Full 1080p HD Visuals Confirmed For Sonic 4 PS3/Xbox 360

Full 1080p HD Visuals Confirmed For Sonic 4 PS3/Xbox 360

Good news for fans of pretty visuals in their games as the Official PlayStation Europe site and the Official U.S. Xbox site have confirmed that the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 will play in 1080p HD via the games product pages at both sites. Now you’ll be able to get your classic Sonic fix in glorious full HD, Splash Hill Zone should be a treat with it’s brightly coloured environments and water falls. No other info such as a release date are listed at the moment but we’ll keep an eye out.

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  1. Finally, some actual news!!! =D Kind of.

    Still, I really really really can’t wait for this game. Would be awesome if it came out in like a month or so just as my exams and shit finish and summer begins =D

  2. So the levels will be nice and colorful on PS3. I can’t wait for it to come out.

  3. @ TimmiT
    Well in alot of cases with multi-platform games the PS3 version is 720p while the Xbox 360 version is always listed as 1080p indicating that the Xbox 360 version is more than likely upscaled to 1080p but when both the PS3 version and Xbox 360 versions are both running at 1080p I think it’s safe to say they are native 1080p. So this game should be native 1080p.

  4. So has there ever been any games on the Ps3 or Xbox 360 that have actually been in full proper native true 1080p resolution?

  5. @Right as ole’rain: I’m pretty Sure Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise fits that description.

  6. @ Shadzter:
    If I remember correctly 480 p for Wii was confirmed in the interview from gamespot.

  7. Wait, I thought 1080p was already confirmed for this game a while ago? o_0

    For that matter, I also thought I read that European Wii consoles could handle 576p. Was I wrong about that, too? (Just curious).

  8. *Insert -Thats great news! But I’m too poor to own a HD TV- reply*

    Getting closer to the release! June is gonna go off son!

  9. @needsemail1

    Why European consoles? They were released simultaneously with other regions, so that wouldn’t make any sense.

    Upon further investigation, it seems Nintendo UK confirmed years ago that all Wii consoles output in 480p.

  10. http://www.ukresistance.co.uk/pics7/sonic_4_screens_1.jpg

    ^ I’ve had this screenshot sitting on my hard disk for months now, so this isn’t at all new news…

    In addition, I fail to see the benefits of 1080p over 720p; not only is it virtually impossible to make out any kind of noticeable difference between the two, but the former puts quite a large demand on a console’s GPU, and this can sometimes incur slowdown. It’s an overrated waste of time and money, in my opinion…

  11. @ Extaticus
    What does that screenshot you linked to have to do with this news or anything?

    If you have a full HD TV you can notice the difference between 720p and 1080p HD, developers may aswell push a games visuals to the limit if they can pull it off without affecting the gameplay. I personally see no harm in releasing the game looking at it’s best.

  12. @ Waaurufu
    Actually most gaming sites claim the release date would be june 16th, but nothing official yet except “summer”.

  13. If you’ve not got a HD TV, just get a VGA cable and use your monitor (unless you want a big wall mounted behemoth). Though I do I laugh when I see HDTV resolutions compared to the average computer monitor 😀

    As far as games running on 1080p natively, I distinctly remember Dead Rising’s menus and text being unreadable on my TV, which is the main reason I switched to using my monitor.

  14. This was pretty much a given already from the screenshots we’ve seen that are at 1920×1080.

  15. @Shadzter: Check out the screenshot’s pixel resolution. I think you’ll find that it’s 1080p.

  16. As far as I know all PS3 exclusives are Native 1080p.

    Well this is bad news, for some reason looking at this game is the equivalent of looking at madworld for me, hurts the crap out of my eyes

  17. Dang you Nintendo! lol. At least I have a component cable for my Wii. Even though its still standard definition, it will still look much better on component then it will on composite.

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