Watch the Video for the Ballad Version of “So Much More” by Bentley Jones

Watch the Video for the Ballad Version of “So Much More” by Bentley Jones


Just to keep you tided over until you can buy this on Tuesday next week – Bentley Jones’ ballad version of the ASR theme, complete with duffelcoats, snow, and a new rabbit character who has instantly been struck off the list as a playable in any Sonic game.

Enjoy in High Definition on youtube here.

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  1. Sega is sooooo coming back.
    Well ASR, Needlemouse, Bayonetta and maybe DC titles for download are all a hell of good news!

  2. You’ve gotta love his pet rabbit. They probably recorded this last week, right? Considering all that snow…

    *sketches his current hairdo because he goes through them like I go through pasta*

  3. Overwhelming!!! This music rocks all versions of it !!!

    SEGA 2010 you will become number one again after this years being number 2… Bentley Jones is the first point, secund point is S&SASR, third point is Sonic Adventure (XBLA) 🙂 and fourth point is Project Needlemouse!!!

    😀 😀 😀

  4. Nice song. But what’s with music videos in general? I wonder what’s the thought process that goes into directing a music video.

    Makes me want to make a parody music video of some really abstract and heartfelt theme that’s really not that serious.

  5. @Treleus: Yeah, all seemed kinda bland, but the music was as epic as ever, I’ll be downloading this first chance I get.

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