New Sonic 4 Screens And Info From Nintendo Power

New Sonic 4 Screens And Info From Nintendo Power

Nintendo Power subscriber Illuminou_Orb over at the SSMB has just received the latest issue and has kindly scanned up the promised Sonic 4 interview which as an added bonus also contains plenty of new screenshots from Splash Hill Zone. The interview with Takashi Iizuka confirms fan favourite Jun Senoue will be the music director for this game so we know the music is in very good hands.

Thanks to Illuminous_Orb for providing the scans at the SSMB.

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  1. I enjoyed reading the interview with Takazhi Lizuka. But one thing did just bother me.
    – The text: Our “pleas” has finally been heard… I would rather call it: Our “whinings” has finally been heard. :B

    But yeah, ive got more and more hyped for this game. Not super ultra hyped but a little atleast. <:


    This is looking and sounding fantastic and the first battle with Eggman is actually not a total rehash either.

    Well, though I did grow up playing the old games myself, I haven’t been ‘begging’ for this type of game, since I do find something to enjoy in the new games but I’m still looking forward to it because it’s still Sonic. The screens look beautiful also.

  3. I had a feeling Robotnik wouldn’t use the same machine twice. That would’ve been silly of him.
    Badniks, on the other hand… 😉
    (and we still don’t see the full running animation god damn you)

  4. This looks good. But remember it only looks good. Sonic isn’t the gaming icon he used to be so this will have to be nothing short of amazing to get appeal.

    I found it interesting how Takazhi used the word “classic” a lot as if he’s constantly trying to remind us that this isn’t like the modern crud we get nowadays.

  5. See? We don’t have to worry so much about seeing the exact same bosses again.

    Also, I think it would be pretty silly if they DIDN’T make all episodes playable continuously like S3&K.

    Sunset screenshots! <3

  6. I love how they bought up the question about sonic’s design… For some reason getting an answer straight from Iizuka makes me even less bothered that they went with the newer sonic. Really looking forward to this… Summer couldn’t get here sooner (for alot of reasons… but mostly this)

  7. I’m officially excited for this game! The game looks beautiful and Nintendo Power seemed impressed by the Demo (I’m guessing its not the same as the Alpha footage)

  8. Glad to hear this, hopefully it’ll put at least SOME complaints at rest… 😛

    This has made me even more excited now, just looking at some of the animations and hearing that it’s heavily influenced by my favourite game (Sonic 2) is nothing short of perfect for me! 😀

    STILL NO WINDMILL LEGS!!! I wanna see it!! >_<

  9. Ack, it looks like the jump animation wasn’t changed. He only goes into the blue ball during homing attacks. I wonder if Sonic is even lethal when doing a normal jump @_@

    Also, SHOW THE ****ING RUN ANIMATION ALREADY, GOD!!! Every single screenshot manages to dodge it. They even took a picture right before he runs through the boost pad instead of after.

  10. AWESOME! This is everything I hoped for! I like how Eggman gets angry at Sonic in the Splash Hill Boss Battle, after 3 hits. 😀

  11. This seems very promising. They’re right about proving the glory of 2D. I have no problem with 2D at all.

  12. “No more friends”? Sounds like the tagline to a grim ‘n’ gritty StH-like game, hah.

    Still, it looks quite good.

  13. YES!!!!!!! My dream is coming true! Sonic 4 going back to old school Sonic gameplay and Jun Senoue is the sound director!!! This is going to be so awesome! I can’t even explain how excited I am!

  14. I’m getting quite excited now.

    Looks like the only people left to please would be the ones who want “pot-bellied Sonic”. But judging by the interview, that’s not going to happen.

  15. @Octarine:

    “No more friends. That’s because we’ve killed them all.

    “Yes, even Blaze. I thought you didn’t like them?”

  16. Finally, a proper review!

    Now I can safely say I’m semi-excited. (Not fully-excited, mind you.) Screenshots made me happy though. The animations appear to be a lovely blend of both old school and newschool moves (let’s face it- if they knew how to do it back then, Homing Attack would have been a staple from the very beginning. It just seems to fit~!) The way Sonic flips back after a homing attack (it seems) especially is a nice touch! Also nice to know that SEGA are standing rather firm on the Sonic redesign. He’s rather happily evolved from our oldschool days, really wouldn’t have him any other way, now!

    That just leaves music, though to be honest if it’s in Senoue-san’s hands I remain quietly confident. =)

  17. Well this is going to be good. At least the whining has cut down. Hmm, well I guess a bit of comedy would be good which is why I go to power rings. God those dudes should update faster. ANYWAY This seems really good. I wonder what more surprises we will have in the future. To bad sonic is alone. No more Tails going to the special zone to screw everything up. No more Knuckles to act stupid and fall for eggmans plans. No more Amy to chase sonic around like a crazy b…WAIT This all sounds good
    I wonder if this will create some time paradox
    ….ITS 2006 ALL OVER AGAIN…but this is gonna be coooool xD Well it couldn’t get worse. I wonder what kind of music will be in the game. No theme song? No Bentley? MOTHER F*CKER *sigh* I guess Ill calm down….in like a week.At least he delivered a great song in ASR. Well I guess I be finishing up this comment.

  18. It looks fantastic for Wii. Sounds enjoyable, so lets wait and see what’s what
    Its 2D Pre-Render CG, definately not 16-bit. So what is it?
    480-Bit for the Wii version and 1080-bit for the 360/PS3 versions

  19. No, there’s no such thing as 480-bit or 1080-bit.

    “480” and “1080” refer to the resolutions in which these games play at. 480p (SD) for Wii, and 1080p (HD) for 360/PS3.

  20. on the 2. and 4. page you can see they lost a life against the boss.
    maybe this boss is really not that easy.
    really getting excited for this.

  21. Remember when all the news was about MaSatOWG, then all the news was about ASR. Now all the news is about Sonic 4. I wonder what the next big thing for us to drool about will be.

  22. Look at the time on the Robotnik Battle. It’s almost a two minutes an from what we’ve been told the battles are in their own acts seperate from normal acts, which means the battle with Robotnik takes MUCH longer than the Sonic 1 battle. Green Hill Act 3 with the stage AND boss takes only about a minute on a speed run.

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