2 New Sonic 4 Wii Screenshots and Online Leaderboards Confirmed

2 New Sonic 4 Wii Screenshots and Online Leaderboards Confirmed

Two new Sonic 4 Wii screenshots have been added to Nintendo of America’s Sonic 4 product page they opened last month along with an hi-res version of a screenshot seen a while ago in Nintendo Power(the waterfall one). The page also confirms online leaderboards will be in the Wii edition of the game.


• Classic Sonic gameplay with enhanced new features
• All new 2D adventure
• Full HD resolution and wide-screen format
• Special Stages return along with the 7 Chaos Emeralds

How does this game use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection?

Compete with your friends to see who’s the fastest with online leaderboards!

Nothing else of note is present on the page right now but we’ll keep you posted if anything new appears. For now you can check out the other 2 screenshots below –

Source: Nintendo of America

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  1. “Features

    • Full HD resolution and wide-screen format”

    I look forward to full HD on a console with a max res of 576i. Copied from a general all-system synopsis methinks.

  2. @Crash

    Then where’s the picture of the special stages? the HD thing was said under “game” features, not picture features. The picture isnt an all new 2d adventure. the game is

  3. I love Sonic’s waiting animation, or maybe he looks up.
    And Wii can’t HD. Some sort of typo maybe?

  4. Technically, you can’t get HD on the Wii. Wii supports Ehanced Definition, which is 480p. And I agree with RaveToTheGrave. Copied from the 360/PS3 synopsis for Sonic 4.

  5. Dear god if they didnt include the homing attack I would go mad xD My fav. move.

    The screen shots oddly make me feel like Im gonna be playing Sonic Rush Adventure xD

  6. That second screenshot…. UGH.

    No, I’m looking at this in the perspective of an artist. Here’s the thing. The loop is disgusting. The perspective of it is off. It looks like the tried to render it to look 3D but instead comes off as a cardboard cut out due to the horrible perspective. You can see the inside of the loop on both sides of the loop. That’s….. Disgustingly unrealistic. It’s really bugging me.

    Hmm….. Well, if it suits your style, then fine by me. Those waterfalls do look gorgeous, though.

    @Lunar: Um… But that’s the thing, this is Sonic 4. Not Rush 3. This isn’t supposed to play like Rush. I’d be disappointed if a retro title had more in common with the modern material than the older content that it’s going off on or if it simply doesn’t try to be new and innovative in its retro feel (i.e. rehashing stuff that we’re already all too familiar with) instead of actually making new content that feels like it should’ve been in the classics from the get go.

    Whatever. I’ll be playing Mega Man now if you don’t mind.

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