More Freebies For Summer of Sonic 2010

More Freebies For Summer of Sonic 2010

Not only will Summer of Sonic 2010 attendees be spoilt with a free performance by Crush 40, an appearance by Nigel Dobbyn, a go on Sonic the hedgehog 4, an All-Stars Racing tournament AND a whole heap of other stuff, there’s now even more EXCLUSIVE merchandise that will be given away, for nothing, at the event itself. Feast your eyes on this fancy draw-string bag, that will no doubt make your the envy of all your friends, and add to your cool high street fashion style.

Check out the Summer of Sonic Site for more details!

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Adam Tuff

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  1. “that will no doubt make your the envy of all your friend”……….Erm……Shame cuz I’m picked on for liking Sonic…..I’m still gonna try and come to the convention anyway! It was great last year

  2. TIKETS.
    seriously though, I’m going to be without my precious internet until two days prior:(
    so It would be super-special-awesome if we could put our names to the register by say, wednesday?

  3. Nice T, very nice. Thanks for the spoils update. Freebies are awesome as always, but hope it doesn’t go overboard and blow SEGA’s budget… XD

    Oh and TJtheFox, are you from the Eastern States? I’m sure one can be arranged there one day. Perth over here lack the audience… Probably the best that could be achieved for a starter is to create a booth in one of those pop culture conventions in Australia. *thumbs up*

  4. @sonictoast why do you wish you where english? You mean from the uk no?

    And I’ve come into some money so might come ^^

  5. Just registered,
    I’m so excited this is what my 19 year obsession is all about.
    I may have to get up at 3am for it but It’ll be worth it 😀

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