Official SEGA Genesis Emulator Coming to iPhone

Official SEGA Genesis Emulator Coming to iPhone

In a surprise turn of a events, SEGA is re-releasing the Genesis games on another platform.  The iPhone isn’t foreign to SEGA, but it’s a little bit different this time around.  In a stroke of genius (yes, I said “genius”), SEGA will be releasing an official emulator for the iPhone with its own store, allowing you to purchase ROMs.  With the iPhone App Store becoming obnoxiously bigger every day, SEGA’s plan to break free and sell their games within its own store is a smart idea.  The emulator will come packaged with Space Harrier II and with the ability to purchase four additional titles:

• Sonic the Hedgehog: $5.99
• Golden Axe: $4.99
• Ecco the Dolphin: $2.99
• Shining Force: $2.99

Will you pay $6 for the original Sonic (again)?  Will the emulator recognize the Sonic app that was released last year?  Will lag be present in these emulations?  All these questions and more should be answered when the app releases later this year.

[Gizmodo via Kotaku]

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  1. $3 for Ecco and Shining Force is pretty good (though I’m really not sure if Ecco would work well on an iPhone), but $6 for Sonic 1 is just obnoxious. It is nice to see Sega breaking away, and this does present a wealth of nice opportunities for future games.

  2. sega is getting even more money from old games.
    you can say anything about the quality of their games, but they’re geniuses when it’s about marketing.

  3. Haha, I just noticed it was mentioned later in the article. XD

    Can’t blame me, I’m just sick of Sonic 1 re-releases. 😛

  4. XD375 says: “Isn’t Sonic 1 already available on the iPod Touch / iPhone? >>”
    The article says: “Will you pay $6 for the original Sonic (again)?”

    So, yes. Yes, it is.

  5. *Looks up from playing on free Mega Drive emulator on Android* Yeah…have fun with that

    *saves state on Sonic 2, loads up Gunstar Heroes*

  6. A smart idea on their end financially
    A bad idea on my end as a fan.

    If i can’t use motion to do sonic 2 special stages then go away =P

  7. @sonicyoda: At least we still have cash, dignity and decent emulators.

    Personally, I don’t view unlicensed ROM downloads as “breaking the law” when I have the original MegaDrive cartridges, and I am NOT paying any more money to SEGA’s bloodsucking retro re-releases.

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