[UPDATE: Pt 2]CVG Interview SEGA’s Mike Hayes

[UPDATE: Pt 2]CVG Interview SEGA’s Mike Hayes

UPDATE: CVG have just posted up part 2 of their interview, though nothing Sonic is included but it’s still a good read. Check it out here. /UPDATE END

CVG have posted up part 1 of an interview they’ve had recently with SEGA’s head of the western territory Mike Hayes. The interview discusses SEGA’s game plans for 2010 covering all IP’s including Sonic the Hedgehog where questions about Sonic 4 arise. Mike Hayes reveals the following game plan he holds for Sonic in 3 franchises, Sonic, Mario & Sonic and the All-Stars. Mike Hayes informs that Sonic 4 is being made for the ‘legacy’ fans which should make people who fall under that category happy to hear as long as the final product is what they hoped for. The question about episodes as seen in many interviews pops up again to which Hayes responds with a number of reasons such as low costs which means it is a better option to test how this kind of game is received.

You can check out the Sonic related section of the interview below:

Talking of classic Sega IP, we’ve seen the new Sonic game…
Doesn’t it look great?

For a 2D fan – yes, it does. What was the thinking behind its creation? Bizarrely, it’s a next-gen, old-school title…
The thing with Sonic you need to understand is that there are different parts of the Sonic family. This is how we’re building the whole strategy. In one corner you’ve got Mario & Sonic franchise, in the next you’ve got Sonic The Hedgehog. Then you’ve got the All-Stars – that’s pretty much everybody. Then you’ve got something we haven’t seen for a while, which is like Sonic Heroes, multiplay-type game.

Those are the four areas we want to develop. Interestingly, each of those is going to have different audiences. With the Sonic The Hedgehog brand, we have a lot of people who are legacy fans in a way. And that’s where the new game came from: Wouldn’t you like to play in the style of your old Genesis or Megadrive but in the beauty of re-enhanced high definition? It doesn’t mean we won’t tap into the All-Star games, or we won’t take Sonic in other directions in future.

Why make it episodic rather than a standalone New Super Mario Bros-style release?
Kind of a mixture of reasons. A lot of it is the whole digital entertainment part. We like everybody else are trying to learn how best to deliver entertainment in the future to consumers. This was a relatively low cost part of Sonic. We wanted to see how it was received via that delivery.

For something like Sonic 4, the consumer will often be quite core. They play a lot of multiplayer, a lot of downloads off XBLA and PSN. We’re feeling our way if we’re perfectly honest, but it seems to make sense.

We’ll keep an eye out for part 2 of the interview and let you know if anything Sonic is discussed.

Full interview at CVG

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  1. Please stop making the All-Star games Sega or make them a lot better.

    Still it’s interesting to take a look into Sega’s ideals for the Sonic franchise but let’s hope their not spreading it a little too far…..

  2. OMFG If I see another Mario and Sonic family sports piece of crap I’m gonna go crazy. I liked the idea in the winter Olympics, but DAMN my arm get tired after two hours. Heck if you want to make a good sonic and Mario game, I might as well toss my story idea there way, at least it would give them something to work with, As for the Allstar games, they’ve been good. And finally Sonic games in general attract nothing but b*tching fans, which disappoints me, because Ive liked every sonic game so far. I’m hoping they at least use the hedgehog engine more.

  3. “It doesn’t mean…we won’t take Sonic in other directions in future.”

    Nope. They still haven’t learned their lesson.

  4. All of you shut the hell up. >> Those games are great and they all sel great, especially AllStars Racing, much better than MarioKart Wii.

  5. i for one cannot wait for more “Mario and Sonic games”. An Adventure game would be nice. But if they did more minigame sets themed after large real events I think maybe “Mario and Sonic at the academy awards” could work, minigames based off movies. Maybe ‘Mario and Sonic at Woodstock (1969)” that could be fun to have a bunch of Chao and Toads dressed as hippies cheering in the background. Oh the possibilities are endless.

  6. Some things sounded a bit too vague, but SEGA is very confident of their new game and, well, we must admit they’ve been improving a lot recently. ASR is a very good game, Unleashed, though a failture in certain design aspects, is a polished game, and the Mario & Sonic series has proved to be pretty popular. Hm… Mario & Sonic at the Indy 500 would be cool 😀

  7. The only reasonable option for a Mario & Sonic game would be a fighting game now,nothing really more

  8. i see sonic adventure 3 over there..
    yes right on sonic’s 20th birthday…
    well imo

  9. I’d rather they try new things with Sonic than shit on the class formula.

    Oh wait-

  10. It all sounds great to me. Persoanlly, I love all types of sonic games, 2D, 3D, all stars and the olympic games, so bring it all on sega.

  11. I have the perfect idea for the next Sonic game. It’s…drum roll, please… SONIC BATTLE 2!!!
    …Nobody else agrees…? With all the characters around now, that would be awesome. Picking up boxes as Silver to hurl at Blaze the Stupid Cat… Come on, SEGA…

  12. I never played the allstars games, and I doubt I will. I loved 2D just as much as ( some of the ) 3D. And I only got the first Mario and Sonic game, to my great regret. I wish I could ask Sega not to do the whole Allstar series ( it’s why I used to like Sonic more than Mario. The spinoffs were rare. ) But that wouldn’t be fair to fans of the games. But if thnext Mario and Sonic isn’t a platformer, not only will I not buy it, but I will not buy it extra hard! And possibly sketch up concept art for what could have been out of bitterness.

  13. Do I hear Sonic Adventure 3? Just one thing… if it is decided to be made, I do not want it to be released on the 20th anniversary, no rushed games, i’d rather wait a bit more.

    “Sonic in another direction.”
    Here we go again…..

  14. @FinalArcadia That is an awesome idea! Though I like Blaze..

    What’s wrong with the directions Sonic is going in? I think they’re fine, but then again, this fanbase is funny that way. Sonic is SEGA’s character, they can do with him as they wish. I would love to know what they have planned for Sonic’s 20th anniversary though.

  15. I could see a Rock band type game based on Sonic Underground. That probably would never happen, but I’d enjoy it.

  16. FinalArcadia: Sounds good to me! Apart from the stupid cat remark.

    Maybe that could be an excuse for Sega to use Shade officially. Leech blades FTW.

  17. @Blue Chaos & TheHumbleFellow

    Ha…I’m sorry. I’m just not a Blaze fan. But seriously, Sonic Battle 2 seems like a logical sequel to me. I’m glad you guys agreed with me (and I’ll stop the Blaze-hate).

  18. RaveTothegrave… Mario Kart Wii sells a lot more than ASR… I’m sorry to be the one to present to you that ASR’s sales have been poor. The game much better than mario kart (in my oppinion) but that doesn’t make the sales any better.

    And @f1krazy

    … Sadly… No. They haven’t learned yet. The need to cut the party game crap and release a real original game. Sonic 4 is entirely built upon unoriginality, which just makes sega look worse.

  19. Suppose they end up doing “Mario and Sonic at the Summer/Winter X-Games?” Maybe since it’s done by ESPN, maybe they could include Zeke and Luthor, or for that matter, Phineas and Ferb, Candice, Doofenshmirtz, and Perry the Platypus.

  20. Those of you who don’t understand. ESPN is owned by Disney, and Disney does shows like Zeke and Luthor, and Phineas and Ferb (I hate that show, and some people would find a triangle-headed boy freaky, and not really right)! Do the math.

  21. @Yoshiangemon

    Disney? If Mario and Sonic do a game with Disney it should be Mario and Sonic Vs. Mickey Mouse and Spiderman (Disney owns Marvel now). It would be great, they’d have the Mario characters, the Sonic characters, the Mickey characters and the Marvel super heroes all getting into a huge brawl. 100 characters, 25 from each series. Perfect.

  22. I, personally, am waiting for the third Sonic Storybook game…let’s see how Julius Caesar and Heracles compete with Sinbad of the Seven Seas and the Knights of the Round Table.

  23. From here we can once again talk about Disney and their fairy tales.

    Werehog + another new girl character = Beauty and the Beats?

    The typo is left there because I find it funny.

  24. if anything id like to see a sequel to sonic unleashed 2 because
    1.they were heading somewhere in the end credits
    2.sonic has chips light gaia neckalace as a bracelet so they could use that for something

  25. Sonic Battle 2… O: PLZ YES.

    Or at least more levels that had the fun, speed and environments of sonic unleashed. Heck, I’d want a Sonic Shuffle 2. Or Sonic Heroes 2 with team Metal Sonic ((Metal Sonic, Tails Doll and Metal Knuckles)) The next storybook might be ((Western, Space, or Robin Hood…yeah mark of that last one. The last thing we need is more fans b*tching about sonic with a bow and arrow. Heck sounds fun to me.)) Uh I could go for another sonic rush and sonic riders BUT they should work with the gravity ring more, and give it more place to fly onto. Well that’s my two cents.

    ((I might consider Sonic Fighters 2 and Sonic Rivals 3…MIGHT xD and another Sonic Drift =D NOT >.> I can play it, but an HD TV can handle so much))

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