After Hours of Mystery, Sonic 4 Site Unveils the “Badnik” Section

After Hours of Mystery, Sonic 4 Site Unveils the “Badnik” Section

Also known as “stuff you’ve already seen.”

SEGA of America, continuing their c-c-c-combo of disappointing cockteases, unveiled the “badniks” section of the site today after hours of people staring at a broken countdown clock.  The only thing within the new section currently is a 19-year old badnik, the motobug.  The entry includes a short description and its full animation.

What badniks will be coming up in the near future?  Judging from the badnik art contest, it’ll probably be ones… we’ve already seen.

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  1. Oh yeah, when IU first saw the menu button I thought it said Broniks. I got really excited and was like “what?” when I saw Motobug :O

  2. what a cop-out, i sayed up to count down this? bah! someone at sega needs to be smacked.

  3. Hey, at least the button shows up for you. I still haven’t been able to access that area, even though the countdown ended over and hour ago. I’ll I see is nothing, there is just a button that says Characters and that’s it (oh and a blue empty void where the button should be that’s been there for over an hour)..

  4. Remember, poeple. This is just for Episode 1. The other episodes will probably have even more.

    And as someone earlier said, not all of the Badniks are necessarily going to be on the site.

  5. @Imarafan, remember this is just episode one, so it could well be that we only get 9 Badniks.
    Episode 2, should it ever come out will undoubtedly have more.

  6. By the way, there IS something new that we can infer thanks to Motobug’s description – They never turned to chase sonic in the original game, so I think it’s to be expected that the other badniks, even if looking mostly the same as their old versions as well, will have new behavior patterns of their own. That should at least make facing them again a tiny bit more interesting IMO.

  7. You can just IMAGINE that Becky (Puritylf4 at DeviantART) would be the one who drew most of the winning badniks! To paraphrase our favorite bad guy, I HATE THAT WHOREHOG!

  8. oh come on…
    the next is the artwork we already saw and the we’ll get ONE screenshot in around 10 days.
    how about some real footage, not only 3 seconds of corkscrew racing.

  9. A badnik that turns around to chase you if don’t take him out – how cool is that????!!!!

    The 9 badnik slots could be just for the first Zone for all we know!!! maybe 3 per act???

    Oh yes!!!! FTW!!

  10. What more do we want?? r u kidding me?? How about some footage man! and not some crappy 3 seconds of a corkscrew. weve already seen what the motobug looks like in the first trailer. this is a mondo disappointment!

  11. Well, now I’m somewhat concerned. That Motobug is apparently from the game, and it looks pretty terrible. From the animation to the model itself, I’m not by any stretch of the imagination impressed. Hopefully it’ll look better come the game’s release.

    By the way, what’s with the oddly narrow build of this Motobug? And why is its tire moving in reverse?

  12. Waited days for that countdown to reach zero….only to get info I ALREADY KNEW!! we’ve known about motorbug since the beginning of January.

    Yeah, I was pissed. I mean, they could’ve AT LEAST added the other badniks we already know about, like crapmeat and the ones shown in the trailer. Do we get to wait for those now, too????

    I’m just gonna wait for ppl to dig more stuff out of the site then wait for these disappointing ‘unveils’. sigh…

  13. @Brianzilla
    The wheels are turning so it moves forward, I checked it myself.

    And remember, it’s February so we’ll get a lot of real new info by the time it’s released. Can’t expect too much to be revealed a week or two after the game’s offically announced.

  14. I only have one question about motobug in Sonic 4, will rolling in front of him result in Sonic being hurt since it’s lifting those nice little claws while moving =P ?

  15. Guys, can’t we just assume that half the Sonic fanbase all over don’t pay attention to sites like this very site and official blogs like Sega of America’s own?
    I mean, come on, some of those Wii players are probably still playing their Sonic 2 on VC.
    Still, the new information (or did you guys already know that MOTOBUGS HAVE U-TURN IN THIS GAME) is useful to know.

    I mean, what Sonic game wouldn’t include the Motobug, bar Sonic 3 & Knuckles (I haven’t played any of the classics for over a year, so I don’t remember)?
    They did say in the official story that Eggman’s refining his best creations. Well, there’s the first new info on that very point.

    And to Jetronic: It’s never done it for the previous games in the series, although that might just be the case this time. (Judging from past experience, though, I think Sonic slips in between them. It IS side-scrolling and they’re literally facing head-on to Sonic.)

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