Richard Jacques Interview: Simon Mayo’s Drive Time Tonight on BBC Radio 2

Richard Jacques Interview: Simon Mayo’s Drive Time Tonight on BBC Radio 2

SEGA composer extrodinare Richard Jacques will be appearing on BBC Radio 2 later on this evening on Simon Mayo’s Drive Time, between 5:05pm and 5:25pm GMT according to Richard’s facebook page. As to what Richard will be talking about during the show, we currently don’t know…but it is fantastic to see Richard getting more mainstream recognition!

Listen in Live tonight via BBC’s iPlayer link (at the top of the page).

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  1. The art of writing music for computer games is the subject apparently! Hopefully Sonic gets a mention!

  2. OMG, they’re going to talk about the topic within the next hour >_< I don't want to listen to this music crap they have playing, I just want the interview lol!

  3. When they spoke about video game rock bands he could have mentioned Crush 40 and their Sonic tracks.

    Shortest interview ever.

  4. No Sonic, but apparently Richard is quite busied with the old Alice in Wonderland game. Intruiging. Nobuo Uematsu mention ftw.

  5. He sounds like a really nice chap, hope to meet him one day. Wish the interview was longer, Simon didn’t sound like he was too interested :-/

  6. Hate to seem like I’m plugging something, but I happened to get the interview recorded. I’ll be uploading it to Youtube within the next hour, if anyone missed it.

  7. Bear in mind Radio 2 is marketed primarily at older generations, as opposed to stations such as Radio 1 that market to younger ones, and that Alice is the game currently in the mainstream media with the Ivor Novello stuff. Alice, being the subject the listeners will relate to (to the point of picking music specifically from probably the most memorable scene in the book/film/whatever), is the obvious choice.

    Plus, face it, there’s nothing particularly special about Jacques’ work in the Superstars/All Stars series. Saying that would be like saying his stuff in Chronicles was okay.

    It’s about what you’d expect from a 5-minute interview on a national radio station, on a niche subject matter like video game music.

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