ASR & Other Sonic Figures At Toy Fair 2010, Pictures Inside

ASR & Other Sonic Figures At Toy Fair 2010, Pictures Inside

If any of you have been waiting feverishly for new information on the figures based on Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing then today is your lucky day. Thanks to Toy Fair 2010 in New York we have a slew of new pictures for you and details of what else to expect from Jazwares in the coming months.

Firstly, we have the ASR figures; 5 Inch vehicles with figure and 3″ Mini Racing Figures, inside and outside the box. Next in the gallery blow you should be able to spot the new 6 Inch Knuckles Super Poser. Finally, last but not least is a second Sonic Comic 3″ Double pack, this time featuring Archie’s Sonic issue 207 and three inch figures of Sonic and Metal Sonic! Thats right, the metal one is getting another figure. You wait years for one then three come at once. According to ToyNewsi Jazwares aren’t planning on releasing good ‘ol Metal by himself just yet but it may be in the pipeline later on.

But thats not all the Sonic figure news we have, oh no. Expect to see wave two of the mini ASR figures expand to include Knuckles, Eggman and Tails with wave three being the first to contain none Sonic characters in the guise of Ai Ai, Amigo and Beat. If you’re not into Sonic and cars then you have a Tails 6″ Super Poser to look forward to as well as the Knuckles one and Jazwares also has a mass of plush characters waiting in the wings. Sonic, Shadow and The Werehog are already features on Jazwares webpage but new to the series will be Tails, Knuckles and Silver. Finally it appears Amy will finally get her claws on Sonic as they will be released together in a future comic double pack.

For more pictures see ToyNewsi.

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  1. @Tobibrocki, that’s exactly what I thought.

    Anyway, those ASR ones look really cool, I’ll have to get ’em when they’re released.

  2. Ugh. The toys suck, their quality isn’t at all what I was expecting them to be like.

    Guess I won’t be ordering them after all.

  3. LOL @ the “Super Sonic” name on the REGULAR sonic figurine (it’s in the one with super shadow and knuckles)


  4. Why the hell couldn’t they make brand new figures, and not repackage ones people already have? That’s just bloody lazy. And To get the metal Sonic, I’d have to get the Sonic and the comic book, both of which I already own? FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU-

  5. “From the hit game”?
    That’s kinda jumping the gun a bit; how do they know the game is gonna be a hit when it’s released?
    Also, the Metal Sonic figure is being released with StH#207, even though he wasn’t in the issue? That’s odd :/

  6. While the smaller figures aren’t so hot the bigger ones are. Saying that I only want the larger Sonic figure and maybe the Knuckles one, unless I can pick them up really easily in the UK. Feb 1st has rolled around and the only Jazwares figure to appear in the UK is the Black Knight one. ASR figures please!!!

  7. I bet you anything that the issue Sonic and Amy will be released with will be #210 (The one with Amy going Hammer-happy on the cover)

  8. Damn I hate archie… well its worth it… well played jazwares… well played…

    Quick question. We got silver but not the chaotix, blaze or cream?

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