New ASR Info From Steve Lycett

New ASR Info From Steve Lycett

Steve Lycett from Sumo Digital in one of his communitty visit’s has recently answered alot of fan’s questions in the SEGA forums. Since some questions weren’t as relevants as others we’ll only list the more important info to come from the answers

– You can play your own music during gameplay on the Xbox version but not on PS3.
– The DS version contains an exclusive Crush 40 track(track as in music of course)
– You can influence the colour of one vehicle in the game though Steve doesn’t state which vehicle.
– Snaking isn’t possible
– Sumo Digital’s network model should prevent cheaters/hackers though this can’t be 100% guaranteed.
– Some platforms will have downloadable time trial ghosts and all versions will all be able to save local ghosts.
– Only Xbox 360 and PS3 versions support voice chat via headset.
– Steve Lycett’s favourite track is Lava Lair using tree tops for drifting. Steve says “you’ll see why”
– The game starts with things locked, then you have to earn Sega Miles to buy new content in the Shop.
– Every version but the DS version has some very difficult Ghost cars from the track designer to beat.
– Steve’s favourite playable character in the game is still Big the Cat and one character he can’t talk about yet.
– Controls plan for the PC versions is for keyboard or game controllers.
– Steve can’t touch the topic of PS3 exclusive content right now.
– When asked about a Thank Your For Playing screen at the end of the game Steve says the game does say Thank You For Playing but that’s all he can say right now.

Full list of questions and answers can be found all together in my post in the SSMB topic.

Source: SEGA Forums topic

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  1. Snaking is a term used in Mario Kart DS to describe drifting and boosting. As with Mario Kart DS the only way to get a boost is to drift and alternate between left and right until the sparks turn yellow (I believe). Do this quickly and consecutively and you will snake. It’s a cheating process however and I’m glad it’s not in ASR.

  2. its good to hear no snaking, it was something everyone did in mario kart DS(Even tho it gave to game alot more skill, it made it unfair for those who just started)
    the coloured vehicles will probably be just for avatars. i probably wont be changing the in game music on my xbox. but it is nice to see it can do the same thing EVERY xbox game can do

  3. “One Character he can’t talk about, yet.” It must be another yet-to-be-revealed character. I mean, it might as well be NiGHTS!

  4. “You can play your own music during gameplay on the Xbox version but not on PS3.”

    WAAAT?!?!? WHY NOT PS3?

  5. Nothing de-confirmed this time? Come on Steve! We want all the dis-heartening news now!
    and …. and… *gets distracted by Needlemouse info*

    Steve Lycett just de-confirmed my post.

  6. I wander what that Crush 40 track will be, is it a new song? or is it an old song that never featured in a Sonic game?

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