A Sonic Convention for the US? SoniCon 2010

A Sonic Convention for the US? SoniCon 2010

Now either I’m very slow off the bat (in which case this probably isn’t news for you), but it looks like the US are getting a Sonic Convention…for a second time: apparently the DFW Hedgehog Show and SoniCon is now in it’s second year. The event is being held in Plano, Texas in early November, but looks to be a much more wildlife-ish related affair compared to what goes on with Summer of Sonic. Amongst a whole host of hedgehoggy people and gothic looking rock bands (I hope they give the hedgehogs ear plugs) is Eggman voice actor extrodinaire Mike Pollock, who will also be making an appearance at the event.

If you live state-side and are planning on going to this, let us know!

You can find convention information at the DFW Hedgehog Show Convention webpage.

Alternatively, come to Summer of Sonic (shameless plug, yes).

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  1. Well, at least there’s one in America. Too bad I have to live in the NorthEast, though. Of course, I’m not much of a con man. Europe’s got a more dedicated fanbase than anyone else.

  2. Furries… ugh… that’s all this looks to me. I got excited thinking this was something LEGIT, but whatevs. I prefer more generalized conventions anyways.

  3. There you go everybodies happy. Alternatively… go to Slingerlands place and have a beer.

  4. I plan to go to Summer of Sonic before I die, living in West Virginia makes it hard to do anything big like that.

  5. Great. First I find out I can’t get the Doctor Who Adventure Game in the US and now instead of SoS, we get this. *sigh* So far this is turning into one of those weeks I really wish I was in the UK…

  6. hmmm, if I traveled all the way to England for SoS, I know it would be worth it. But this, I don’t know, it would only be like a 20 hour drive, but I don’t know if it’d be worth it.

  7. This just seems weird and a little un-Sonicy.

    When there’s a REAL Sonic convention in the Northeast U.S., let me know. 🙂

  8. @Casanova: No thanks. I’d like to drink my beer with someone who DOESN’T complain about Unleashed every five minutes.

    Also, I don’t drink beer.

  9. @TheHumbleFellow: Yeah, like Brad talks Sonic Unleashed a lot… I may not talk to Brad frequently, but I think I know he doesn’t talk about Sonic Unleashed to death.

  10. SoniCon… The ultimate Sonic convention… for those Anime loving Fur-fags… Best part? It doesn’t happen during the Summer. zing! Too bad a lot of their would-be goers will most likely have to skip school for this… assuming that furries who love anime go to school…

    Their mascots look horrid. Canary yellow and lime green? Wtf? And their pink one looks like an anime reject wearing Amy clothes.

    And now you know why fancharacters suck! 😛

  11. I would never go to this event… they have FAN-CHARACTERS in the logo… that and this isn’t held by the Sonic Stadium… I’m waiting TSS… one day… you WILL hold a SOS in Louisville, Kentucky… and I will drive two hours to get to it!

  12. God, that looks creepy. What kind of Sonic con is this?!! Yes, let’s go to the “Everything that’s wrong with the Sonic fanbase” convention. It’s just…..eww.

  13. Oh doesn’t realky look inviting and is even further away than SoS for me.
    But Mike’s awesome.

  14. Hm, I think I’ll stick with the summer of sonic, but good for people in the states that live close enough to make it.

  15. What the… This isn’t a Sonic convention… it’s an Emo-Goth Furry weaboo convention with Sonic slapped on it… The only redeeming thing about this convention is that video games will be playable and Mike Pollock being there…

  16. …Well, I don’t like to do snap judgments since I do that too much at times but;

    That is quite possibly the worst thing. Horrible banner. Really just the wrong thing to show.
    I’m a little surprised it’s in Texas but that’s just mean anyway. Stereotyping a whole state.

    Sounds like the Hedgehogs and Mike Pollock are good ideas, and any anime convention might have some artist or music band but this, is just the worst way to show it. Just awful.

    And I’m not even using the word furry.

    That’s what I think.

  17. That is by far the worst banner I may have ever seen. What messed up individual would even create something like that?! It puts Sonic to shame…

  18. The mascots look cute, but other than the availability of SEGA games and consoles, this seems to have a lot more to do with actual hedgehog enthusiasts than it has to do with Sonic the Hedgehog or SEGA. Yet, however, SEGA’s plastered everywhere on the website. Weird.

    Yup. Quite weird.

  19. For the most part, this doesn’t really appeal to me. I will say though, I am really digging the “bringing your pet hedgehog” thing! Why doesn’t SOS have pet hedgehog events as well? I’m sure my pet hedgehog would love it. 🙂

  20. I hope there will be a SoS convention in the US one day. Only time will tell

  21. It just looks……strange. And a bit creepy. I’ll just wait until I have a chance to go to Summer of Sonic…….

  22. I dream of going to SOS but this doesn’t seem like it has much of anything to do with Sonic.

  23. ..Maybe one of these days I should rent out the Convention in San Diego and have a true Sonic convention for us Americans… cause this doesn’t look like much.

    … and Sonic Goth bands? Seems too UNDERGROUND for me. *shot*

  24. LOL the mascots for the con, we’re designed by an professional manga artist…?

    um.. right

  25. Yeah, SoS looks 100 times cooler then this. Would rather fork over the money to travel half across the world then half across the county.


  26. Y’know, I’d love to attend Summer of Sonic. All they’ve gotta do is invite me.

    Until that happens, I hope to see y’all in Texas. (See how I’m practicing my Texas drawl there?)


  27. The banner reminds me of Hot Topic: I walk in for the Sonic stuff, I walk out because of the blaring loud music and goth decor.

    The pet hedgehogs thing sounds like fun. Too bad I don’t have a hedgehog. (I’m not sure if they even sell them in my state).

  28. *facepalm*
    Here i was just about to celebrate…..
    This looks like a reject version of SoS.

    But just saying, I don’t think the fan characters are knock-offs, I believe they are dressing up as
    Sonic & Amy. But still…. this looks like one of those anime-furry conventions. I’m gonna stay away.
    You know how rabid those fangirls at conventions get when it comes to furries.

  29. Guys, be nice. Mike Pollock’s going to be there, that makes the event somewhat legitimate! Who can resist the charm of the Pollock?

    While I’m at it, nice to see you posting on the site Mike! 🙂

  30. Wait: THE Mike Pollock posted a comment right before me…and I didn’t even notice?!!? 😯

    Yup, TSS has officially hit the big time.

  31. Besides Mike, I bet the only thing worth seeing at the convention will be the hedgehogs (the real ones, I mean).

  32. I knew Mike Pollock on AIM, ever since the days of Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy. It was at the AKIA forums (American Kinnikuman Information Archive). Kind of interesting, too. I’m a New Englander, but I choose not to go, for a multitude of reasons.

  33. Forgot to add that if Mike were to end up going to the Summer of Sonic, who would take his place? Jason Griffith? At least Lisa Ortiz would be a blessing. She’s the voice of Amy!

  34. I would much rather see the Sonic Adventure series voice actors then the Sonic X voice actors. lol The SA voices were the only english voices that I cared for. (Maybe with the exception of Jaleel White too. lol.)

  35. whoa! Mike commented!

    It looks… weird… I mean gothic theme?
    Since when Sonic is into emotionless…

    anyway, it seems creepy to go…
    but I want to see Mike and Jason 🙂
    I’m only two states away from Texas 😀

    yay for random animals to be shown off! I would also love to have a pet hedgehog…

  36. I live like an hour away from Plano but there are 2 reasons I would never go

    1. Plano is a desolate wasteland
    2. This con looks totally fail

  37. Well, I have mixed feelings about this. It’s awesome there IS a Sonic convention in the US, it’s cool they’ll have Mike Pollock (and Jason Griffith?) as GoH, it’s unusual and strange about the con has a… gothic.. punk.. whatever thing going on, and it’s suprising it’s in Texas, too bad I’m in the sunshine state. Not to mention it’s cute about the ‘Bring your pet hedgehog’ event, why didn’t SoS thought of that? 😛

    (I loled at the people who didn’t noticed Mike’s comment… xD )

  38. Yeaaah. This is just creepy. I sure as heck wouldn’t go there. Seems more about furries than Sonic.

    And to anyone saying bad stuff about Texas… Maybe you should actually see the place before saying stuff? We aren’t all rednecks that live on ranches with cacti and tumbleweeds blowing by. Maybe I should say about how Florida only has senior citizens and oranges or how California consists of only shallow, fake, materialistic, gay and gangster people? No, cause it isn’t true. >_>

  39. @ Lanmanna, I actually do live in Texas and i completely agree with you on what you’re saying, but Plano really is just a desert, nothing there at all

  40. I would go, but this convention must suck if its in its second year and I didn’t know about it; I live 10 minutes from Plano!

  41. Man, what the hell is this? Is this even a Sonic convention? Emos all over the place. And what’s up with the anime with the goth picture? Who are they I mean I never seen them before. Can anybody tell me who they are? Is anybody going to this convention, cuz I may be going just to see how it is. If anybody’s going please respond. Hey, to all the people who responded and will respond in the future, I have two options. Option 1: When I get some money, I’m moving to England to go to the real Sonic Conventions. Does anybody think that would be a good idea? If so please respond. Option 2: Get some money together, rent out a big stadium, and we could have a Summer of Sonic here in the U.S. But I need a good location. If anybody thinks this is a good idea, please respond. If we have one here in the U.S. then I’ll need people who are willing to do this and help with the convention so this can be a kickass SoS.

  42. @Gable Cantelli – Option 1 -> Instead of moving since you’re just in it for the conventions, you should just vacation there for events. Option 2 – Sounds epic. I bet even SoA would help in with some stuff.

    @Lanmanna – The shallow part of California is questionable. Otherwise…gays..an IDC there, fake…boobs? materialistic…very much so…as gangster infested, random made up %, at least 20%+ are gangster/gangsterwannabes

    That and Texas isn’t the best place. (Not that Texas is bad, it’s the distance, amount of money, and the age group of average Sonic fans)

    Would probably be fun to go to with nothing better to do/if you’re hanging out with friends and needed something ‘new’

  43. Hey, Gator saw your response. Thanks and do you think that would be a good idea, have a kickass Summer of Sonic here in the U.S.? Do you know anybody that could contact SoA to see if they’d like to help out with this? Also would you like to help out to have a Summer of Sonic here in the U.S.?

  44. Hi, I just stumbled on this site looking for info about the con.

    @ Gable Cantelli – about the goth/anime picture, I’m assuming you are referring to the one at the top of the page? It’s a picture of the muscial guest: Alsdead, a japanese rock group, specifically a Visual Kei band. They are the only reason I am attending this event. I wondering how many other fans they will be attracting solely for their performance…

  45. If there was a Summer Of Sonic for America I would definitely go to it! As for this… it looks very questionable. For a Summer Of Sonic in the US I would drive a massive distance. This event though is too questionable for my midwest self to drive like 18 hours for. I wish I lived in Europe. 🙁

  46. Well I bought my tickets and I’m going to this. It’s not up on the site yet but they have a HUGE arcade room at this con with console & arcade style gaming – and several sonic voice actors including Lisa Ortiz, Jason Griffith, Mike Pollock, Pete Capella and I think the flyer I got lists more. There is a video game tribute band from Austin too coming who are pretty cool and play other cons in Texas.

    As for bad mouthing Texas…I live here so I’ll take this thank you very much! -And even if there was a Summer of Sonic in another state I couldn’t afford to travel to it = ( Texas has some decent cons in it including the famous A-Kon convention (went to that too and it ruled as always!) This is a second year event yes but all events have to start someplace and I support my home town teams.

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