Sonic Unleashed: Mazuri and Adabat & Empire City DLC Now On EU PS Store

Sonic Unleashed: Mazuri and Adabat & Empire City DLC Now On EU PS Store

We’re just over a day late, but forgive us as this news was unexpected and came completely out of left field; it was even missing from the PS Store Update blog entry at the Official EU PS Blog. Looking at the EU PS Store, you’ll now find SEGA Europe yesterday FINALLY released the final two pieces of downloadable content for Sonic Unleashed on the PlayStation 3, content that Xbox Live and other territories PS Stores got June 12th last year, namely the Mazuri Adventure Pack and the Adabat & Empire City Adventure Pack. The packs cost £2.39 each, with the Mazuri pack containing four daytime and two nighttime stages, and the Adabat & Empire City pack containing five daytime stages and four nighttime stages.

Any EU PS3 version owners out there glad to finally see this? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. About time, I had a blast playing these levels on my Xbox 360 but since I’m a PS3 owner now, it’s great to be able to play them again.

  2. I wasn’t a big fan of the Adabat and Empire city, I did however love the Mazuri pack

  3. Wow… better late than never I guess.

    Don’t tell me that MS paid an exclusive deal for this?

  4. Haha,
    I saw those this morning and couldn’t help but think… What the frig?
    Extremely random but like Casanova said, better late than never.
    Cheap too.
    Real cheap.

  5. Wow, random Sonic Unleashed is… random.

    Loved the Empire City night stages, though!

  6. @Casanova: Nope, its been on the US PS Store since last year, it just barley got to Europe.

  7. This is thanks to me.

    Search “Sonic Unleashed Missing DLC” on Google, and you’ll see that I mentioned it on PSN Forum, Sega Forum, Sega’s Facebook page, and I also bombarded them with Twitter messages until they got put up 😛

  8. Sweet! I had to get this on wii as I don’t have a ps3 yet, but at least now I know when I get the ps3 version eventually there is more reason to do so.

  9. PS3 version is amazing, you get a great sensation of speed from the Sonic sections. Only blight on this game is the werehog sections.

  10. At least it’s not as late as Metroid Prime Pinball was; seriously, us Europeans had to wait two extra years for that to arrive in our stores, and even then it was missing the rumble pak…

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