EB Games Australia Reveals ASR Pre-order Bonus

EB Games Australia Reveals ASR Pre-order Bonus

EB Games Australia have revealed their bonus gift you can receive when you pre-order any version of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing. The gift looks to be the toy race cars based on the game that were revealed last year in concept art form to be released this month at Toy Globe.

EB Games warns you that the racer you get may vary on purchase so it appears you dont get to choose your favourite character, you instead get what they give you. It’s unclear wether Australia will still be getting the Ryo Forklift DLC code ArchangelUK revealed for Europe where he stated Australia might get it but wasn’t sure.

Will you Australian fans be grabbing this deal? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Austrailia could be getting an exclusive character to their region or an updated charater i think they would like this

  2. As an Aussie, I’d love to!
    But I’m in America now.. boo!

    You know Jazwares! They’ll eventually release tons of these at Toys R Us

  3. @ Jix Hedgehog
    Dont worry, Im pretty sure were gonna get somethin as cool as Europe and Australia. Maybe even cooler O-e Lets pray =P
    Hopefully we get the most exclusive character not avaliable in other regions..wait for it..BAM

    OMOCHAO O-e I meant to say Nights NO Blaze xD Thatll put a cork in there screw >=D

    Well Im sure were gonna get something.

  4. @ ArchangelUK

    Pre-orders are STILL GAINING MOMENTUM! O-e Dear lord his allstar move would be so annoying xD
    Omochao: BLAH BLAH BLAH A button to jump BLAH BLAH BLAH Useless Omochao gun BLAH BLAH BLAH Boosting momentum BLAH

    Sonic and the others: DEAR GOD, IT WONT DIE

    Omochao: BLAH BLAH BLAH U are all my slaves MUHAHAHAAH

    Do I hear Sonic and the Army of Omochao Game O-e Eggman theres ur ultimate weapon and shadows weapong as well
    ((The joke was a relation to shadow the hedgehog game >.> Omochao gun, go figure xD I prefer that chicken gun or the wanna be men in black tiny gun with a high powered space beam O-e Good luck with that))

  5. All of these bonuses! Sonic racing wheel and boxset, special downloadable characters, figures! I bet North america gets nothing! This gets me mad. Its bad enough the game ws already bumped down to 40$ now it will look like a cheap game too!

  6. @ Lunar_Sonic : I dunno, the game is out soon and nothing yet.. but Gamestop have been offering a lot of pre-order in-game codes for exclusive material lately.. anything would be nice.
    Region exclusives would be nice, but it sounds like a lot of work

  7. @ Jix Hedgehog
    Dont worry, they wouldnt leae us out. They havent yet…uh minus the theme parks, and christmas card, and exclusive merch. and WAIT ONE SEC xD
    Well lets just be greatful we can export the Bundle from europe and buy it on the internet. Better than nothings.
    Remember, Grandma Lunar once said a true sonic fan dosent cry over anything, just always be glad we hae sonic games. As long as he runs, Im never gonna stop believing in him. Grandma Lunar is never wrong…uh except for the time she said knuckles was pink. I told her that was the transformation only xD

  8. not to annoy anyone but I know people there and they have booked me Sonic for my Wii copy and Shadow for my DS copy so i don’t need to worry

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