ASR 360 Demo + Theme Available & “Characters” Fully Detailed On ASR Webpage

ASR 360 Demo + Theme Available & “Characters” Fully Detailed On ASR Webpage

While the majority of the Sonic fanbase is busy arguing about the former Project Needlemouse, Sumo Digital today dropped the Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing demo for Xbox 360 to remind everyone there is another game featuring everyone’s favourite blue hedgehog coming out rather soon. Sumo Digital staff member Steve “S0L” Lycett prompted eager fans via the SSMB with a cheeky message;

No-one been on their Xbox today then?

At a huge 1GB the demo is still downloading for me but check by this story later this evening for impressions. The demo is said to include Seaside Hill’s Lost Palace track with either Sonic or Banjo & Kazooie playable. Also available is a local multiplayer mode for up to two meaning you and a friend can battle it out split screen style. Kudos to Ferr of the SSMB for that particular piece of info. If you have a 360 yourself then what are you waiting for? No news on a PS3 or Wii demo as of yet but as soon as we hear something we’ll let you know.

If that wasn’t enough excitement for one day then you might want to check out the official ASR webpage where the “Characters” tab has been fully updated. It includes a brief bio for every announced character and a rotating model of their car. A quick look over the section also confirms Opa-Opa and the ChuChu’s as playable characters, the latter in their very own rocket!


Resident TSS news hound Shadzter brought to my attention that the 360 Premium Theme for ASR is available to buy and will set you back 240 Microsoft points. Thanks to the wonderful AAUK we have a picture of the theme for you here;

If you want to see more head on over to the Blognik. Meanwhile you can expect a preview of ASR based on the demo later tonight on the Stadium.

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  1. Downloading it now, I checked the Marketplace on Thursdays update but there was nothing so I’m quite surprised to see the demo released on a Monday. Steve you sly devil lol!

  2. *Avoiding Sonic 4 arguments and just going with it*

    Oh nice, have to check it out later today!
    Wii demo? Not likely ._.

  3. Awesome…. I was going to sell my Xbox 360 to get a PS3 but I think ill stick with my 360….

  4. Guys, just make another Xbox Live account (You get gold membership free for a month) That’s what I did and now I’m having a blast playing this.

  5. So I’m counting

    22 character on XBOX 360

    21 characters on Wii

    20 characters on PS3/PC/DS

    I wonder if there are more unlockable characters on the disc or if they’ll only be DLC. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for Mario on the Wii.

  6. I downloaded it earlier and I think it’s awesome. 😀

    I do think it’s weird how Banjo has a full Top Speed meter and Sonic’s is only about half-way though… 😛

  7. Im a bit disapointed, It seems laggy and the animation seems outdated too
    and its ridiculous how banjo can go faster than Sonic,
    SEGA, how could you…….

  8. The frame rate should be less of an issue in the full release. Steve Lycett has commented in the SSMB that the demo is from an older build and had yet to be fully optimized. This should help it feel less “laggy”.

  9. It’s an amazing game. I’ve NEVER had this much fun in a racing game before. It’s quite difficult to win (stupid Billy Hatcher), but it’s all about timing. Why is Banjo faster than Sonic? *shrugs*

  10. I so wish i could play this D;
    Maybe it’s not the final build, maybe the final version will iron out things such as Sonic being slower, but then again it could just be all about balanced characters.

  11. The music on the site is awesome! I started downloading my demo today I was so excited when I saw it!

  12. Thanks for the heads up on starting a new Live account to get a Gold membership 🙂 I’m new to the whole Xbox thing.. I spent $50 on game downloads to play online only to have my membership expire a week after that.

    Good game, no real technique used to win so it feels more like a racer than…. whatever that pos Mario Kart tried to be. So far so good! Controls are excellent, graphics are a little jagged, hope that smooths out, sounds are fun, voice over guy is ok.. yeah, not bad 🙂

  13. To everyone who can’t get the demo, well SEGA just anounced it is making it available to silver account users next week

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