Sonic 4 Website Updates With New Screens and Music

Sonic 4 Website Updates With New Screens and Music

SEGA have updated the official Sonic 4 website with 8 new screenshots and some music from the Splash Hill zone, the first level of the game. The music gives off a very retro feel that the game is aiming for. The screenshots give us a better look at Sonic’s ‘wheel’ running animation seen very briefly in the leaked footage, another homage to the classic Mega Drive/Genesis titles. Also shown is more of the homing attack and and the return of some retro items in the form of the star post checkpoints, the vine swings and the item boxes/tv’s that we’ve seen before. Eggman and his profile have also been unveiled next to Sonic in the Featured section.

You can check out all this new media at the Sonic 4 website.

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  1. BAH, The update wasn’t supposed to be until 7pm tonight… of course it went up early. Oh well, I wonder when we’ll get video of Splash Hill promised “soon”?

  2. I like what I see! Could this really be the Sonic 4 we’ve being waiting for?! It’s looking that way 🙂

  3. @ HumbleFellow

    You don’t need a Winzip program to open the zip. Just save the zip, open it and move the mp3 to one of your folders (eg Music). Then move it into your desired media player like itunes.

    I am absolutly loving the music and have it playing on repeat on itunes. This has raised my hopes for the game, we now know the music will kick ass.

  4. @TheHumbleFellow

    What OS are you using? lol There’s been a Integrated ZIP file opener in Windows ever since Windows XP. There’s no need for external programs.

  5. THIS GAME SU- oh sorry, knee jerk reaction XD. Surprised no one else’s said it yet.

    Anyway, looks greak. Bright and colorful and good looking. Musics nice too. About as good as Green Hill and Emerald Hill, though not Angel Island, I’d say.

  6. His legs aren’t really spinning, he’s just got his running animation with a fake blur spinning around to make him look like he’s running.

    Music is okay. In a “look at me!! I’m retro!” Sort of way.

  7. Seeing how awesome this game looks just makes me think even more of how releasing it exclusivly via download is the biggest mistake SEGA will ever make.

  8. Music’s a little on the bland side, but perhaps Acts 2 and 3 will spice the theme up a bit.

    My expectations have been low since the reveal of Dimps being involved in the game, and the awful-looking gameplay footage, but based purely off of the content on the site, the game looks promising.

  9. I actually believe that SEGA made those so called “sucky” Sonic games so that Sonic fans would complain about what they wanted, so they could put it all together into Sonic 4!

  10. Ooooh! Pretty colors! I’m sorry I couldn’t help it. The game screens and music seem very well done, with an overall good feeling to them. I’ll keep my hopes that this game will be good, but I won’t say anything until I see some gameplay, not just screens.

    Oh, and, I like Sonic running across the screen at the bottom. Nice touch.

  11. @Kits’Okami Well, what the hell do you want??

    Anyway, the game looks beautiful, and the music is really catchy, but I didn’t expect any less from Jun!

  12. On the pic with the homing attack you can see a penguin or Flycky coming out of the destroyed badnik.
    Also played through green hill with the new music.
    Really fits and this tune really gives you the “new adventure” feeling.
    Damn it I’m hyped again. 😀

  13. @BlueChaos: Some people don’t know what they want so they just assume everything is going to suck. That’s why the Sonic fanbase is badly broken.

  14. This music reminds me of the classic 90’s shmup Tyrian.

    That cannot be a bad thing.

    Sonic’s running animation looks a little odd in still shots, but then the entire purpose of it is not to be seen in a still shot.

  15. I’m getting more and more excited as I listen to this retro tune, look at the screenshots and see Sonic’s animation frames. His running animation is pretty cool. I can’t tell exactly how he moves in the homing attack but it looks pretty cool. It’s cool that he closes the eyes in one of his spring jump sprites.

  16. This game is looking more and more promising.

    Also, anyone who checks out that link for the achievements… take note of one in particular:
    “Complete all acts as Super Sonic”


  17. @Shazzo
    Hm, these are old news, mind you. The list of achievements leaked some weeks ago 😀

    Excellent, the game looks better with every official update. Certainly not my favorite music style (I’m more into the Sonic 3-ish tunes), but it fits the game very well!

  18. @ BlueChaos
    Remember, every now and then your gonna run into the sonic fan that b*tches. Just sway them the other way. We all know this game is gonna be fun and in the end were gonna here someone say something about it.

    On the good side, I was sorta right about the homing attack being used like in sonic unleashed. Now I wonder if you have to sake the wii remote to do it. I think they’ll make you turn it sideways BUT I’m hoping you don’t have to tilt it like sonic and the secret rings >.< Still, I think this game will be fun as all of them had. I wonder why Eggmans profile was so short.I love how they've done the shield, it looks like a bubble. And the old school point pop up ((100 appears after hitting an enemy)) The speed boost ((7th pic)) looks familiar. I guess Ill re-play my games and find out xD

    All in all, I cant wait for the remaining updates and then the game comes out and Ill be so happy to have a new sonic game.Meanwhile BACK TO MY POKEMON JOURNEY WHEEEEE

  19. Man, the song reminds me so much of Sonic Adventure for some reason.

    Twinkle Park more specifically but it’s very nostalgic.

  20. I am so damn hyped up for this, Now I want Grab my Genesis out of the back of my closet and start playing Sonic the Hedgehog 1,2 and 3. I’m ready to be one of the first to snatch this game up. !!LONG LIVE SONIC!!

  21. Meow meow meow. Mememememeow memeow meow meow.

    That’s all I hear is dying cats. Is this an attempt to challenge the classic music? I swear I see this image of ol’ Senoue driving his guitar fetish into the ground while he’s strumming wildly upon the strings of his guitar as he records this song and puts it through a machine to sound 16 bit.

    This isn’t doing it for me. This has nothing on anything Michael Jackson did for Sonic 3 & Knuckles or any of the work in both the American and Japanese soundtracks of Sonic CD.

    Oh and that running animation is very weak. His legs are still way too visible through that blur. It’s very distracting as the blur itself looks very solid….. Strange…. Just like how Sonic can homing attack from a mile away while that stupid lock on symbol rears its ugly face… Ugh…. And to think… Iizuka thinks that we needed a homing attack to make the game easy to play. Seriously.. How do you guys take SEGA seriously anymore? Hmmm? I could pick up the classics as easy as I could a modern Mario title and the only problem I’d have is mastering the physics. Aside from that, the games were very easy to play, just hard to master.

    To each their own I guess. I just know when someone is being condescending to their loyal followers.

  22. Oh, and one more thing.

    Wentos was right. Everything from it playing just like Unleashed’s day time levels down to the no non-optional characters.

  23. @ GREG THE CAT:
    You do know Jun did also work on S3&K?
    You probably do sine you’re a die-hard fan.
    Well with the running animation, do you refer to the pictures or the background animation?
    I also always thought , that the classic running looked weird on pictures so it may look better in action, except you could really analyse the background thing.
    And with the Homing Attack I can’t disagree with you yet.
    But I am pretty sure it won’t work against Shellcracker or Asteron.
    We still have to wait and see.

  24. Hey guys, I just read the new Game informer, and the names of the stages are: Splash Hill Zone (duh), Casino Street Zone, Lost Labyrinth Zone, and Mad Gear Zone.

  25. Cool! On youtube you see a demo version of Sonic 4 with level select… That made me wonder wether there will be level select or debug mode in the final copy.

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