Sonic 4 Intro Leaked

Sonic 4 Intro Leaked

Sonic Retro has been on point lately with digging up information within the Sonic the Hedgehog 4 website.  Retro member darkspines35 found the intro story inside the website and handed it off to Retro admin Scarred Sun to share to the world.  Read it below (spoilers and what not):

Story thus far:

It began as Sonic’s animal friends begin disappearing from South Island. Soon Sonic discovers that evil scientist Dr. Eggman has been kidnapping them and turning them into robots to collect the legendary treasure – The Chaos Emeralds. Sonic decides it’s up to him to save them and embarks on a quest to free his animal friends. Sonic battles Eggman through many different zones. Sonic eventually pursues Eggman to Final Zone where the first in many epic battles between them begins. In the end Sonic is victorious and Eggman’s Mecha fly’s away badly damaged. Sonic returns to Green Hill Zone and re-unites with his friends.

Their reunion is short lived however, as Eggman resurfaces and begins kidnapping Sonic friends again, in an effort to create more workers to finish his ultimate Weapon – The Death Egg! Teaming up with the newly met, Miles ‘Tails’ Prower, Sonic embarks on a new mission through West Side Island in an effort to free his friends and ensure Eggman does not obtain the 7 Chaos emeralds to fuel the Death Egg.

Once the West Side Island is freed, Sonic and Tails eventually board the Tornado and assault the Death Egg itself. After destroying Mecha Sonic, Eggman flees and enters his new Eggman Robot attacking Sonic! After a heated battle Sonic destroys the Eggman Robot and the Death Egg begins to explode.

Sonic and Tails fly down and come across mysterious island called Angel Island. This island is floating by the power of the precious stone called Master Emerald, but now this mysterious island are dropping down to the ocean surface because the Death Egg had been falling on this island. Sonic and Tails are attacked by a Red Echidna named Knuckles the guardian of the island.

Knuckles steals the Chaos emeralds from Sonic, being tricked by Eggman that he is an enemy come to take the Master Emerald.While Sonic and Tails are entangled by Knuckles, Eggman repairs the Death Egg and preps it for launch.

Sonic manages to jump on Death Egg just as it’s flying off. After confronting Eggman on the Death Egg, Sonic defeats Eggman once more and the Death Egg plummets back to Angel Island.

Back on the ground Dr. Eggman begins the repairing Death Egg again. Feeling Knuckles has served his purpose, he sends EggRobo to eliminate this potential threat. EggRobo finds Knuckles relaxing in Mushroom Zone and drops a bomb on him but Knuckles manages to survive. Enraged, the Wild Echidna sets off to defeat EggRobo. Meanwhile Sonic and Tails explore the island to find traces of the Death Egg and find out Eggman’s fate. After and Epic showdown between Sonic and Knuckles, Eggman uses the opportunity to finally steal the Master Emerald and re-launches the Death Egg. With the power of the emeralds, Sonic goes after Eggman, who has taken the Master Emerald into space.

Sonic and Tails secure the Master Emerald and return it to Knuckles on Angel Island. With it’s power restored, the Angel Island lifts off into the sky as Sonic and Tails fly off into the sunset.

But this humiliating defeat only serves to further Eggman’s rage, and he has determined once and for all to rid himself of Sonic. Eggman revisits – and improves – the very best of his creations to defeat our spiked hero.

And so a new Adventure begins…

Eggman’s best creations, eh?  That explains all the rehashing of badniks.  Although, I wouldn’t call the motobug one of “Eggman’s Finest.”

[via Sonic Retro]

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  1. …Well damn, it really is a direct sequel. O_o

    But his very best huh? So we’re finally going to see an improved Death Egg?

    Awesome job Sega…But the robot you fight before the final boss in Sonic 2 is Silver Sonic, not Mecha Sonic. Mecha Sonic was Sonic 3 & Knuckles. -_-

  2. @ Wave
    Acually i was Mecha Sonic >.> In general the whole sonic robot thing has conffuzled so many ppl….

  3. Motobug? Robotnik’s best? Hahahahahahah! I love the idea put forth here though. Here’s some Badniks I’d love to see return:

    Buzz Bomber / Buzzer
    Mecha Sonic
    Snale Blaster

  4. @Wave. It is Mecha Sonic. Can’t remember who the chap in Sonic 3 & Knuckles is but Silver Sonic is actually in the 8-Bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. He waits for you in Scrambled Egg Zone.

  5. Ah yes spoilers for 16-18 year old games with almost zero story, which then gets whatever story is in S3&K wrong. Good show.

  6. @Dreadknux

    Dude, you of all people should kno that it’s Silver Sonic. The one in Sonic 3 & Knuckles is Mecha Sonic. In Sonic 2 on the Death Egg though, it’s Silver Sonic. We’ve known this for a long time now. T_T

  7. Okay, I just went over to Sonic Retro just so I could get proof.

    However, what I came to find is that he is in fact Mecha Sonic, but in the US Manual, he’s called Silver Sonic. So we’re both right.

    However, the one in Sonic 3 & Knuckles is also in fact Mecha Sonic. A rebuilt version of Sonic 2’s to be exact. Which makes sense since he shares some of his moves.

  8. Eh, is this poorly translated, because I question some of the wording used here… Also it seems the retelling of the previous stories was watered down. I remember reading the Japanese stories for Sonic 1-K, and being suprised at how into detail they go.

  9. People often get confused over the whole Silver/Mecha Sonic thing, and when I read that part of the article, I too stopped to re-read it.

    Silver/Mecha Sonic = Sonic 2
    Silver/Mecha Sonic MKII = Sonic and Knuckles, although he isn’t Silver anymore.

    Also, they called the Egg-o-Matic a ‘Mecha’. Was it ever confirmed as being called the ‘Egg-o-Matic’?

    Was this article translated by any chance? There are a lot of errors through out it.

  10. @Wave: All very confusing, guess we’re both right yeah. XD

    This story isn’t… very well written, to be honest. I remember doing some promo/writing work for Sega Superstars Tennis a few years back – Sega should have given me a ring, I’d have done this shit. 😛

  11. How is this in any shape or form spoilers? All this is just a retelling about the first 4 games and then a tiny paragraph about Sonic 4.

  12. I like that the story to the megadrive games were very clean cut but had a bit of substance behind them but putting a half assed collection of their plots together does not make for cohesive narrative.

    Kinda reminds me of all the Sonic stories I read on DA from time to time.

    Anyway, I’m hoping the game will be playable at E3 so the press can give us the verdict.

  13. So… is this an interquel, or has the series been reset? Is Sonic Adventure and everything after that no longer canon?

  14. The story is a bit nerfed at Sonic and Knuckles. Knux’s story actually happens after Sonic’s since if you beat the Doomsday Zone as Super Sonic, you see the EggRobo rising from the ashes, setting up Knuckles Story.

  15. Woah, they changed a few things (like the Nuckles story happening at the same time as Sonic’s).

    I wonder if they could use this “history changing superpowers” for good and fix that Sonic 06/Rush/Rivals Paradox?

  16. Pretty interesting.
    I didn’t know Knuckles was resting in Mushroom Hill Zone AFTER Robotnik (as they should be calling him) had stolen the Master Emerald and Knuckles had started trusting Sonic.

  17. I still think this is badly worded. Though I guess they make up for it with the description for Sonic where they give a litle more info.

    Our Legendary hero returns! With the Death Egg finally destroyed, and Angel Island back in the sky, Sonic decides it’s time to take a break and heads off to explore a new territory on his own. However unbeknownst to Sonic, Eggman has also survived their last encounter, and has begun taking measures to rid himself of our hero. Armed with his signature Speed, super Spin Dash – and powerful Homing Attack, Sonic is ready for an all-new adventure!

  18. This is official material? It seems… Very badly worded, watered down and if anything~ slightly incorrect o_O; Not in a professional way either, in the kind of way you would expect to be told the storyline of the Genesis Games… By a 12-year old. Hmm.

    Completely ignoring the way in which it’s worded, it’s nice to know that this game works off the end of the Sonic 3 & Knuckles arc, which is setting itself up big time, as now it means it has a fair amount to answer to, especially after the best part of sixteen years~! As for where Sonic Adventure/Sonic Adventure 2 stand in terms of timeline~ it’ll still be after all of this, after all… Sonic Adventure does take place after Sonic “returns home from a long journey…” (excerpt from the Sonic Adventure Manual). Considering the length of time this adventure has taken place over (Sonics 1-4), I guess you can consider this the long journey he was on. I mean, let’s not split hairs TOO much. We are talking about a Gaming series where we’ve now had games from alternate universes, magical storybooks, jumped back and forth in time, and in the case of a few other games, took place in no timeline whatsoever (That includes some of the games you guys wish NEVER happened, unfortunately that doesn’t count~!)

  19. You can’t expect a cutscene to present-day, where Sonic tells his friends “And that’s how I learned the Homing Attack!”

  20. Its not Eggman, its DR ROBOTNIK!!!

    Yeah I know it was he’s Japanese name, but still… 😛

  21. Im hoping when he says his best creations he means everything he has created till know xD Nah its the past so hes gonna use his old crap that personally was acually more useful than know. The egg pawns serve as…er walking targets…*sigh* Itl be great to have the old eggman or should I say Robotnik baq. xD

  22. @Syaming Li

    Huh, if it ain’t BoltStryke. o.o

    Anywho, is does seem…oddly written…And to all of you who want his name to be Robotnik again, I have to say I agree. Even though we all know that he’s been Eggman since day one in Japan…I don’t see why they’re stressing over that so much since Sonic is more popular and carries a heavy influence on the Western side. But apparently Sega of Japan is very PMSy about letting us have it as Robotnik.


    Really now? That’s pretty cool. :3 They definitely should’ve called up someone who knows more about the series. Though I’m sure that Knuckles’ story does in fact take place after Sonic’s. It wouldn’t make much sense if they took place at the same time. o.o

  23. hmmm, when they put it all together in a story like that, it very much seems complete like it does not need another sequel.

    But if this really does come right after Sonic and Knuckles then Robotnik should be wearing his old clothes from those old games, rather than his Sonic Adventure costume.

  24. @sonictoast

    Thats kinda the point. There going back to the old games and there gonna finished what they started. Note how theyre gonna call eggman, robotnik. So yea, he will be wearing his old clothes, but more importantly this might be finishing the sage before sonic adventure O-e I always wondered what did eggman do after he got owned yet again. What happened to his beloved death egg. Did he die ((Obviously not after several sequels xD)) did he ever consider revenge insteadof the world ((This game is basicaly saying HECK YEA ITS ABOUT REVENGE and finally/hopefully they will fill that time pardox crap of sonic amy tails meeting. Sonic CD was supposidly before sonic 2 bc sonic hadnt meet tails yet.Did he meet amy first or tails or metal sonic O-e uh….Tonights episode of unsolved mysterys along with why did they change tails to a boy when he was origionally planned as a girl and is rouge some sort of sega sex gimmick.Find out tonight xD

  25. @sonictoast
    Maybe he will. We still haven’t seen any art of Dr. Eggman yet. Of course, it could also just be that this is when he gets his new costume.

  26. he is wearing his new outfit. watch the signpost at the end of the trailer.
    the question is will we see (hear) mike pollock?
    robotnik should have a VA so he can have these awesome lines like:
    but the rest should be mute imo

  27. @Rafostar, The Angelic One, & Wave Kusanagi: Yeah, it’s ROBOTNIK! :/ Sonic 2 was even made in the United States by Sega Technical Institute. If you were to travel back in time to the ’90s (outside of Japan) and ask someone who “Eggman” was, they’d be like, “Hunh?”

    @SEGA: Please give us the old school character designs and names! 😀

    I doubt that my comment here will actually be read by Sega, but it would be cool, lol.

  28. IF they’re gonna use the name eggman still, they better have a good reason why it all of a sudden changed from Robotnik to Eggman. I like how they’re connecting the dots though.

  29. Robotnik/Eggman, whats the difference?? its just a bloody name he’s still the same character people..

    I wonder what Yuji Nakas thoughts are on all of this..

  30. Pfft, I’m glad they’re using the current designs. They still want new people to try and get into this, and it’s been blatantly obvious that they wouldn’t dig the classic, chubby and bland looks too much over the current, more sleek and “cool” looks.

    Besides, the characters all look better now anyways.

  31. Hmph. Figures that whoever wrote this didn’t mention the stories of 8-bit Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 (though in the former’s case, I think that one occurs at the same time as the 16-bit version).

  32. Man,this game is getting leaked worse than other games.Seems to me anyways….At first I was nitpicking about them using his newer design,but y’know what?I”m just glad they used the old style of gameplay. I missed it.

  33. this isn’t really leak.
    it was only minutes earlier there before this was released on the Sonic 4 page.

  34. This has been explained THOUSANDS of times already people. Get it together.
    He’s called Dr. Eggman because that’s the nickname Sonic and friends gave him due to his egg shaped form. It was meant as an insult. I can’t, however, explain why he himself uses it. Now I don’t know about the rest of you, but I prefer accuracy to blind rose tinted glasses nostalgia. Nostalgia in moderation is a good thing. It’s a door to our childhood. So don’t overuse it.

  35. @ BlazeFaia
    I agree, when Sonic called him that in SA. He countered with the fact that his name was infact Dr.Robotnik. But as far as nick names go I call my dad phatman and it stuck, maybe it’s the same for the Doc lol

  36. I just wanna see the return of the goofy killing machines.
    A fat evil scientist chasing a blue hedgehog with… a flying car with a hammer attached, or a drill car, or a lava submarine, or just a huge freakin spike at the bottom of the egg-o-matic
    im gettin bored of fighting demons and machine gun weilding robots, bring it on sonic 4 🙂

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