PS3 ASR Theme Now On PlayStation Store

PS3 ASR Theme Now On PlayStation Store

The PS3 Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing theme that was said to be on the way has finally arrived on the PlayStation Store at the price of £1.59. The theme comes in many flavours of all kinds of characters vehicles, after toggling through plenty of times we’ve found the above 7 themes are the total available so Sonic and SEGA fans alike should be pleased. For those having trouble switching character themes, you have to re-apply the theme to toggle between characters. Not fun fact: The theme randomly changes when you do anything to leave the XMB e.g. switch the console off and turn it back on, load a game and exit it etc…

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  1. Too bad it’s not dynamic.
    I would have loved to see Sonic and the rest to race in the background .

  2. @ Eggman123
    At least it changes backgrounds unlike the other normal themes, so you’re getting 7 instead of 1. The only problem is that when you leave the XMB and come back it randomly switches so it never stays set on the one you want apart from when it’s doing it’s random choice and it picks the one you have set again.

  3. @ Shadzter
    True enough.
    Well it’s Sonic news so I should be happy.
    Hope we get Sonic 4 news soon, reminds me back of the Needlemouse time.

  4. @ Eggman123
    Yeah, I hate these news drought times. Been nothing Sonic 4 or outside of Sonic 4 to report about apart from leak stuff which we don’t report about out of respect for SEGA.

  5. That does look good for a theme though I am a xbox 360 man.,…besides, themes are good for every system……excluding wii and DS

  6. @ Tails6000: Hey! Us Wii and DS owners would love a theme too!

    @ Sega : Um, game updates please?

  7. I fail to see why it changing is a bad thing. If it didn’t change it wouldn’t be dynamic at all, and in that case it wouldn’t even be worth the two bucks. Themes like that are typically free. Why not have the background shuffle all the time to keep things from getting old? They all look like pretty cool pictures.

  8. I would love to buy it if my PSN would behave >_>
    Invalid credit card my ass

  9. @ Jix Yeah! All I have is a Wii & DS!!!



  10. @ Inferno the Fox
    Yeah, we’d all like some Sonic 4 info to end this news drought. Hopefully SEGA will divulge some more soon, if not soon then at E3.

  11. What Sonic 4 info? O_o Everything about the game is known already, except the release date.

    And I mean everything.

  12. Well but only beta and played by a guy who has no idea how to use the spindash.
    Ruby even hinted we would maybe see something new.

  13. Have those annoying little cute and fluffy kittens been covering any of these stories? No? Kudos to TSS.

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