Sonic 4 Soundtrack Leaked [Updated – Files Removed]

Sonic 4 Soundtrack Leaked [Updated – Files Removed]

Some dude at Sonic Retro named “infinity” has managed to get a hold of the Sonic 4: Episode 1 soundtrack and has posted it at SoundCloud.  These are not fake and not an April Fools.  We will not be posting the actual files here, but if SEGA wants us to take the link down, then we will comply as always.

UPDATE 1: The “ending theme” has been added to the page.

UPDATE 2: The soundtrack has been pulled from the link below.  Again, we will not be hosting the files here, but I’m sure somebody you know downloaded the whole thing.  Ask around if you still want to listen.  I recommend not hosting them though, because SEGA is making their rounds.  I’m all for discussing leaked material, but not distributing it.

Check out the tunage over at SoundCloud.

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  1. Holy crud, I’m torn in two here. listen to them and spoil it all now, or wait till the game comes out?

    And who the heck would do this, anyway?? By the time the game comes out no one’s gonna need to buy it cause they will have seen and heard the entirety it.

  2. I’m not listening to all of these, just the rest of Splash Hill. They sound like entirely different themes and not remixes of act 1.

    So, how did this person get these, anyway?

  3. Heard only a bit, I don’t want to spoil myself, but goddamn it, I can’t believe SEGA has so bad security.

    Anyway, looks like they took Sonic 2’s music as basis.

  4. Is it me, or does someone actually WANT to ruin Sonic, to a point where the games will end up ending, and never coming back?

  5. I dont care if there fake or not, I like most of these tracks,
    Id love to get them on mp3, is that even possibe?
    I cant wait till this game comes out (or 1st part at least, seeing as this is only episode 1)

  6. i dont know if this is an april fools but i liked all the tracks of mad gear, the invincible and some others:D

  7. It seems a bit early for an April Fools, but the fact that TSS posted it and they even went out of the way to put “These are not fake” which they normally don’t do is suspicious. Not to mention there’s very little source material, meaning they’re confirming these as real without any real proof, which again TSS never does. So meh, might be an AF, not sure.

  8. well since the only way to get a clean mp3 is for the uploader to let us donwload it but hes not letting us so am going to raw rip it.

  9. April Fools?
    So someone went out of their way to create an entire fake soundtrack for Sonic 4?
    I doubt it.

    Still, source material would be nice…

  10. Hmm… The music sounds very Sonic 1-esque. Especially the special stage and final zone…

  11. I don’t know why, but I LOVED all of those tracks! I was a little meh-ified when I heard Splash Hill Act 1, but the Labyrinth Act 2 and Mad Gear Act 2 just were pure AWESOME.

  12. TSS has put this stuff up before, Barry. We’ve just also always complied when they asked us to remove it.

  13. If you think that these tracks are fake, then you need to get your head checked. Every song is in there and they sound just like Splash Hill Act 1 with the Genesis percussion and synth overload. Just because it’s leaked, doesn’t mean that it’s “fake.” Use common sense.

    By the way, the first boss theme is from a prototype version of Sonic 3D Blast. Really cool throwback by Jun:

  14. Sounds legit, although they are “new” they sound like variations of past sonic songs most notably Casino Street. And Mad Gear Sounds awesome, I can tell already it’s going to be an epic level.

  15. God…. that had to be the most God-awful annoying Sonic music I have EVER heard….

    Over the years, through good games and bad, Sonic has always had at least great music, that let you tolerate the crap… but this music to be blunt, stinks…

    They tried to use nostalgia as a gimmick, and failed.

    I do however absolutely love the “Lost Labyrinth” , “Splash Hill”, and Boss 2 music… everything else is grating.

    IDK who wrote these, but they need a pack of Red Bull, and the complete collection of old Sonic Soundtracks.

    nice try…SEGA

  16. Thats some very nice music. I like the throwback to the Sonic 2 casino music for Sonic 4’s levels. My Favoret one out of them all is Lost Laybrinth Act 2.

  17. There’s no way I’m listening to any of those – good or bad, I want the first time I hear them to be when I’m actually playing the level and no sooner.

    However, if they are of poor technical quality, that at least gives the community a big head start in recreating versions of the soundtrack that are a little easier on the ears! Maybe that was the intention of the person who leaked them – to have the musically talented among us create alternate tracks of the same tunes to be downloaded to the console and played over the originals.

  18. OUCH!! that really hurts. As anxious as i am about the soundtrack i really am holding my self to to hear it all. Though Splash Hill rocks the place place place.

  19. This isn’t really leaked stuff is it? More like breached. There’s a gaping hole in the side of the SEGA ship, and most of Sonic 4 seems to be abandoning ship. Is it just me that’s tired of looking at leak upon leak now? Anyone else just going to wait for the game to come out?

    Also, still loving the “UGH THESE SUCK” comments dudes – nice, articulated and justified arguements there. Not. I guess if they’re so bad but you’re still loitering around that makes you a fly around shit then?

  20. @ T-Bird
    I also think those leaks get ridiculous.
    Soon we’ll get every stage map.
    Anyway totally love the music and I can’t wait for the game.

  21. If I would rate the soundtrack on a scale from 1 to 6 (6 being the worst and 1 being the best) it gets a good 3 from me! Its not awesome, but its not total junk! But Jun could´ve done better in my opinion, he did awesome stuff in the past … maybe it just wasn´t his thing, doing retro style music!?
    I mean it sounds good, but the problem I have with it is that it just “sounds” retro, but it doesn´t “feel” all that retro to me! I always have the feeling that there is something thats missing from these tracks, I don´t know what exactly though! :/

    Anyway, just my 2 cents on the OST!

  22. I limited myself to listening to the three Splash Hill tracks.

    Act 2 is meh and I think I actually used that repeating riff in a fangame once.

    Act 3 I love, got a very Green Grove vibe coming from it.

    …ok so I also listened to the first few seconds of Casino Street, just to check that it was different from Splash Hill. It sounded promising.

  23. Only listened to Splash Hill and i’m quite impressed, I like how each act has it’s own individual song while still keeping to the overall zone theme.

  24. Thanks for your contribution Thomas, very enlightening – I’m sure you’re mother would be proud of your spelling and grammar. If anyone else doesn’t know where the shift or punctuation keys are located on your keyboard, please don’t post. That’s your final warning.

  25. I hate to be so negative but, i think that every music in this song almost sounds the same. The only real Song i like is Splash Hill Zone, rest of them… Meeh. :/ But the game is still going to kick ass!

  26. I liked a majority of them, but I felt like they got lazy when it came to Casino Street, It sounds pretty identical to Casino Night Zone. A favourite would have to be the invincible music, great stuff there.

  27. -The Mad Gear’s are awesome.
    -Lost Labrynth’s ok, got the nice rustic ruin vibe, and I like how Act 2 really strays from 1 and 3.
    -Casino Street is boring, I know those levels have the slow jazzy style music, but these just don’t work. Might be the pitch for the synthesizer or the instrument choice.
    -Splash Hill’s still quite nice. I like the rhythm of Act 2, but hate the end part right before it loops.
    -The final zone music is horrible; A simple, short looped 4-measures with zero energy, this will not get you excited for a final battle.
    -Boss Music 2 is ok, nice energy, too bad it’s short. Boss Music 1 is absolutely horrendous, that’s supposed to get me pumped for a boss fight? Maybe if it was a demonic jack-in-the-box or something.
    -The ending was nice, I like how they go back to the old compilation idea.

    The only thing I find really disappointing is how I can’t picture the old Sonic games when listening to these, I only picture the Sonic Advance games.

  28. They’ve got a sorta 16-bit vibe to them. I don’t really like it, but heck, the whole thing’s a genesis remodel.

  29. It may be an early April Fools, but if it turns out to be official, I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before their taken down.

  30. I shamefully loved this leak… but it just doesn’t feel right, ya know. I’m not listening to the ending theme, though.

  31. To be Honest the music sounds.. Weird.. the only songs that are kicking is, Lost Labyrinth act 2
    and the Splash Hill Zone is Pretty good, in the Second Act also the mad Gears Songs are all pretty good.
    they seem to fit in the series. the boss one music is well Funny, and sounds like Robotnick
    is Drunk or something, i picture him flying around, bumping into things when i hear it.
    The Sonic Series has Been Known For it’s neat music, but this.. uh.. could use more work..
    most of this series of songs feels Forced.. perhaps next episode someone better will bring us
    some better Tunes.. i Hope.. but so far the music is OK.

  32. I seriously did not think I could hate this game enough… but the soundtrack is just the same thing… terrible synth-pop that doesn’t even sound like Megadrive, Genesis music.

  33. Mad Gear
    Lost Labyrinth
    Casino Street
    Splash Hill
    This game is sounding better with each piece of news, and even better SPECIAL STAGE =D And the ending theme is pretty sweeeet. xD

  34. @edge

    What the hell are you talking about? I don’t think it could get MORE Megadrive/Genesis than THAT.

  35. @edge and will

    If you played sonic 2 and found out the sonic 3 songs were leaked without gameplay or nothing, I think we’d be iffy about the music just the same. I agree it sounds off, but one reason I love all the sonic music is because I’ve heard it so much playing through the game countless times. Music, Screen Shots, it’s nice to see the preview, but until I see, hear, feel, smell, and yes taste, the game myself, I refuse to let my skepticism get the best of me.

  36. @ Will

    I’m sorry but the only thing that sounds 16-bit to me are the percussion. I play keyboard about 5 hours a day and know alot about synth so I have strong evidence to backup my claim that they use the same lead synth sound in every song. Also since I can’t read sheet music and learn everything by ear (sheet music’s not my style) I am also pleased to tell you that pretty much all the notes played are on the same octave. Really it’s kinda like every pop rock and synth pop band that’s not freezepop ever in the sense that all songs sound the same with some minor differences. The only thing that I heard that sounds different is the special stage. Which I didn’t like.

    Of course the part about synth pop and pop rock is opinion

  37. It’s by no means a ‘terrible’ soundtrack! God, fans will find some way to bitch if they can. I like it anyway, I will admit some tunes are better than others, but it’s not the most important aspect of the game.

  38. Man…I wish they’d had taken some pointers from the Sonic rush series. The music from the first game was AWESOME! Especially the final boss song: Wrapped in Black! The music in this new’s just not as cool IMO. D:

  39. Hmmm… this soundtrack doesn’t really sing to me in a way like some of the previous Genesis ones did. Some of the tunes are missing that “radio quality’ they once touted from the former soundtracks, though there are some jewels in this bunch.

    Boss/battle music has always been my absolute favourite themes used in any game, so I think I will voice on those.

    Robotnik’s boss act (boss act one, presumably used for all of the boss fights) sounds too cheery and bouncy, almost carnival like. I think it would be very appropriate if it was the boss music only Casino Street Zone and not all levels (except the final) altogether. This tune seems to concentrate Ivo’s playfulness and accentuate it as part of his incentive. But, boy is it catchy. I have to give them props for that.

    The second boss act (probably the final) is more in league with the normal boss standard, and also carries hints of the first boss music within the melody. The spiraling, falling crescendo sounds like something you would hear on chip-tune Game Boy soundtracks, which I find unusual for something you would hear on a Genesis Sonic game. It is something new, which I applaud, but if you mentally place it with the Game Boy console then it sounds a tad out of place.

    Mad Gear. Boy do I love those tunes. The second act remind me of Metropolis’ stomping intro, but all of these are heavy on the synthesizers. Whoooah, 90s. I would like to see something kind of campy like the Egg Carrier deck themes and Scrap Brain Zone again, though (alright, I always envisioned Scrap Brain Zone as sounding Sci-Fi campy.)

    Lost Labyrinth is pretty much typical Angel Island fare for me with melodic synth pan pipes. The second act, however is my favourite of all of the three.

    Casino Street 1 is slow and metropolitan. It sounds like an attempt to be like Casino Night Zone, but in a trotting beat. I can’t however place the second stage’s tune with any association with casinos or the nightlife; it sounds more like a special stage.

  40. Well said Kintobor,
    and to all those who dislike the soundtrack, remember this is only the first episode, the first part of the game, the first 4 stages,
    There is still at the moment 8 more confirmed, possibly even more.
    The best tunes are probably yet to come with the rest of the episodes.

    If this game does well, it will send a clear message to SEGA that there is a market for this style of Sonic,
    as the only reason SEGA even bothered to bring out a Sonic 4 was because of the fans constant nagging, and even then they were not sure thats why they are playing it safe by making the game in several parts in download only, to see how well it goes first

    then Sonic 5

  41. The problem with the tracks that you guys are talking about is a lack of good hooks. They are not that catchy. All it would take to make them better is better hooks. I even can hear some improved hooks in the songs when I’m listening to them that the composer didn’t use, like what I mean is, I have ideas to make them more catchy. I think the problem is in the original Sonic games, a Japanese band actually wrote the music for them. They should have gotten those guys to do it again.

  42. Sonic 5 would make me cry the happiest tears anyone has ever cried.
    That is, assuming Sonic 4 is good.

  43. …Hm…

    Yup, definitely missing the rock music right about now. XD

    Not bad, but…eh. They could’ve done a bit better on it. Oh well, there will be more episodes. :3

  44. Good grief the special stage music sounds like something you would play to put a newborn child to sleep. >_<

  45. You people whining about the soundtrack are the people that guy from Destructoid was talking about. Don’t call yourselves fans if all you are going to do is bitch. The music is great, the game will be great. Oh, and Edge, you need to find a new hobby, Sonic obviously isn’t your thing.

  46. Why is it that almost every act music on that list has that popping noise. It definitely does have that old school feel in some songs because some of the same sounds being repeated throughout each track it gets a little too repetitive and boring .It fits well with a few songs, but having it on maybe 75% of the stage tracks is not good.

  47. @RaveToTheGrave

    so we’re terrible fans because we dont like a soundtrack? And I’m sorry but less than a year ago, I was the one defending sonic when nearly everyone in the fanbase was hating on games like 06 and Unleashed. Do NOT tell me that I need a new hobby, just because I am very displeased with SEGA at this point. In fact I actually plan on quiting the fanbase if the next sonic game is just a repeat of what’s happening right now.

  48. I think about 70 percent soundtrack works..

    Splash hill zone’s stuff’s fine some good..some could be done better..

    Casino street confounds me..act 1 had its vibe going while act 2 and act 3 were’nt thematically suitable..act 2 maybe somewhat so..but they were good tunes just wrongly used..

    Lost labyrinth..finally some good diversity of music while maintain a good to really good quality across the board..what sonic game music is about really

    Mad gear..the first two acts seems to me to be hinting at Crazy Gadget a lot from SA2:B anybody catch that?..the name seems to be even a bigger signboard towards it. Definitely a good inspiration to take form considering some later games’ music..I think it gets the job done basically

    Special Stage..well it fits..not the best..but works..

    Boss 1..I actually think it had some aspects of eggman like how bumbly and determined he is..and some tips from the classic boss just was half-baked..if they just tweaked it more..

    Boss 2 is good and gets the points really feels classic too..

    Invincibility…ah man it was prefect..they went with the main theme tradition and improved it. No complaints here..definitely in my faves..

    Final Stage was a nice throwback Sonic 1’s Final Zone.

    the ending to me felt reminiscient of the sonic gamegear games for some reason../=

    All in all, they’re getting’s to an enjoyable game to the sonic fans!

  49. Actually, you know what Casino Street act 2 is beginning to remind me of?

    The Sonic 1 (8-bit) Special Stage.

    Which was set in a night-sky area filled with bright colours and springs and bumpers.

    The other two sound very 3D-Blast-like, which makes sense given Jun is composing.

    …OK, so I was weak and listened to Casino Street, too. *sigh*

    Also, still not getting the hate for this music at all. It’s not perfect and there’s some odd loop endings, but from some of the comments you’d think Jun Senoue had been running over people’s dogs.

  50. Seriously, where are you people getting the idea of “hate” from? I’ve seen 1 or 2 people say “it sucks”, other than that everyone else has said what they both like and dislike about it with constructive criticism. Apparently what you’re saying is if we don’t 100% LOVE the OST then we’re hatin on it.

  51. “In fact I actually plan on quiting the fanbase if the next sonic game is just a repeat of what’s happening right now.”

    -Yep cause that’s not a terrible fan in the making is it? If SEGA wants to repeat their classic games for a new set of fans to enjoy then don’t complain. Good on you for sticking with it but if you’re gonna leave then do it, don’t turn around later and go “I’m glad they went for the retro feel”.

  52. I actually think this music is quite good.
    From the stuff ive listened too, its a step below the classics but still good.
    Keep in mind people that some songs take a good few listens to get used to.
    And you also have to see if it suits the stage and the overall feel it gives off.

    I was kinda expecting the music to be worse than this.
    This music is good.

  53. All you guys saying “them” and “they” about the music do realise this music was composed by Jun Senoue right??

  54. Good. Now I don’t have to worry about being weak and wanting to listen to the rest of the songs.

  55. Yes people we can see for ourselfs that the tunes are removed now, we don’t need more than one person telling us that so stop re-repeating what has been said already, ok

  56. wow…this is just… embarrassing. I spoiled myself once with the first leak, but I will not spoil myself again with the music. Come on, Sega. Get your act together in keeping things confidential.

  57. Go check the retro forums. They’ve got more than just music thanks to Infinity. Lost Labyrinth screens and full video of Splash Hill Act 1 anyone? xD

  58. @doodlebug

    I would be very happy if they went for the retro feel. This game just lacks that feel. The retro games looked surreal and vibrant. This game looks like plastic. Or rather, it looks like something ripped strait from new super mario bros. With sonic painted on it. I also do wish they would make original enemies and bosses. Because out of all the old games I don’t recall ever seeing an enemy reused in another game. It has the retro enemies but lacks the feel that made the games so new and fresh. And as much as I’d love to see the older robotnik and sonic, I would like to see original stages more, because seriously,

    splash hill- green and sunset hill zones
    casino street-casino night zone
    lost labyrinth- labyrinth, whatever the first GG sonic 2 stage was, and chaos angel zones
    mad gear- this one looks identical to metropolis

    I already know I’m going to get bashed for that. I am terribly sorry to say this but really… Sega lost their originality… And it saddens me to see that.

    And who knows maybe that comparison chart is wrong. It just might be, but based on what I’ve seen so far, that’s exactly what were getting. Rehashed basses, enemies, zones and even a rehashed special stage… Which is sad because every special stage has been different…

    And I am waiting to be bashed. I may have said that every game on the wii that wasn’t the secret rings and this, and the fact that Unleashed is extremely boring after it’s beaten, is making me want to quit the fanbase, but seriously. It’s the few people that just love to bash my comments and twist everything I say (as seen on tssznews) that’s really making me suck of seeing sonic.

    Yes I don’t like the soundtrack or this game. And I said it… That’s what made me start hating sonic. Because I made a comment and people replied. Let me guess what will be the reply to this…

    BAAAW sonic 4 is serious buisness guys!

    Well I’m terribly sorry that I don’t like seeing my childhood hero in terrible games… I don’t even play games any more. I play my keyboard go to my school and I work all day. But I still don’t like seeing him in bad games. I hope you guys are happy that you get all this enjoyment out of making someone feel terrible. Telling me that I need to be banned from sonic websites, and telling me I need to find a new hobby and give up on sonic… An I already know what will be said about that too. You shouldn’t care what people say. Well I do care what the sonic fanbase says. It may sound stupid, but the sonic fanbase is like a family to me. We all come here for one thing. Because we love sonic. In fact at one point, my goals in life were to teach as many people a I could about Jesus, to become the keyboardist of a progressive metal band, to become a writer for my favorite site, the Sonic Stadium. And then the impossible, to make a sonic game that can make everyone happy. Yes. it’s impossible. Not everyone will like one thing and sega taught me that. Sure I’ll buy 4. I bet I’ll love it. Happens to me all te time. I used to hate metal and playing music but now I love it. I play my keyboard 2-5 hours a day.

    I still have all those goals except the las one. It can’t happen. Well I’m done. My fingers hurt and I don’t feel like holding my iPod touch and I’m OCD and making spelling errors. I should stop before it gets out of hand and I go crazy

  59. OH an doodlebug quoting the fanbase wouldn’t make me a terrible fan. You can’t be a fan of something you quit

  60. I didn’t see any download links there. And I didn’t get to listen to most of the songs. Aww.

  61. if anyone wants some of the songs pm me sometime. though am not sure how to zip so id send one by one *in one email.* also i didnt get the casino level cause i couldnt stand it*

  62. why does this so called “sonic fans” keep on focusing on negative stuff … … or maybe its just me.. im too positive about this game….

    offtopic: Btw… i gotta say i liked sonic 06 (even thou i dont support bestiality)

    Enjoy Videogames, dont criticize em!

  63. Yes, negative fans are so annoying, theres just no pleasing some people eh,
    SEGA didnt even have to do this game, it was purely because fans were constantly nagging them to do it,
    hearing that soundtrack has gotten me looking even more forward to buying it when it comes out now than it did before I heard it,
    It dosent have to sound exactly Mega Drive esque,
    but you cant deny there is a recognisable link to the Mega Drive sound in the soundtrack there, its Mega Drive Sonic style with a modern twist,
    and it certainly sounds far more Sonic than all the 3D Sonic games do anyway, this is the closest yet that SEGA has brought the Original Sonic style music back,
    remember this is just the start of showing SEGA that this is how Sonic works best with this style,
    and its only the first episode, with several more to come yet

  64. Yes meta77,
    can you do them in mp3 format?
    The soundtrack is excellent,
    I cant wait for it to come out

  65. “Yes, negative fans are so annoying, theres just no pleasing some people eh,”

    Super-optimistic-sunshine-up-the-ass fans aren’t any better.

  66. should we all be a set of miserable gloomy bastards rain and lightning-up-the-arse fans like you then?

  67. Seriously!
    Are you saying we should all be sad sad little crying miserable low lifes?
    Is that what your actually meaning to say?
    We should not be optimistic about the game at all?

  68. Sigh, your right there, there is absolutely no pleasing people here at all, it is annoying,
    because people were moaning at Sega to make this, and now that they have, people now moan about everything with how the game is turning out,
    why the bitching?
    This is the closest game yet to the Mega Drive/ Genesis series,
    We are lucky SEGA even finally bothered to take the risk of making this game in the first place

  69. How about the sensible ones who are keeping the good AND the bad not only in perspective to each other, but also to the good and bad in the original games?

    Sadly, it seems those are in short supply around the Sonic fanbase. Shorter supply than many of you apparently think.

  70. @ matt

    thats what i try to do… but I just cant help finding more bad than good in this game…

    i mean the soundtrack is awsome. the music is great. you won’t be disapointed, not like sound cloud user big the cat! if you like it place a comment with my name on this page.

  72. DMCA’d for my Dropbox upload. Well, before anything else happens, I’m removing my Skydrive files as well. Thinking about it, I’ve decided to follow Brad’s example and WON’T put it up anywhere else, and WON’T be sending anything via e-mail. If anyone else wants the files, go look elsewhere. Thank you for your time.

    *Looks forward to Sonic 4*

  73. @EDGE

    I know where you’re coming from, but truth be told, the bad, at this point is mere speculation.
    If its problem with sound design or art design, Its oppinion.

    As to all this physics bullshit. We don’t know for certain. In the leaked vid, it looks pretty damn solid. It looks very simmilar to the Mega Drive games (But the jump looks a little floaty because of the animation)

    We’ll have to wait to see what the physics are really like. But so far it looks promising.

    I would just hold out, till the game is out, before putting out TOO much hatred/complaints though

  74. i do have the tracks in mp3 format
    sorry for late reply most of us are on different time zones XP

  75. @ scartillary

    I’ve seen gameplay visa for 6 levels

    the physics are decent at best. And I thought sonics level clear pose was somewhat wierd. Also the stages didn’t seem very creative. But it’s my opinion that many seem to hate just because I say I don’t like something…

    Really I still believe that a lot of optimists are making this fanbase seem worse

  76. And I still believe that a lot of the pessimists are doing the same thing.

    From what I’ve seen this looks like an enjoyable game in the classic Sonic spirit.

  77. I didn’t want this sequel to happen, but I decided to give Sega the benefit of the doubt, even after I heard about that friggin’ homing attack.


    The homing attack reduces the complexity of the game, makes an already relatively easy series even easier, and just makes it so you have to press less buttons.

    The soundtrack is NOT good. Compare it to the early 2-D side-view Sonic platformers and say it stands up. Compare it Green Hill Zone, Star Light Zone, Emerald Hill Zone, Chemical Plant Zone, Mystic Cave Zone, Lava Reef Zone, et cetera.

    It should be obvious that, from the leaked videos and such, this is an unexceptional 2-D action game. I’m not buying it.

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