someone who had an actual memory should have won and I really just think that you’re entry and the Knuckles-with-Big’s-tail-sticking-out-of-him just weren’t winning material, they aren’t really very memorable memories. I’m sorry but I just think that T-Bird did a terrible job choosing these.

  42. @Edge – Im not going on about the game being bad i just did it.

    I broke a sonic 06 disc? theres millions of other copy’s and im pretty sure loads of other people have done the same thing *COUGHSPAX*

    But what you think is your opinion, i got the game for £5 of a friend and i wanted to try it. i didnt like it, i would of if it WASNT sonic. but sorry if it sounds like im ranting about a game.

    But i won something so nothing you can do now?

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