>UPDATE 2< ArchangelUK Reveals More Info About ASR

>UPDATE 2< ArchangelUK Reveals More Info About ASR

UPDATE 2: ArchangelUK has revealed another music track in this post at the SEGA Forums –

I’ll tell you one track thats on there that I’ve not actually revealed yet, thats Crank The Heat Up from Sonic Adventure – that really works racing. Was a really good choice by SUMO.


UPDATE: ArchangelUK has kindly given us some more information via the SSMB, many thanks 😉


The Sonic CD track is indeed Palmtree Panic (Present) – Japanese/Euro version.

As I corrected myself earlier on Wrecks, Wrapped In Black does appear but only the Wrapped In Black end of level jingle.

The instrumental version of E.G.G.M.A.N is also purchasable.

One of the multiplayer modes, Grab, consists of you battling for control of the seven chaos emeralds… VERY addictive.

There are three arenas – the Curien Mansion graveyard, “Seaside Square” and a monkey ball level arena with ramps and a bridge.


After his revelation yesterday regarding 2 pieces of Sonic R music, SEGA Europe community manager ArchangelUK has revealed via his Sonic Wrecks website some juicy new information about Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing he’s discovered in the Xbox 360 version through time spent with the game over the weekend.

Here is a list of 10 of his findings –

•The music also contains a piece from Sonic CD and Sonic Rush tracks also feature… but Wrapped In Black doesn’t. BOOOO!
•Fish Hits plays when Big does his All-Star move.
•Switching difficulty to “Off” removes the AI from a multiplayer game.
•Race distances can be set between one and nine laps in length.
•There IS a reference to Ryo and sailors in the game. You can officially rejoice.
•There is at least one line of dialogue from the announcer when talking about Big that…well… it made me choke on my drink.
•Amigo’s boost is probably the most powerful in the game. It certainly seems to be from off the line.
•There is a very clever way of getting the “no collisions” achievement.
•It is entirely possible to legitimately do the “Wonder Boy” (winning by reversing over the line) achievement.
•You will definitely need to master drift for later Super Monkey Ball levels as they mirror the games a lot. This means lots of 90 and 180 degree turns

Source: Sonic Wrecks

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  1. I heard it in a Gameplay video, Dr. Eggmans All-Star Song’s “Dr. Eggman’s Theme” from Sonic Adventure 2.

  2. I thought Eggman’s was the battle theme against him from Shadow the Hedgehog? o.o

    Fish Hits in the game is absoloutely awesome.

  3. Amigo has an epic boost?
    Oh no. Watch the leaderboards fill up with the top 100 players being amigo =P

  4. It has happened to me before and I still dont get why it happens, there are no bold codes around that portion of text. Looks like its also affected the comments, I just dont get it :-S

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