GameStop Interview SEGA’s Aaron Webber (RubyEclipse)

GameStop Interview SEGA’s Aaron Webber (RubyEclipse)


GameStop (that’s not a typo, I do mean GameStop not GameSpot) are at E3 and have managed to grab the above interview with SEGA of America Community Manager Aaron Webber or RubyEclipse as alot of you will know him. Aaron is asked about Valkyria Chronicles 2 on PSP and Vanquish on Xbox 360/PS3 but if you skip to the 3:13 mark he speaks about Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. Aaron reiterates the announcement a short while back regarding the games extra development time that’s been added to implement fan feedback to the game while also reaffirming the fact that the E3 demo contains just a few changes with more to come. As soon as we hear about the further edits we’ll let you know.

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  1. @Jim-x Oh yeah 😉

    I lol’d when RubyEclipse said that it’s one of the first times that sega has taken feedback from the community for a sonic game

  2. just4lolzz @ I think he means it’s the first time that feedback affected the development of a game to the point that they have to delay it to get to those expectations.

  3. We did a video interview as well, but the audio is so por due to the E3 noise, we can’t really use it. It will be transcribed however. If you really want to see the video, I can put it up.

    BTW, he couldn’t have been a nicer guy.

  4. You rock, Jason! And I’m not saying that just because you’re at E3 and I would have killed to go there! lol jk

    @ Jim-X

    How can hell be cute?? XD

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