Inside SEGA’s E3 Booth, Sonic Free Riders Not Playable

Inside SEGA’s E3 Booth, Sonic Free Riders Not Playable

SEGA of America have posted up some photo’s on their blog of the innards of their E3 booth aswell as a few details about the games being showcased, the blog confirms Sonic Free Riders is at the booth but not in playable form so anyone interested in the game will have to watch a member of SEGA’s team play the game through a clear glass box.

The game is being demoed in a semi see-through room, so you can watch the player twist, jump, throw, and lean to interact with the game.

Looking at the screen in the photo you can see the player is controlling Storm and all of the usual Riders series HUD is back including a gauge but there is nothing to show if this will control air or a gravity mechanism yet. Sonic’s other upcoming 2010 titles Sonic Colours(both Wii and DS versions) and Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 are also present at the booth in playable form.

For pictures of SEGA’s booth outside of the Sonic departments visit SEGA of America’s blog.

Thanks to Stasis Colours at the SSMB for the heads-up!

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  1. Both Colors and Sonic 4 in playable form? I hope someone can record gameplay footage of those games!

  2. Considering it will be for Kinect, I’m 100% sure it WON’T be for anything but the 360.

  3. I don’t get why it can’t be on Wii, especially since it can be quite easily converted into a Wii Balace-board game.

  4. cool but do we need to use natel/kinect? just wondering since i’m lazy, kinda attached to my controller 😉

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