Sonic 4 “Characters” Section Unlocked, Reveals Nothing

Sonic 4 “Characters” Section Unlocked, Reveals Nothing

Epic Fail?

Last week  the official Sonic The Hedgehog 4, Episode 1 website was revealed but a lot of information on it was obscured by black boxes, some with a timer counting down.  On Thursday at 11am GMT the Intro section of the site became available but like a lot of things had actually been leaked early. The next countdown in the “Characters” section was due to end at 11am today and while the black box was removed it’s revealed nothing underneath. A lack of information? It’s exactly the opposite problem that the site had been experiencing up to date thanks to it’s number of small leaks.

This has caused a small amount of confusion in the SSMB as some members have reported their countdown clock to still have another five hours remaining. Others reported that the countdown clock had vanished before 11am anyway. Whatever the overriding issue it’s just another problem in the short life of the Sonic 4 website. It’s possible that the content hasn’t been uploaded yet to avoid more leaks but content going up late is arguably worse.

Other posters on the Official SEGA Forums are reporting a variety of different times that their unlock is scheduled to run to zero. The popular theory there is that the countdowns are tailored to the time zone you live in. While that may be the case it doesn’t explain the problem as the first unlock appeared as promised last Thursday.

We’ll be monitering the situation all day to see if anything appears later on.

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  1. Seems to be a time zone difference. I live in California and it’s ticking until 11AM for me. I think we’ll see something there by 11 AM PST at the latest… which is in around seven hours.

  2. Haha I “hacked” the timers a few days ago to see what would appear when they reached zero, and this empty blue background is exactly what appeared. The devs probably forgot to make the timer reveal something again after having to lock everything up in the aftermath of the intro leak (before that was due to be opened).

  3. I’ve been having problems with SEGA’s sites the past few days, I can get on their blogs, their forums and specific game sites like the Sonic 4 site but their main sites e.g., etc… I cant get on. Today I’m having problems with TSS too, I can get on the TSS site but everytime I try to get on the SSMB I get redirected to TSS’s front page.

  4. I figure that the reason this is happening is because the countdown timers are set to release based off of local time, hence why the US one is still counting down. They really need to fix this. Since this site stems from the US branch of SEGA, it’s going to be uploaded on its terms, not the UK’s, which is the majority of SSMB.

    Just throwing that out there.

  5. i think they wanted to reveal Eggman, but now they rewrite it so it’s ROBOTNIK now, because of the massive demand.
    Mehhh more likely Sega screw up =P

  6. It’s just it worked last week for the Intro section so why hasn’t this worked today? You’re right though, they should just change the times everywhere to unlock at a time when SEGA US are in so we don’t have this problem again.

  7. see what happens when you screw around? Now the rest of us can’t get the info on time. Thanks hackers! *thumbs up*

  8. Mine has the unlock and nothing there TT_TT do you reckon it might be a classic sonic character model?

  9. If I recall right, Sega’s working with PMT right? So the countdown from there should be the correct time and just maybe we should be getting something then.

  10. Hm…I’m not sure. Maybe this could be some measure to preemptively stop the hackers by not putting the info on the site until later too.

  11. I’ll be honest, Sega really messed up with this site.

    That “intro” being one of the worst written things I’ve ever read, and now this. To be honest I couldn’t care less about the website if the game is amazing, but still….the lack of what appears to be decent effort that’s gone into it, is a bit laughable, I’m sorry to say.

  12. It’s now 11 AM central time. I watched the thing unlock and nothing happened.

    This site is the worst site I’ve ever seen. Really shows me the effort being put into this project. The grammatical and spelling errors? Brilliant.

  13. I’m going by Pacific Standard Time, Which by the posting of this reply, is a hour and a half away.

  14. Its just motobug…:/ personally i don’t like the way SEGA are messing with us, i’m already losing interest and it hasn’t even surfaced yet :S

  15. How can we be excited for this game when we know little about it! I mean by the time they release any important information nobody will care! This much excitment over a download only game…I am more excited for racquet sports for wii!

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