Nintendo Power Previews Classic Collection, Notes Framerate Issues

Nintendo Power Previews Classic Collection, Notes Framerate Issues

Nintendo Power have just released their preview of Sonic Classic Collection in their latest issue (#252) and give an expectedly straightforward preview.  It mentions everything that you thought that it would, thanks to the recent string of media that hit the net last week.  One thing that sticks out is the preview’s mention of “framerate issues.”  Nintendo World Report’s preview also made light of hiccups in the collection’s framerate.

What has yet to be determined is whether these framerate issues are old or new.  Yeah, when you had a lot of rings and lost them all, for instance, the originals chugged, but are there new framerate issues as a result of porting?  We will find out soon enough.

Check out the scanned image of the preview below:

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  1. Oh, well. I already have all these games on the Mega Collection, and they run smoothly there. No need to buy them again for a smaller screen.

  2. The preview seems weird in many respects, beyond mentioning framerate issues.

    Firstly, the guys seems to miss the point that this is not a collection for those that want to play them on newer consoles or those who hadn’t played them before, it’s a portable hand held collection. Stating the obvious, there’s Sonic Mega Collection and Ultimate Mega Drive Collection for that, with more games and on big screen etc.

    Secondly, and I’ve noticed this a lot lately, he doesn’t realise what Sonic and Knuckles was and why you would connect it to Sonic 3.

    Oh well I guess it’s a preview and if you don’t know you’re unlikely to care etc

  3. Funny. I figured that before the game’s release, there might’ve been a problem with the frame rate or something similar. Go figure!

  4. Whether these framerate problems are old or new, it doesn’t really matter to me. At least we know it’s nowhere near as bad as it was when Sonic 1 was put onto GBA. With that travesty they tried rebuilding the game from the ground up instead of just porting it, and all it did was make the game worse 🙁 But from what we’ve seen and read so far, it seems as though Sega is learning from some of its mistakes this time around.

  5. If it’s problems like it was in the GBA version of Sonic the hedgehog. It’s…not good at all. But if it’s just something small it’s…OK.
    But I still think 4 games is not good, they should give us much mor classic Sonic games than jusst 4 stupid games. Or have I missed something, are there more games? If not…well then…it’s stupid!
    But my brother will probably download it anyway…And I have these games so nothing I need.

  6. Hmm.. that’s funny. When using homebrew Sega Genesis emulators on the DS, there were no framerate problems. Geez Sega…

  7. Jeez Sega can you actually get off your asses and actually try to fix the frame rate problems, not just create new one?

    The DS is more powerful than the megadrive so what is the big problem. You’ve been churning out these Sonic collections for years now and still haven’t learnt?

    Fix it. Now

  8. I’ve always wanted to play my favorite games of all time on a handheld system and Nomads are always too expensive for me to buy so this will be a definite buy for me as long as there aren’t any framerate issues similar to the ones in the Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis game for GBA. If the framerate issues are the ones that were there already then there won’t be any problem.

  9. naa there not as bad as the gba sonic 1. most of what i have heard descriptions of were old frame rate drops. as blu said it could have been a older build. and magazines come out way after the preview/review was actually done.

    none the less if the final build still has the old frame rate problems in it i dont care i already payed off my preorder for it :).

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