Sonic Adventure Officially Announced for XBLA and PSN With Enhancements

Well, if the leaked Sony documents, various ratings from the different ratings boards, and leaked photos from Xbox Live’s BETA service weren’t proof enough, SEGA has finally announced that Sonic Adventure, along with Crazy Taxi, will be coming to Xbox Live and PSN. These games will be the first in a slew of Dreamcast games that will be hitting the service in the future.

These games will come with enhancements as well, including high definition visuals, surround sound, leaderboards, and achievements/trophies. The games are expected to to come out this fall. Sonic Adventure will also be at E3, so you can expect impressions of the game from the showfloor.

Source: SEGAbits

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  1. SEGA just earned some awesome points.

    Lets hope this time, the ungraded SA1 isn’t infirior to the original like SADX.

  2. This sounds like ‘Year of the Hedgehog’ all over again. So much Sonic goodness! Too bad SA won’t be as HD as I’m expecting it to be.

  3. This is Ultimate!! Nice chance fix history errors. Finally i can play this game.
    What about Sonic adventure 2 when it comes to DLC??

    Err… Crazy Taxi?? But where is Jet Set??
    I waiting SEGA….

  4. Sonic adventure 1 was realy glitchy, hope to change that.
    And remobe Big instead blank space, i dont know.

  5. More excited about Crazy Taxi than Adventure since i still have DX hanging around if i ever felt the need to play it

  6. ….


    I came.

  7. Hopefully Shenmue comes soon.
    I never got my hands on it and I really wanna try it out.
    Oh dear god, if all of this works this year will KICK ASS for the hedgehog.

  8. I will only play Crazy Taxi if the original soundtrack is intact. (And I don’t even like alternative rock that much!)

  9. I hope one of the enhancements is making the cutscenes actually good.

    I love Sonic Adventure, but the cutscenes were simply unforgivable.

  10. These ‘enhancements’ better mean a complete graphical remake.

    @Cephrien: We’ve already had SA in HD. It had a PC port, remember?

    @TheHumbleFellow: I hope the cutscenes are redone too. I wouldn’t even mind if they we’re pre-rendered.

  11. Enhancements? Like 20% extra glitches then SADX? ;P

    Crazy Taxi NEEDS the original soundtrack or it is an epic fail.

    Now gimmie Skies of Arcadia HD and I’m a huge happy bunny. =D

  12. I wish I had either of those game systems… all I have is a DS Lite that is covered in stickers and being held together by tape. That is the newest system I have.

  13. I hope that they also have Jet Set Radio as well, Jet Grind in the states I believe. Sure, it was on the original Xbox as JSR Future, but still.. one can dream for the first to introduce folks to its awesomeness! Getting on topic though, Sonic Adventure HD is love as well. I liked SA much better then DX anyway. As much as they included things in DX content wise, in a technical sense it felt backwards. I hope they remedy that.

  14. The fact that there going to the trouble of showing it at E3 tells me that this is gonna be a pretty big deal.

  15. Bring on next thursday!
    Sonic 4, Colors and get to experience the awesomeness of SA all over again.

    Best E3 since 06? Yep 🙂

  16. Sonic Adventure in HD? This sounds interesting. I mean the original was okay but it also sucked because in Mission Mode, the mission where Sonic had to pass the line rings with three Super Jumps, was really hard for me to pass it. And I hope Sonic Adventure 2 would be in HD too

  17. like in the esrb news hit, i posted that in the partnernt beta of sa i have the SA2 arcade cover is in there so thats means its coming soon the sa2 cover cwouldn’t be in the games files for ntohing also, sa2 for xbox its gonna be orginal sonic adventure 2 but you can download the battle pack just like this sa release download the sa game and buy the Delux add on

  18. Awesome, I never had a chance to play this game so now I finally can!

    I think this year can bring redemption back for our blue hedgehog 😀

  19. wait wait wait.
    Is this related to Sonic Adventure DX or are we getting DX and the original?
    Fuck, I’m confused ><

  20. @Brocky

    Im pretty sure they’re talking about the original SA, since they’re talking about Dreamcast games.

  21. This year is definitely going to give Sonic a positive outlook for a change (I’m so sick of all of those negative reviews people give for games these days), and I remember playing Sonic Adventure DX for quite some time. But I still hope that they would re-release Sonic 2006 sometime for a future platform that is finally finished and all the bugs and glitches removed (Despite those flaming haters say, I loved that game).

  22. @Vulpine

    They won’t fix Sonic 06 because it has a bad reputation among most non-Sonic obsessed fans, and even most Sonic fans. They’d lose money re-releasing it. 😉

  23. Crazy Taxi won’t have the original soundtrack, if the PSP and other recent ports are any evident. However, the 360 has CUSTOM SOUNDTRACK, and Crazy Taxi is the perfect game to have any kind of music you want playing in the background. As much as I love the music of Offspring and Bad Religion on CT, it gets VERY repetitive with only 5 songs being repeated, especially if you’re skilled enough to last 3 hours in one sessions.

  24. omg……omg…………..if Sonic Adventure is coming……and so is Crazy Taxi……..JET SET RADIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Hmm… Needz moar new content.

    Still hoping for the annoucement of Sonic Free Riders.

  26. “I will wait for Sonic Adventure 2 to be released for PC.”


    Playing SA2 on the go on my laptop is going to be amazing. Hopefully it’s an improved version of SA2:B.

  27. @The Angelic One
    Nah, they’re not going to lose any money. If SEGA were to remake Sonic 2006 they would fix it and make it better then it used to be (i.e. glitches removed). Companies did the same thing to classic games many times. Besides, the fans are the problem, not the games. Want to know why? Because the fans make those disgusting erotic fanfiction and art and post them on the Internet, and I feel that ruins Sonic’s reputation more then any game would. Not to mention the fact that the so-called “fans” are the ones who whine, complain and throw hissy fits whenever a new Sonic game is announced then released. I am a different one because I’m open-minded, and I don’t throw fits or anything like that. I also have proper spelling or grammar and I don’t cuss or use leet speech.

  28. @Vulpine

    I guarantee you those fanfics and art aren’t why Sonic’s reputation has been dealt a major blow. On the Internet, maybe, but the fact of the matter is that the vast majority of Sonic fans don’t even know about those things, let alone pay any attention to them. Unlike Mario, for instance, most recent Sonic games haven’t been of AAA quality, so only diehard fans continue to play AND enjoy them. It also would seem that for the most part only members of the online Sonic community “whine, complain, and throw hissy fits” whenever new Sonic games are announced/released. From my experience, most of the REAL Sonic fans (you know, the ones that love each and every Sonic game) stay away from the online Sonic community altogether.

    Well, that’s my interpretation of the state of the Sonic fanbase wrapped up in a nutshell. 😛

  29. @Vulpine

    Seriously, I know what you mean. People who pervert game characters online are truly pathetic and sad people.

  30. @ Blahblahblah3210
    This is Off- topic but it needs to be said again:
    “There is no thing such as a REAL Sonic fan, and anyone who says there is should be beaten to a pulp by a Mega Drive”

  31. @Eggman123 and Blahblahblah3210
    And again: Can’t everyone just all get along? *so sick of flamers*

  32. Getting sorta on topic, and hoping to save this from being an argument; I wonder if maybe they might be able to release a couple more SonicTeam games as well. Namely Chuchu Rocket and Phantasy Star Online. Both would be really awesome to me.

  33. @Eggman123

    I’m sorry, but liking virtually every game in a series/franchise as opposed to only certain ones makes you a REAL fan of that series/franchise. Only liking certain games makes you a fan of those particular games, not of that series/franchise. There’s the difference.

    *gets beaten to a pulp by a Mega Drive*


    Given what I was talking about, I figured I might get flamed. And I don’t doubt that I’m going to get flamed again.

  34. WOOHOO! Now I’m just waiting for Sonic Shuffle and Jet Grind Radio re-releases, too. 🙂

    And I guess you can throw Chu-Chu Rocket in there, too.

  35. @ vulpine & Blahblahblah3210
    Sorry if you thought I wanted to flame you.
    That was certainly not my target. To make my statement more clear I don’t think every Sonic fan must like every Sonic game.
    I’m seeing myself as a huge Sonic fanboy, but I dislike Labyrinth and Black Knight.
    Don’t you think I can call my self also a Sonic fan, even with that handicap?
    No hard feelings though, I’m also sick of flamers.

  36. @Eggman123

    Doubtlessly you can. How many Sonic games have there been since 1991 again? Only disliking two Sonic games that are spin-offs more than anything else is no big deal. I was mostly referring to “fans” who only really like either of the Adventure games or the original, numbered games. That sort of thing.

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