Sonic 4 Title Theme, Sonic CD Version

Sonic 4 Title Theme, Sonic CD Version


When I first heard the “Hedgehog Day” jingle, I knew right away that it was going to be the title theme into “Project Needlemouse.”  I also knew right away that something about it was off.  It tried to be a catchy title theme, but it just didn’t sound right.  There was an aesthetic to it that was off-putting.

Tweaker, Sonic Retro admin and author of the Sonic Megamix ROM hack, agreed.  Him and I were up pretty early this morning after some badass sleep.  I decided to voice our opinions of the game in the “What’s In A Name” article (which had been flying around the #retro chat room since the announcement), while he decided to make the “Sonic 4” theme worthy of its title.

So, what happens when you combine the “Sonic 4” theme with the Japanese Sonic CD theme?  Something that gets the melody stuck in my head, a key aspect that the official theme could not do.  He let me put it on TSS to share with you guys.

Download “Sonic 4 Title Theme (Sonic CD Remix)”

Like it?  Hate it?  Comment away.

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  1. You should take this to Sega and tell them that their theme sucks and would like to have it replace with what you have there.

  2. We are in your base, blowing your officially made jingles out of the water! Sweet theme, too bad it isn’t going to be the game’s actual theme at the end of the day. :/

  3. Sega really needs to change the title music they have now and use this or something as awesome as this piece of music.

  4. Didn’t really dig it. But I haven’t really enjoyed music in sonic games, fan made or official since around 2001?

  5. WOAH!

    I liked the Sonic 4 theme, but it bethered me the fact that it sounded like a bad attemp to imitate the genesis sound…

    THis one fix that issue.

    AWESOME! 😀

    p.d: it lacks some parts of the original (Sonic 4) though.

  6. p.d: it lacks some parts of the original (Sonic 4) though.

    I’m aware; my goal was more to focus on similarity to Sonic CD than the nuances of the Sonic 4 jingle itself. As a result, it’s much less complex and as such easier to process and remember. Sonic music always worked better in harmony than with a myriad of concurrent arpeggios playing; this is part of why the original felt so jumbled and contrived.

  7. I like this, though there is only one nitpick I have and that almost seems to be that the song doesn’t ‘flow’. The notes seem to pause, or something. I’m trying to find the right word for it, but it doesn’t sound like each note really flows into the next properly at times.

    Still sounds nice 😀

  8. I’d like it if the final product had a theme like this. I’m all for having a retro soundtrack, but it should also fit the visuals of the game. Genesis-quality music doesn’t really suit these HD graphics.

  9. Why don’t you guys post about the lacking theme song on Sega’s blog saying to rework the opening theme a bit. Maybe they’ll be a response. lol But, he what do you expect the music is lack luster thanks to it being done by the same guy who did Unleashed music. XP

  10. This is just lovely.

    I will admit though that I missed the Megadrive DAC drum sound, but this is still really really good.

  11. This remix has put a smile on my face.

    Man, how I wish the music in Sonic 4 sounded like Sonic CD’s music (both soundtracks).

  12. Great remix, but to me it felt like a dance remix rather than an alternate title theme…I think I must be the only person who actually thought Sega’s theme is slightly better. XD

    I do admit though, they should try and improve the original slightly.

  13. @Sinister Swiss:
    Have you ever played the Japanese Sonic CD? This is more or less exactly how the title screen was arranged in that game, including the drum samples (909 kit with 808 hi-hats) and the drum beat itself (I sequenced it with 100% accuracy). It’s in a dance style, yes, but so was a lot of Sonic CD’s soundtrack. It’s not a bad thing.

  14. As something meant to be akin to Sonic CD, this is perfect. The tempo is perfect and the samples do sound better then the original. As for the tune itself, I like the original better.

    Nice job as always Tweaker.

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