Dr. Robotnik’s Theme, But Not As You Know It

Dr. Robotnik’s Theme, But Not As You Know It


I think next to Wonchop’s Knux Does Sum Awesum clip, this has been the video I’ve revisited the most recently, purely because it is so amazing.

If I win the lottery between now and August I will pay for Mr. Farfegnugen to follow Dreadknux around at Summer of Sonic playing this all day.

…and pay AAUK to dress as Wes Weasley.

Check out FromtheGang’s Channel on youtube for another version of the theme…this time on a church pipe organ!

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  1. I like this. It’s still a good thing. There better not be a lot of Sonic’s favorite Treat – A Trick!

  2. You could pay me to play about any sonic song on my keyboard… Classic songs that is…

    I know
    green hill
    final zone
    emerald hill
    mystic cave
    sonic 2 final boss
    death egg
    angel island
    carnival night(whichever was in 3)
    ice cap
    launch base
    1&2 title screen

    solaris phase 2
    ss vs perfect dark Gaia
    rooftop run day
    jungle joyride night

    pretty killer setlist eh?
    splash hill

    (even though both battle themes are awesome as hell XD) I would definitely play this over on custom soundtrack on the Xbox 360 in Eggman battles on 06 & Unleashed =D

  4. Man, I feel your pain. I’ll NEVER get to Summer of Sonic, let alone England. I swear, I envy you British people so much! You get Summer of Sonic, AND The Sonic ride/suite at Alton Towers… Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for a Sonic ride to come to an amusement park!?
    Anyway, this performance is amazing. Such a nostalgic tune.

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