GamesRadar’s Sonic 4 Hands-on Preview

GamesRadar’s Sonic 4 Hands-on Preview

You wouldn’t expect more Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 previews from the press so soon after E3 but it seems SEGA aren’t one to let the hype train go off course with GamesRadar getting some fresh hands-on time in their new preview published today and it seems to be the most in-depth and positive preview yet. A lot of praise is given to the physics, controls and even to the developers for their love given to the game. The previewer David Houghton says “Sonic 4 feels like Sonic the Hedgehog 4. The next game after Sonic 3. Not a tribute. Not a reworking. The next game in the series.” Some strong words there, very strong. David even goes on to explain how he feels the the previous Mega Drive games aren’t perfect and states this game fixes the problems contained in those games.

If that’s the feeling for the game in it’s current state over at GamesRadar then it’ll be interesting to see what they think of the final game after it’s been polished with it’s extra development time.

You can check out the preview in full at GamesRadar.

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  1. that’s it im giving up sonic 4 is gonna suck with all these positive reviews all they’re gonna do is encourage sega to make more of the same crap probably they will put more HA chain roads and fucks all the magazines,gaming sites,whatever etc are stupid they dont play the first games again to compare them to sonic 4 and HA is Hardcore WTF the challenge is missing you fukin idiot(at gamesradar) oh whats gonna be next a second preview saying the speed boosters really add challenge BULLSHIT i bet they are really stupid or they got paid by sega to talk crap about sonic 4 anyways i lost all hope i dont trust dimps and these previews are only getting worse and worse and worse and im tired of hearing the same copy/paste bullshit from every magazine/gaming sites

  2. “Not a tribute. Not a reworking. The next game in the series.” Wow! Those words are proof that SEGA will not let people down. Seeing that they will keep the road smooth to drive on.

  3. @Shoryuken: Has it occurred to you that perhaps Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is actually a good game and that you’re just some Internet troll in a tinfoil hat spewing conspiracy theories like maniac? Given the fact that the people giving the previews have actually played the game and you haven’t I think that they’re probably a much more reliable source in regards to the quality of the game than you are. As to the notion that SEGA has paid off Internet reviewing sites to say positive things about Sonic 4, don’t you think that they would have done the same thing with all of the previous games released in the past 10 years which they obviously didn’t given the atrocious scores recieved by those games.

  4. @ Shoryukan

    Speed boosters adding a challenge, LOL!

    Seriously, you hate Sonic games so much? Then why are you even here? If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all. 😉

  5. @Shoryuken
    I agree with BD3, shut up and stop being so over dramatic. Where exactly are you basing this bulls*** idea of yours from anyway? And How do you know that the game will suck? you obviously haven’t played it, so how can you tell? Sega paying reviewers? Oh please.
    You are just spewing crap for the fun of it and not making any sense. Learn to spell and use proper grammar and punctuation while you’re at it.

  6. @BD3 im not even gonna bother with you
    @Crackers i dont i hate sonic team and dimps for ruining the franchise and i just have this bad feeling about sonic 4 that its gonna suck and about the speed boosters i was just saying as in “thats what he was gonna say next” seriously the HA doesnt make the game more challenging thats an outright lie and im tired that all preview just copy/paste other previews

  7. I disagree with the Hands-On, the Momentum Based Physics (to me at least) were a huge part of the fun, Sonic 4´s Physics look like they aren´t really suitable for momentum “traps” or anything like that that requires you to do some “momentum puzzle solving”. It might still turn out to be a great game overall, but I disagree with him on that part. On the other hand, I´m quite interested what physics tweaks Dimps is doing.
    But even if the Physics don´t change much, I´ll probably like the game somehow, I enjoyed Rush and Rush Adventure, so, if they incorporate better Physics, it only make the game better for me than it probably already is (assuming by all the positive reactions).

    Maybe another one too, the music isn´t 16-Bit, its 16-Bit esque, and its not that awesome to me, Jun can do much better than that (without Guitars even!)!

    Just my 2 Cents to this Article.
    But overall, I´m looking forward to this Game, but as ususal, first comes the Trail versio, then I decide if its worth the money. I suggest everyone should play the Trail (when its out later this year) first, a couple times and then make a decision!

  8. @ Shoryukan

    I understand where you’re coming from. The HA doesn’t add a challenge, or so I would think.

    But you know what they say. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

  9. @Crackers i dont even wanna try it the HA defines all the classic moveset and the purpose of pinball physics its got nothing to do with the classic games this game is gonna suck i tell ya

  10. I reccomend listening to the music more before you decide you dislike it.
    At first i didnt like it as much.

    Now the tunes are starting to feel classic to me.

  11. Shoryuken: How can you even pretend to be a Sonic fan while refusing to try something new even when people who actually HAVE tried it (even skeptics) agree that it does add to the game and it certainly doesn’t take away from it. Also at least try to proof read your comments that way your “arguments” aren’t entirely incomprehensible.

  12. @Daniel Butler:

    I assume you´re talking to me!? If not, then simply ignore this answer!

    Uh, well, if you remember, back then when the music got leaked and all the “fun” started, I downloaded them while I still could and I´ve listened to them ever since. So, …I think I can safely say that I like the Melodys (well, some of em more than the others obviously ), but the instrumentation …I guess just doesn´t work with me.
    I´m just one guy out of a couple Million and the latter will probably like it a lot, so, take my words with a grain of salt, I´m really not one of the people who try to ruin it for everyone.
    I just think Jun could´ve done it much better.

  13. @ Shoryuken: I see your point. This game is called Sonic 4, it’s intended to be just like a classic. But hey, the HA isn’t absolutely necessary to the gameplay, so I suppose you could avoid it.

    I plan to enjoy the game anyway. 😉

    @ MayaTemple: Well, some of them are a bit too similar to each other. Personally I can’t stop rocking out to Lost Labyrinth’s theme. 😛 Jun did a 4/5 job, imo.

    Of course, this is all my opinion. Everyone is entitled to theirs, so I suggest not knocking the other’s, unless they are pointlessly criticizing. Like some of you are doing. 😛

  14. @Crackers While I understand that the HA is a new feature to Sonic 4 but to say that it keeps it from being classic isn’t a claim that I agree with. Let’s say Sonic 4 was made right after Sonic 3, don’t you think that they would have implemented new gameplay elements. Sonic 2 added the Spindash, Sonic 3 added the shield power ups, Sonic 4 added the Homing Attack. Let’s not forget that this is a sequel and not just an homage to the classics. I know others will feel differently but that’s my take on the HA.

  15. As much as I anticipate this game, I disagree with him on some points.
    Momentum based gameplay is essential for Sonic 4. The game is better for me when you need to gain speed.
    Oh and only Sonic 2 had cheap badnik placement, not the other 2. Oh and how will the homing attack make these badniks less cheap? A spin is faster
    Maybe he played a newer built?

  16. Wow, if this game and Sonic Colors pull through, they could get Sonic back on top and earn forgiveness for the sword and the werehog. Yay!

    Though Sonic ’06 is still unforgivable.

  17. “There’s also a great little effect where the music (which is pure 16-bit awesome) speeds up as Sonic accelerates, punctuating any speed-killing crash with a painful thump back to a lower tempo.” What? I hope that’s not true. Maybe he just hit a speed boost box and got confused?

  18. @Shoryuken: If this is how you react when a Sonic game actually looks promising, then maybe you should just stop being a fan altogether. It’s obvious that you have no faith left.

    But our faith has been rewarded with both this and Sonic Colours. If both games deliver, then 2010 could be the new Year of the Hedgehog.

  19. @ Shoryuken: My final comment on the matter. 😛 I’m glad you see it that way. Really I see nothing wrong with people stating their opinions, so long as they do it respectfully. 🙂

    Anywho. I love that Sega is improving the physics! I just got an iPod Touch so this is gonna be the highlight of my Fall. 😀

  20. I’m glad to see the continuing weight of positive feedback from people who have actually played the game and know what they are talking about.

  21. @Crackers its not just the HA its the physics,HA(unavoidable and lazy ways to get to top roads) sections the massive speed boosters i would so want that sonic 4 would be canceled better canceled then having sonic 4 screwed up and i don’t trust Dimps to fix the physics

  22. @Shoryuken: instead of hoping it gets cancers and ruining it for everyone, just don’t play it. You don’t HAVE to play it if you don’t like it. You’re not accomishing anything by constantly bashing the game. Seriously if you don’t like it just move on.

  23. @BD3 easy for you to say you fukin idiot i dont want sonic 4 to fail im not bashing the game im bashing Dimps and Sega that suck at making it


  25. @ Jeffery the NinjaPirate: FLASH NEWS the Sonic fandon is better known for never getting along with each other. So please stop wasting your energy 😀

  26. Nice to hear some positive feedback on Sonic 4. But to all the fan boys, remember, this is still early days and later levels may not be as well constructed as early ones

  27. Those games had no problems. he was just a retarded child. that reviewer is retarded and needs to shut the f*ck up.

    the first ones were perfectly fine. i loved them. If i ran to my doom because of madhigh speeds, i would laugh and try again. thats the only problem iv had.

    maybe i cant understand his problem because im a good gamer. i dont know how ppl who arent good at video games think. it drives me mad to see that they cant solve a simple problem!


    yea..’those’ ppl who need ‘that’ treatment!

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