Steve Lycett: “We didn’t forget NiGHTS”

Steve Lycett: “We didn’t forget NiGHTS”

UPDATE: We’ve taken down the picture of NiGHTS out of respect for the guys over at NiGHTS into Dreams since this is their exclusive so if you’d like to get a good look at NiGHTS in ASR follow the below link to their forums and check it out. /UPDATE END

Speaking exclusively at the NiGHTS into Dreams forums Steve Lycett of Sumo Digital has officially revealed NiGHTS role in Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing after the cat was let out of the bag a few days back thanks to a certain eagle eyed forumer known as Doctor Eggman.

Right then – first off… We didn’t forget NiGHTS!

Just since you’ve all been trying to make him out from that blurry capture from Youtube, I figured we better put a nicer shot out! Consider this an exclusive

We’ve given NiGHTS a very important role. He starts all the races, and also finishes them too! He also resides over Time Trial, whenever you set a new lap record, you’ll have NiGHTS flying along with you celebrating!

I have to admit the main reason he’s in was after we saw your heartfelt pleas, especially those of DiGi and TRiPPY, we had to make sure NiGHTS was in and played an important role. After all, we really didn’t want them to burn all their collection now. So whilst he’s not playable, he very much made it in, and as a result of the huge amount of support for the character that you all showed.

Does this mean that NiGHTS may not be in future DLC? Well who can say. That’s a question I can’t answer right now – it all depends on how well the game does

Anyway – cats out of the bag, so I figured we best make it official!

Now, I can look forward to yet more ‘Don’t forget Flagman!’ posts I’m sure


So there you have it! Sumo Digital aren’t just an hard working developer, they are a caring developer who after listening to the community didn’t forget NiGHTS 😀 Join me in a toast won’t you? Now where’s my hankey…

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  1. @ Meta77
    I agree. I consider Nights a she
    but more importantly this quote:

    “Does this mean that NiGHTS may not be in future DLC? Well who can say. That’s a question I can’t answer right now – it all depends on how well the game does”

    I’m so hoping Nights as a future DLC. Heck, if this dose go well we may get more than Nights. They might make everyone’s dream come true with the favorites such as Vectorman and Ristar, heck maybe even Ecco if that’s possible. Maybe more than that such as, sonic characters being playable *drools over blaze on a bike* xD I may not be able to see into the future BUT we might see some special things in the future.Marine? O-e Dear god not again xD Maybe Tails doll T-o I think I just made a poopy. Ugh um….OH MA GOD Maria xD Nah just foolin with ya.Shadow might do something crazy O-e uh…Reala or Jackle….*no comment* Joe Musashi from Shinobi…yea….or ToeJam & Earl xD These are just the SEGA half. Who knows what OR who they’ll put in here. O-e sweet lord not the pokemon trainer xD or Cloud O-e Heck these are characters. Tracks haven’t even mentioned much. I smell a scandle xD

    I flew off track O-e ((xD racing joke: flew off track)) Well Nights has made it in. I’m glad. I’m glad there’s many possibility’s. I’m mad that nights is categorized as genderless ((still think nights is a girl xD)) aAND finally I’d that not everything is being revealed at once.
    ((pft brawl would have been better if sonic revealed xD I would have been like HOLLAY SHAK Sonic is unlocked *faints*))

  2. I call Nights a he.
    Nights only has a girl’s voice in the game he/she/it has a voice, which is the quite recent sequel for the Wii. He/she/it has no voice in the original, besides the “What the…”, or whatever he says when he’s attacked, but it’s just a grunt.

    Well, I’m happy Sumo Digital took the time to make this exclusive update just for the fans. I hope ASR turns out to be a great game.

  3. “Nights is referred to as a ‘he’ in the in-game dialogue(and is never refferred to as a girl) but, he is actually genderless, as well as all the other nightmaren, including Reala, as stated by Sega themselves.” -Wikipedia -Just sayin’.

  4. Nights doesn’t have a gender. The main reason for his appeal back in his first outing was that he had no real gender.

    Shame the second game messed that all….

  5. This is complete f*SCREECH*ing bullshit.

    All of these noname random retro SEGA characters that practically no one had even heard side from diehard fans and angry fanboys get to be in and playable, but NiGHTS of all people is just a cameo flagit? (Well he’s not a man…or a girl o_o’)

    Oh well, if he’s DLC, then it’ll be worth it…Unless we have to pay for that. >_>

  6. If NiGHTS were to be added as an extra character through DLC, maybe they could change the flag holder to Lumina Flowlight whenever NiGHTS is one of the racers. They did the opposite as an easter egg in Sonic Shuffle, so why not? Or maybe they could just go with Reala. I’d be happy with either one.

  7. He’ll probably get added later as a playable character and give Omochao the flag duties… there’s way too much NiGHT fandom for them not to add him… or her.

  8. in the niiiiiiights! dream deliiiiiiiiiight! 😀 NiGHTS shall (flag)pole dance you into every race 😀

  9. @ Jix Hedgehog
    xD What if Omochao was a playable character. Allstar move: ANNOYANCE

    *gets allsar move: Push A to jump. OMG an enemy: push A twice to do an homing attack. Talk to usless characters with no meaningful information. Buy Chip some food for no meaningful reason. Obey me and my evil forces *giggles* Shadow knows what Im talking about*

    Ever wondered why the Omochao gun shoots bounced off the walls >.>

    ~Not only do we want Nights as a DLC we also want Omochao~

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