Gamespot’s E3 Sonic 4 Interview With Gameplay Footage

Gamespot’s E3 Sonic 4 Interview With Gameplay Footage


E3 2010 is getting closer and some of the media are already kicking off their coverage including Gamespot who yesterday posted up the above Sonic 4 interview with Ken Balough who’s role is Associate Digital Brand Manager at SEGA. Ken reveals all 3 Act’s of Splash Hill Zone will be playable at E3 including the boss battle, he says they’ve taken the Special Stages(where motion control’s will now be optional) out of the demo to keep the queue moving so everyone can get to play the game.

Alot of the info gained from the interview we already know from past interviews but the footage shown is new in the sense that we can just barely see some of the changes already implemented such as a fix to Sonic’s speed momentum and accelleration meaning Spin Dash is more useful, tweaks to the jump appear to have also been made so it’s less floaty. Ken says you won’t see all of the changes made in the E3 demo so we’ll have to wait until a later date to see those. Judge for yourself from the footage and see if you notice any changes then let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Gamespot
Thanks to Sykotech at the SSMB for the heads up and thanks to Phos there for the YouTube coversion of the video.

TSS Staffer nuckles87 and new member of the team Jason the Jackass will be attending E3 to bring readers of The Sonic Stadium exclusive coverage of all things Sonic aswell as bringing SEGA Bits exclusive coverage of SEGA’s other titles on the show floor so stick with us for all of your E3 Sonic needs.

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  1. OK, this didn’t look bad. Sonic now fell of 2 walls because of lack of momentum.
    This game gets closer to it’s name. The delay really will pay off.
    Oh and Sonic apparently spins when he jumps off a spring, like in CD.
    Can’t wait for the preview.

  2. The changes look awesome, it’s actually quite noticeable the physics and there ALOT better now. 16 Stages Including the special stages though? Thats 16-7 = 9… =\ Swear there was more than that in the leak lol

  3. @ BlastedPinata
    Ken was likely referring to the Special Stages on top of the 16. 3 Acts across 4 levels = 12 + the 4 boss levels = 16.

    @ Eggman 123
    Oh yeah, I didn’t notice him spin when he hits a spring while moving. Thanks!

  4. Ah right makes sense, good news that the motion control on special stages is an OPTION now 😀

  5. Homing Attack didn’t look bad to me. And people thought it was a terrible idea. 😛

  6. @ Shadzter
    After a 2. view I realised, that Sonic doesn’t spin.
    Later in the video he didn’t spin after a spring, so I figured that the player just randomly pressed right and left the first time.

  7. AWESOME JOB 🙂 !! Thank god, it’s freaking awesome. I must jump like Cream the rabbit . “Can you feel the sunshine, lalalalaaaa”

    In Autumn darkness is gone.. SUN SUN! FUN FUN.

    Hmph.. Need still stay focust..


  8. Some guys don’t like how Sonic doesn’t use stunts for speed boosting, as he repeatedly shouts “YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! ALLRIGHT!!” That’s the kind of thing you’d hear as he porks Amy!

  9. @YoshiAngemon:

    …But he would never do that to Amy! He’d marry Eggman before he did that!

  10. I think homing atack works better in a 3d game,however, this game looks cool with homing attack, but… the robotnik sections, i think,, homing atacks, make super easy way to defeat him.

  11. @Crap: It wouldn’t be hard to create bosses with immunity or high risk towards homing attacks.

    The little tweaks are making this look a lot smoother.

  12. I thought the game looked great from day 1 but it’s great to know that they’re improving the bits people didn’t seem to like, might help it go from good to brilliant.

  13. It looks good so far, and I hope it turns out to be a hit. I also hope to download and play this game when it comes out, because as of now, none of my consoles have an online connection yet (this means no WiiWare, no X-Box Live Arcade, and no PSN), and I have to do something about that.

    And you all should be happy: Even if they’re using the “modern” character design for Sonic (Which, to me, is not a problem because I liked the recent games and know the fact that designs change throughout time), they’re still bringing back some of the classic gameplay and settings (i.e. Badniks, the animal friends that pop out of capsules).

  14. I prefer the PSP but he said the Wii got special bonus stage controls, hard choice for me.

  15. what about the uk, why cant we get a chance its always E3 and TGS we dont get that stuff in england

  16. It actually looks like it plays just like the original games now (something I never even realised was lacking before). Good stuff!

  17. Really looking forward to the game! Something seemed wrong at 0:30. Sonic got hit and dropped his rings. The rings didn’t fly everywhere like they used to. They just spread out along the ground. Then, Sonic spin dashes through them and only manages to pick up a few.

  18. Wow SEGA, I’m impressed! The changes are already noticeable and I think it looks great! Can’t wait to see the finished product, as I won’t be attending E3. 🙁

  19. This game looks better and better every time i see it. But to be honest, i’m shocked and amazed that SEGA is delaying a game to better the quality. I’ve really lost faith in SEGA over the past decade, hopefully this will be a return to form for my favorite game company, back to the good old SEGA console days when SEGA’s games were quality productions and system sellers.

  20. It now looks as fast and as awesome as we ‘remember’ the original games were, LoL.

    We ought to do a Wayne’s World wavey lines flashback whenever we think about Sonic 2.

  21. My faith in sega is slowly coming back. I thought that the delay would make the game overdone, but its actually looking very good so far =D

    And I have alot of respect for Ken now for calling eggman ‘Robotnik’ lol

  22. Game looks friggin’ awesome, any whiners right now need to be lined up and shot.
    I especially like the boss battle, it’s a nice twist on the original 😀

  23. Are you all happy now that Sonic is returning back to his old-skool roots?

    I still like recent Sonic games, but I guess everyone has opinions.

  24. It’s great to see Sonic making a comeback, this will be one epic return to the retro world! can’t wait to see what Episode 2 & 3 has in store, Now too see what Sonic Colors has to offer!

  25. but eggman IS robotnik. eggman is (officially) only a nickname. But he will always be robotnik to me…

  26. Looking pretty good, though this was only one level. I still remain (perhaps stupidly) optimistic and think that this could be the game to revive the blue blur.

    Now you just need to get the 3D right Sega and you’ll have it all.

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