Hedgehog Week, Day 1 Update Inside!

Hedgehog Week, Day 1 Update Inside!

Thats it, the wait is over, SEGA have finally released their first daily update of Hedgehog Week which comes in three parts. The first part is the promised concept art which is below, as are words from SOA blogger RubyEclipse.

The Sunflower has long been a defining feature of Sonic’s beginnings ever since it first appeared in the original Sonic The Hedgehog. Along with the Badniks, it returns in the first zone of Project Needlemouse – and, yes, it actually spins.
If there’s one thing we know about Palm Trees, it’s that they tend to hide hidden boxes with power-ups like invincibility. We do not question how exactly such a box managed to find its way to the top of a palm tree, but we do know that finding such boxes hidden in Palm Trees is still pretty awesome. So, consider it official – these guys are coming back, too.

While we know that these two pieces of concept art may literally only be a sunflower and a palm tree, and aren’t exactly the most action-packed pictures you’ve seen this year, they express a spirit of the game that we feel is even more important. From Badniks to Zones, there are some things that mean a lot simply because they exist within a game.

The second part is the chance to win a very special copy of Sonic 3, and more besides!

Today we are going to be giving away a ton of Sonic merchandise, including an exclusive signed copy of Sonic 3, autographed by Iizuka-san, one of the Senior Level designers from the original Sonic The Hedgehog 3 / Sonic and Knuckles team! If collectable merch from Sonic’s early days is your thing, or even if you’re only interested mostly because it’s both rare and awesome, then here’s how you can score it:

1: Post a comment on this blog!
2: Be the person who makes the 333rd Comment.
3: Win signed copy of Sonic The Hedgehog 3, boost coolness by +10.

Additional prizes will go out to people whose comments hit milestones along the way, including the following comment numbers:


Which means we’re going to be giving out at least 17 different pieces of Sonic swag today, including the signed game! Items you could win include a Sonic & Metal Sonic Wall Scroll (Featuring classic Sonic – who has black eyes), a brand new Sonic the Hedgehog Clock, a Sonic Towel and more! All you have to do is be the lucky person who gets their comment in one of the places above, and you’ve won the goods!

Q: Can I spam? What if I just post “ASKDJFLASDJFLKASDJF over and over again?
A: No spam, please! Comment with your thoughts on Needlemouse, your hopes for the game, what you thought about the concept art, etc. Spam comments won’t be approved, so only people who take the time to write out real comments will win the swag!

Q: Do responses to previous comments count?
A: Yes!

Q: Can I post more than once?
A: Yes!

The prize is said to contain some hints of it’s own about Needlemouse, let us know in the comments section what you think that might be


Also in celebration of Hedgehog Day, we’ve added up a shiny new piece of flash to the front page of our website! We highly suggest checking it out – after all, it includes the first sneak peak at a few seconds of music from Project Needlemouse! Oh, but don’t go thinking that’s the big bonus – this Thursday, when everything finally goes out, we’ve got something extra special for you guys to complement the game’s real name.

Until then – awesome job once again on the amazing concept art you guys have sent in! We’re going to feature even more of it tomorrow and throughout the week as we celebrate Hedgehog Week, and the upcoming reveal of Project Needlemouse!

From all of us here at SEGA – Happy Hedgehog Day!

If you live outside the UK on SEGA’s homepage you have to select the flag in the top right hand corner and select the US flag. Only then will you hear the music and see the flash animation.

That seems to be it for now so get posting on SEGA’s blog to win some stuff!

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  1. I’m loving the music. 😀

    It’s a shame, I got comment #450 and then it shifted my number up. 🙁

  2. Don’t bother trying to post, last I checked comments was over 530, and then the blog died…

    Other than that, this is sweet stuff. I can’t wait for Thursday! Thanks for the birthday gift Sega!

  3. Oh dear god, a flower and a palmtree. Everyone got hyped up for nothing, Hedgehog Day “Fails”

    Sega isn’t teasing us atall, just annoying us…

  4. This is the coolest art yet, it means going back to the original looks, something I really wished for!!

  5. I looked at their message on twitter and saw that it was 28 minutes ago. Then I got to website, read the blog, go down to the comments and said, “Screw it.” 600+ comments in such little time. Could care less about giveaways though. I’m glad to have heard that music and what a beautiful music clip it was.

  6. Hmm, I hope this isn’t a 16-bit game. It would be a good game, but also quite saddening to see Sonic coming down to this.
    Here’s to this being a 2.5D game (like portions of Unleashed)

  7. Why is the Sega Blog dead. I can’t even get to it. Seriously, the reveal today was kind of lame. So if THIS killed the blog, what will happen Thursday? The blog will be COMPLETELY swamped.
    Any guesses as to what the bonus is on Thursday? I have two theories: the first and most likely: We get a Needlemouse Trailer. Second: Needlemouse is a downloadable game and goes live Thursday. I know its far fetched, but, hey, its a possibility, especially if the game is going to be downloadable. I’d actually be pretty disappointed though since my consoles are not connected to the internet.

  8. Pointless. Didn’t SEGA say that they would give the games name out and all the concept art and such on Monday? The music wasn’t near as good as I hoped. I expected it to be old school music, which makes me happy, but it wasn’t anything special. It’s definitely the title screen music. I know that much.

  9. I swear i can hear the servers over at SOA playing the drowning theme lol, i bet the net will explode when Thursday comes.

  10. @Scartillery
    2.5D Fails look at Sonic Rivals that was terrible in 2.5D(overall game was terrible) i hope it a full on 2D Sonic game not a gay 2.5D like Sonic Rivals plus what wrong going back to 16 Bit Megaman 9/10 went back to it’s 8 bit style and that game proved to be awesome so i hope it will be 16 bit like the good old sonics but with current sonic moves and stuff

  11. Wait a minute! An Iizuka-signed Sonic 3 game? Might as well throw it in to the fire for all I care!

  12. even if its an palm tree and an sunflower its good to see them redone, hopefully we see some gameplay soon^^

  13. @edge

    They never said specifically MONDAY, they said “next week” which is this week. And it seems you’re out of the loop, so I’ll let you know that they are giving out the name and something secret on Thursday.

    And to all the people complaining, at you we got SOMETHING, you’re gonna freaking buy it anyway just like everyone does with every Sonic game so what does it matter? You’ll see enough of the game when you freaking play it. It seems like no matter what SEGA does, people just can’t be happy, ever.

  14. I think the entirety of the Sonic fanbase has forgotten Sonic Rush. Sure, it had ONE other playable character, but it was probably the best all-around modern Sonic game. AND YET NO ONE REMEMBERS.

    anywho, can’t wait for the rest of the week!

  15. @Thomas Daly

    It wasn’t 16bit. The opening little part of it was the same as Sonic 1’s, but the rest was modern music that could not be done on a Genesis.

  16. This page and the blog went down at the same time heh..

    ROCK IT SUNFLOWER N’ PALM TREE! Keep it up Sega!

  17. The palm tree looks good. I like the palm trees in Sonic games. The sunflower…..I don’t really give a dead moose’s last crap about it. Sonic 1 was by no means my favorite of the series, and the only other place I can think of it being was Sonic CD (which I think is an overrated game).

    The music….meh. I think the newer songs suit Sonic better. But we’ll see what happens~

  18. Meh, the music is a bit too techno for me. I wish they would use 100% genesis style music. Ah well, can’t have everything

  19. Project Needlemouse

    Mysterious and unknown

    Answers coming soon.

    A little haiku regarding my thoughts on this.

    Much luck to whoever can make it to comment #333. Myself included.

  20. Seriously though why is everyone hyped up? I don’t get it… The last game that they made that I liked was sonic 06 (yes I actually liked it) and the ps360 version of 06

    now ive been with sonic since the genesis and if their is one thing i’ve learned sega never tells the whole truth. This game may not be as good as it seems. Do not get too excited until a demo is released.

  21. Well it looks like a slighty more mature and detailed version of the classic Sonic MegaDrive/Genesis sunflower and palmtree from Green Hill Zone, I hope it will be a continuation of the MegaDrive/Genesis series by becoming Sonic the Hedgehog 4, of course they are only sketches at the moment so it is but a glimmer of what Project Needlemouse could actualy be.

  22. Hmm, as minimal as the jingle was, even that didn’t make it as far as the AU Sega site. I had to go change localities to see it at all.

    While the content was very lacking, this still excites me.

    Also I’ve not forgotten Rush, it’s the most fun I’ve had with Sonic since the DC games.

  23. you can tell who the true sonic fans here are and who arn’t.how can a true sonic fan have absolute nothing but love and excitement at the c.art and music.can’t wait
    @Edge -Demo? Extra bonus i wonder

  24. @ Rama_V1

    But some true sonic fans(such as myself) have gone through so much that they cant take it anymore. Ive had to sit through crap like black knight, zero gravity, both mario and sonics and much more. I cant take it. I almost gave up on him a while back. but I’ll always love sonic, he’s given me much more good stuff than bad so I am excited its just not showing.

  25. oh im sorry. my comment said and the PS360 version of 06. I meant 06 and the PS360 version of Unleashed, and the rush and rivals series

  26. …what flash? I clicked on the link to SEGA’s website and it took me to SEGA’s normal front page :/

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