First UK Retailer Stocking Ryo Forklift DLC Code Revealed

First UK Retailer Stocking Ryo Forklift DLC Code Revealed

In the UK and waiting to find out whick retailers will be stocking the Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing pre-order exclusive Ryo Forklift DLC code? Well your wait is over as have revaled they will be stocking the code.

Simply put your pre-order down for the Xbox 360 or PS3 version and you will get your code when yor game is delivered. An added bonus is that right now Gameplay are one of the cheapest retailers for this game with the Xbox 360 version priced at £30.99 and PS3 version priced at £28.99.

Preorder Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing for Xbox 360/PS3 and receieve a bonus unlockable DLC character – Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue with his famous forklift! Please note that you will require Xbox Live/PSN access to download your bonus. Offer available while stocks last.

Be warned Gameplay are an online retailer only and you must have access to the Xbox Live Marketplace or Playstation Store to get you Ryo Forklift DLC.

Xbox 360

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  1. Yep, I checked my pre-order today and saw they’ll be giving away the DLC code! This way I don’t have to cancel it and pre-order somewhere else! 😛

  2. @Mike
    So far all we know is this is a pre-order bonus exclusive to certain retailers in the Europe and Australia, no word on wether this will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Store at a later date. Ryo can use his forklift as his All Star Move as standard in the game no matter where you get it from. Ryo driving his forklift as standard is exclusive to this pre-order DLC code.

  3. Ah ok, cause i preordered from GAME. Hopefully they give the code, if not i guess itll make his all star move even more special.

  4. Oh, that’s nice! I already pre-ordered this game from Gameplay, even before knowing whether it’s any good or not. I must be mad! Originally was going to pre-order from GAME and use some reward points, as this game comes out on my birthday (26th Feb), but they literally jacked up the price by £3 while I was on the site, so I decided not to buy it from them out of principle, and decided to give Gameplay a try, who I had never used before. So It probably won’t arrive on my birthday (well, that’s what I assume, anyway), but at least it’s a decent price from them.

  5. *jumps up and down* OMG IM SO PISSED =D WEAK >:L Weres our Wii bonus…
    *looks back at wii bundle*
    nvm xD

  6. That was quite an impressive forklift for Ryo to rie on, an its now become a DLC with just Ryo riding a forklift. Very good. As for me, I may not want to download a forklift Ryo because the game already have its character. Good job Sumo and Sega.

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