eNN Report: Sonic 4 Leads to Domestic Abuse

eNN Report: Sonic 4 Leads to Domestic Abuse

For years, I’ve heard the relationship between Sonic’s rabid fans and the gradually disappointing blue hedgehog himself compared to a real life case of domestic abuse.  Never did I imagine that somebody would run with that idea and make a network news parody out of it.  I had a good laugh at this video.

The feature story starts at the 2:20 mark.

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  1. hehe the “ultimate sonic fan” sure was playing her role good.
    my favourite part was again the reference to crash bandicoot while the credits were shown.

  2. Lol, that was funny.

    But seriously, can we get over the “bestiality” thing? There were no actual sexual themes and its no worse than a relationship between Knuckles and Rouge, seeing as they’re also different species.

  3. Hahahahaha! Wow, that was hilarious. I am willing to give Sonic another chance….and another….and another…

    I’LL NEVER FORGET THE SATAM DAYS OF YORE!!!! Loved the After show Crash talk, too, haha.

  4. It think that segment was not as much of a satire of Sonic’s track record as much as it is a satire of how overly dramatic the fanbase is in general.

    Also, the difference between Sonic and other washed-up mascots of the 16-BIT era was that Sonic was actually GOOD, so those comparisons to Aero and Bubsy don’t really work. Nevermind the fact that Sonic is still good in 2D.

  5. This is great! The comparison is sorta true, too. Funny how we’ll all keep giving Sonic chance after chance after chance. “Once you go blue, you don’t go back”.

    The Crash talk during the credits was pretty funny, too.

  6. This stuff is great. I laughed when it said that Sonic has taken his place with the drop out anthropomorphs like Crash….it’s true.

    And remember kids Sonic promotes beastiality and that’s no good!

  7. Even SOME people would love Sonic. I mean, prime examples include Amy (Mainstream example), and AOSTH’s Sonette, but that’s just an example of being a fangirl. I remember an episode of Medabots, where Ikki, Koji, and Sloan (disguised as Space Medafighter X), were smitten by Stockholm Fire, three girls who represent Team Sweden, who turn out to be members of the RubberRobo Gang, and the sad part was that they were really men, fat men!

  8. @YoshiAngemon: What the–?

    I actually found that video pretty uninspired and boring. While the analogy made between domestic abuse and the Sonic franchise is pretty clever, I found the sequence to be somewhat forgettable (not to mention insensitive to victims of real domestic abuse).

    Speaking of insensitive, I was kind of annoyed at how they made fun of people without HDTVs in the Mass Effect 2 segment. It’s not like everyone has the money to blow on the latest TV, unless of course they buy a cheap one at the drugstore (in which case, the TV will probably be so small they can’t see the letters anyway). Either that, or give up frivolities like food and gasoline for a couple of months in order to afford a good HDTV.

    I’ve gotten more laughs out of real news segments.

  9. interesting:
    the analogy of domestic abuse caused by recent Sonic titles.
    SEGA is not being blamed for the “betrayal”
    promotion of beastiality

    Very interesting points picked up from the recent Sonic franchise. I never thought of it that way. I had to LOL @ what “Will” said about Sonic already being an animal

  10. Dull and unimaginative. I can see they’ve put effort into it, but its just another attempt of non-sonic fans to slag off sonic games that they don’t bother to play or give a long enough chance.

  11. Some bits where funnyish. Though I’d like to point out that she said “In 2003 He brought a Gun home.” Wrong, firstly cause it was Shadow not Sonic. Secondly it was in 2005. That is all I’ll say cause I hate 3D bashing.

  12. That was funny. It takes a lot humor and distance to make something like that. Good show, good show.

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