Big the Cat ASR Concept Art Revealed

Big the Cat ASR Concept Art Revealed

You may remember when we informed you about a competition being held at Sonic Wrecks to win some Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing goodies. Site owner and SEGA Europe Community Manager ArchangelUK has now revealed every prize in photo form including the never before seen Big the Cat concept art.

The competition is open for just 2 more days so if you haven’t already taken part then head over to Sonic Wrecks now to get your entry in.

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  1. I never liked big, ever since his impossible fishing levels in sonic adventure… now hes in every game and I hate big!

  2. It’s not like they’d release a new Sega Bass Fishing game, and make Big the Cat an Unlockable character.

  3. i’m surprised that big’s fat ass doesn’t break the scooter. I’m just thankful that he isn’t in the game

  4. @ bmhedgehog
    Big the Cat is in the game, you can buy him with your SEGA Miles from the in-game store but I’m guessing you won’t be buying him? XD

  5. @Shadzter and Arkem: Say what?!

    good thing I didn’t buy the game yet, still debating if I want the 360, wii or DS version though the DS version is $10 cheaper than 360 and wii. I’m probably tempted to buy the 360 or DS since so far no one has chimed in about the stolen fan art in those versions.

  6. Why do so many people hate on Big JUST BECAUSE OF HIS BORING FISHING LEVELS IN SA? How about you actually try looking AROUND that and observe the ACTUAL CHARACTER rather than what he does?

  7. I never played the first Sonic Adventure, and I hate big because he’s a stupid character, not because of his supposedly boring fishing levels. Sonic characters should be fast and cool – not slow and retarded. Although he was an awesome tank in Sonic Chronicles. Too bad that game was so easy that Wind Waker Link would laugh at it.

  8. I agree with SonicNKnux. Big is a very stupid character and an absolute waste of talent.

  9. Ehy dose every no likey the Big. He gave me a challenge in SA1. Had nice cameos in SA2, Sega Superstars Tennis, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario and Sonic at the Olympics and Sonic Battle. A Bonus in Sonic Shuffle. And Bonus CARDS in Sonic Rivals. He was kind of a pedo hanging with Amy and Cream in Sonic Heroes but he did a pretty good job. He was able to remember Amy in Sonic Chronicles, calling her his good friend…yeaaa I wouldnt want any affiliation with that big lug xD He was kind of…er slow in th game. His field ability came in handy, but it was odd that his was stronger than Omegas, ANYWAY His journey in Secret Rings was halarious. He got into the book by acciedent. Either that or there was a storybook version xD I wish he had a journey in Black Knights but he did have a nice little mask ((If u found it)) xD Finally hes done a good job in SAR but when he dose his allstar move, his song inst Lazy days >.> Personally I love the song. Well not the Original one that came out on True Colors. Im talking about the one from SA1. Uh am I forgeting anything? Nah. Well hes a good character in my book. A good game always has a retard ((Not counting Knuckles >.>))
    Oh FYI is you notice in In Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, the only Sonic-character to have his name written fully in the racing standings is Big the Cat. It is written “Big the Cat” instead of other characters written such as “Tails” and “Shadow”.

  10. Awwwww…

    I entered SatAM Sonic and his “Chili-Dog Mobile” in the contest, and they rejected my entry because I didn’t include my email address! Now I can’t put my email in… This sucks. I worked hard on that picture…


  11. I agree with both SonicNKnux and bmhedgehog. I just have never found Big interesting or fun. He always finds a way to frustrate me and make me mad. He talks, walks and his gameplay is slow. I simply get bored with him.

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