ASR Site Hack Reveals Bonanza Bros, Opa-Opa

ASR Site Hack Reveals Bonanza Bros, Opa-Opa

SEGA has once again been the target of tech-savvy fans, as some disassembling of the official Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing flash site has revealed unannounced information, including the presence of the Bonanza Bros. and Opa-Opa (from Fantasy Zone) as playable characters.

The find came from fan blog TSSZ, with writer Ryan Bloom publishing a wealth of images that pertain to characters and All-Star moves. The snapshot above is apparently taken from the Characters page from the official website (which in itself is a replication of the game’s actual character select screen). Behind recently-confirmed Akira from Virtua Fighter is a tuft of blonde hair, leading the blog to suspect that companion fighter Jacky could be racing with him.

More obvious is an image of the Bonanza Bros. next to Big the Cat, and a silhouette of Opa-Opa. Exploring the “Moves” files uncovers a Kapu-Kapu from Chu Chu Rocket!, the ‘PARTS SHOP’ balloon from Fantasy Zone and the blimp from Bonanza Bros. It is assumed that these are clues to All-Star Moves, which if proven correct leads to the presence of the Chu Chu Rocket! playable vehicle as well.

Quite how SEGA will react to its website being torn apart remains to be seen, but it wouldn’t be the first time eager fans have been impatient to find every last morsel of detail about one of its games. We’ll bring you word of any comment from SEGA about the find.

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  1. EEH-GAAAD!! That was from the Remake of Bonanza Bros. from the Sega Classics Collection. Even though there’s no NiGHTS, EGAD, Brain. That’s BRILLIANT! Oh, wait, no… What if the NiGHTS fans are gonna feel the hatred, because NiGHTS can’t transform into a car, with Helen, William, and the Original Visitors (Claris and Elliot) riding him?

  2. We NiGHTS fans already know NiGHTS aint in it, that’s what we’ve been trying to tell everyone else lol, so no-one minds about this lot 😛 i myself would quite like to drive around as the chu-chu’s in their rocket XD

  3. @YoshiAngemon:

    Are you alluding to making a NiGHTS Mii/Avatar?

    @The Sonic Stadium:

    I’m disappointed in you guys for caving in.

  4. Dread! Noooooo… What about the SEGA and SUMO? ;3;

    We were trying not to news it because though even in the end all they want is our money, I have respect for people like S0L and AAUK, and there was a mistake, I understand it’s definitely news worthy but… News vs Respect, sometimes…

  5. Yep, just like Smash Bros, all info out before the release.
    I don’t see why you guys had to report it, I’m sure Steve didn’t want this out in the open.

    Now is the text on the pic Latin or jibberish?

    Steve Lycett just de-confirmed my post. . and this topic

  6. @NinMicroSega: Actually, no. I was just thinking of how NiGHTS would’ve been represented. He could’ve been the car itself, while Claris, Elliot, Helen and William ride in him (like the VF Kids), and NiGHTS’s All-Star Move would involve all four of them Dualizing with NiGHTS, as he flies.

  7. NinMicroSega, Dusk Golem: Hey, we didn’t cave. If this was reported on say, Kotaku, you’d probably expect us to be all over this story. We’re simply tasked with providing the information that you guys care about.

    The fact we posted this hardly shows a disrespect to SUMO or SEGA, both of whom we have great relationships with. As it turns out, this news was always going to spread, with or without our help – so if we held back on this, I think it would have been more insulting to SEGA/SUMO’s intelligence, and patronising to you guys as readers as well.

    Besides, we didn’t discover the information. Had this knowledge been in our hands and SEGA/SUMO asked us to keep schtum, we would have most likely complied and respected their wishes. But you know, we didn’t break this so it’s not really our issue. SEGA and SUMO’s beef, if they have any, will always be directed at the source of the material, not those who simply wish to spread the word.

    Regardless, I don’t see any comments of discontent from either of you on the source’s website, so you must not have a problem with the website leaking the information in the first place. But for some reason if we report it too, we’re bad guys? I’m not sure I understand where you two are coming from here.

  8. I doubt this is even real! The pictures of the Sonic characters are all from Sonic 06! Except for Big. But, I’m beginning to wonder if this was fan-made.

  9. bonanza bros, that is absolutely awesome! That’s one of my favourite mega drive games and now I can race as them!

  10. Whoa, the interface is SEXY!!

    But wait, did you notice how the Sonic and Knuckles is from ’06? I smell something here..

  11. I might have to petition for Ristar, Vectorman, NiGHTS DLC at least. But honestly they got a huge roster of all types of characters going so far. Got a feelin’ I won’t be bored for a while.

  12. “lorem ipsum dico brute eloquentiam ei pro, ad discere commune sit, eu alii omnes discere vim. Stet scribentur necessitatibus vel no, mei eu sonet nihil tractatos, eum adipiscing concludaturque te.” ???

    Reused art and Latin descriptions (talking about writing no less, if my root words aren’t rusty) tell me that someone had too much time on their hands =\

  13. Guys, go to the site, look on Game Info, and then click Types of Races. The tiny screenshot below is more than likely how it’s gonna look and, while this is a neat replica, the renders on the two look completely different.

    Hint: Only one of them is official.

  14. That actual screen’ll look a lot different when its finished, they needed an idea of what it would look like, so they added old pics to fill in spaces etc…

    Whats with all the Ristar love? Lil bastard tried to take over Sonics reign.. and failed miserably, he can stay dead.

    Steve Lycett just de-confirmed my post.

  15. @Chao: That’s actually standard placement text called ‘lorem ispum’. It’s not really Latin. You’ll find it in Publisher or Powerpoint if you mess around in the templates that include text. And really, it means somebody [i]didn’t[/i] have much time if they’re still using the flash document versions of Sonic 06 art. It’s still a pretty competent mock-up regardless.

  16. *cries and grabs pen and paper*
    Dear Sega,
    You have angered the wrath of Lunar Sonic. You better be keeping Nights undr wraps or someone is paying. She is avery good character and if you dont put her in ASR Ill come for you all muh-ha-ha…ha-ha-ha xD

  17. @Lunar_Sonic
    She is a very good character
    if you dont put her in ASR

    …Ermmm I Thought NiGHTS is Genderless and but gets refered as a He/her all the time WHAT UP WID THAT

    but anyway who ever hacked the site is a bit a moran for wrecking the hidden characters what Sol was gunna tell us and Wtf up with the Sonic 06 Artwork i see a diffarant screen like this but with up to date artwork on the ASR site

  18. Bonanza Bros, ChuChu mice,and Opa-Opa, welcome to the race. I wish that NiGHTS can join in ASR as a driver. She’s one of the most beloved characters that Sega and the gamers ever loved. But don’t forget about the unlockables.

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