Rumour: Dimps Going Solo On Sonic 4: Episode 2?

Rumour: Dimps Going Solo On Sonic 4: Episode 2?

We all know Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 is a joint venture between Sonic Team and Dimps but what about Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2? We’ve barely seen much of Episode 1 but the staff over at are already looking into Episode 2 according to a new listing at their site in which they have the below info.

Episode 2 listing –

Developed By:

Published By:


Release Date:

ESRB: E for Everyone

Episode 1 listing –

Developed By:
Sonic Team/Dimps

Published By:


Release Date:

So as you can see there is a difference in developers, if the site has got this right then Episode 2 will be a Dimps solo project and the game looks to have already been given its ESRB rating too which to no surprise is an E but oddly they havent listed Episode 1’s E rating we’ve known about for ages.

Take all of this with a very teency pinch of salt for now, we’ll let you know if we hear anything more.

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  1. Perhaps Episode II’s info was filled in by one of the types who is sour about Dimps and thinks Sonic Team could have credit but shouldn’t. I’d be surprised if Sonic Team isn’t mentioned in the intro.

  2. Doesn’t the Dimps team for this game contain folks from Sonic Team anyway?
    I doubt they’ll be out of it completely.

  3. Yeah it would be hard to believe Sonic Team arent somewhat involved, as I say take it with a pinch of salt. Its pretty random of them to have set up an Episode 2 page already.

  4. Even if its just Dimps, the engine will be the same across the episodes. The only difference would be art direction, meaning maybe a different perspective on badnicks/bosses. I don’t expect level design to be different, I don’t expect the level designer from Sonic 3 to be brought back in just for the first few levels. If it really is just Dimps, it would most likely be Sonic Team saying, “The first episode is great, just keep doing that.”

  5. As long as the game is good I don’t care. Or, I hope it’s good. I really hope since I think DIMPS Sonic Rush and Sonic Unleashed(Wii/PS2) was epic fails! Soo I hope they will put much work on this.

  6. I think they’re just using Dimps as a placeholder or something since they don’t know yet. Remember, Episode 1 originally just said “Dimps”

  7. *Looks back at Dimps work on Advance 1, 2, and 3*

    Hmmm…I think Sega can be fairly confident in them. Wrong or right track, they can only improve with what they do.

  8. I say let them do their job and make the product. If you like the product, then it’s worth owning.

  9. hmm too soon to be pessimistic, but don’t turn super optimistic yet.
    hopefully no blaze in this game, she wouldn’t fit there.
    we just must wait and see how episode 1 turns out.

  10. @Eggman123: Well, obviously Blaze can’t show up. That’s one hell of a continuity screw if she does…

  11. @Umiyuri

    Between Sonic 06 and Sonic Rush Blaze might as well be deemed the queen of continuity screws.

  12. btw until now we can see 3 wallpapers on the homepage and 1 is the logo of episode 1.
    episode 2 &3 are the others? damn i ‘m impatient with this game.

  13. I Dimps is Working on this, then I KNOW it’s good. They did the three Advance games (I own, love, and have played every single Super Sonic), the neglected but awesome Sonic Rush, And the Wii-PS2 SU Versions. They’re like Sonic Team, only they get the job right!

  14. @Inferno

    The Wii-PS2 versions of Unleashed were shit. What the hell are you talking about? XD

    But all the other games mentioned were kickass, so I’m looking forward to it. :3

  15. @Brocky_Christ

    Not when you think it through carefully.

    My theory is that there are two sets of Blaze the Cat and Eggman Nega: One set is from the future of the Sega Sonicverse (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2) and the other set is from the future of an alternate universe (Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure).

  16. @ N. Harmonik:
    Imo they should scrap nega and let blaze be like “oh, she hangs around”.
    these alterate dimension and future storys drive me NUTS.
    btw sonic 06 never happened after they killed solaris so you should just ignore this game like time itself did. XD

  17. @Wave: They both got much higher scores than the PS360 versions. What the hell are YOU talking about?

    @Brocky_Christ: I agree with N. Harmonik… sorta. In my head, the alternate universe’s major difference is that the people in it are all shifted two hundred years forward. So there was a Sonic and an Eggman in Blaze’s world, but they both died long ago.

  18. First I gotta get this off of my chest: Everyone who says that the Ps3/360 versions of Sonic Unleashed weren’t good…..did you even play them compared to the wii/ps2? Cause if you all are just listening to the ‘professional’ reviews, well then…that’s kinda stupid. Personally, I own both the wii and ps3 versions, and my favorite is by far the ps3. You go faster, better graphics, better level design (IMO), you could actually explore the town areas, and the final level didn’t force you to play through like four stupid-hard night stages. I like the wii version a lot, but i could immerse myself deeper in the ps3 version. So if you’re gonna say stuff like: “wii/ps2 SU were the good ones” or “those got higher scores”, then make sure that you’ve played those other versions first. If so then good, otherwise just say you like the version you played and don’t say crap about the others, cause you just don’t know. I just get so tired of everyone bashing the other versions when they probably haven’t even played them. I mean, no offense to anybody: jeez, didn’t expect to write so much…

    So anyhoo, yeah, about sonic 4 ep. 2…..uuuhhh, why did they even make that page so early?? the only reason I can think of other than boredom would be that perhaps ep. 2 is in development (or just starting, or whatever) and it’s gonna come out fairly soon after the first episode. Which I see as good, cause with only four zones (even tho each has three acts with a boss in the 4th) it just seems kinda short, so I really don’t feel like waiting a long time for the other parts to see release.

    But once again, no one really knows, which gets annoying after a while…

  19. so theres two blazes now.
    auughh my head XD

    I’d like to keep my time travel limited to sonic cd please =P

  20. @Umiyuri

    Prime example of an idiot who didn’t play all the versions, like I did. :3

    /stuck up

    I don’t rely on critics or reviews to tell whether a game is good or bad. There are games reviews have said are awesome that I can’t stand, and likewise there are some that said games were horrible that I enjoyed. This of course includes Sonic as well, which is probably why I hated Secret Rings even though that was supposedly “good”. I don’t find anything fun about lack of control whatsoever…I’m still trying to figure out how in the world I beat that game 3 times. XD;

  21. I wonder if episode 1 will end on a cliff hanger or something, or if it will have an ending at all. Maybe after 5 or 6 zones it will just say, “That’s all for now, go buy episode 2” that would stink.

  22. I love sonic team! Their style of gameplay, the cutscenes, its just a great experience. This will suck.

  23. Hold up random thought.
    Will all these episodes merge into one file or will I have to quit the game and boot up the next episode manually.
    That would be a pain.

  24. @Brock_Christ

    Well when I bought Sonic 3 and then purchased Sonic and Knuckles on the Xbox live Arcade there was an option in Sonic and Knuckles to play Sonic 3 and Knuckles as long as you owned both so you could play straight through like they were connected, so I suppose an option of continuous play if you purchase all of the parts is possible…

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