ASR Getting New Box Art For DS Version?

ASR Getting New Box Art For DS Version?

The U.S. version of the Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing website has updated the DS version of the game’s box art with what look’s like a modified version of the old box art with new Sonic artwork. What’s odd though is the absence of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection logo that was on the old box art, that and we’ve known the DS version has online multiplayer for a while now.

You can check out the box art at the Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing website, if you’re in the UK or any other territory click the flag at the top right and change it to the U.S. flag.

Thanks to HunterTSF over at the SSMB for the heads up and pic!

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  1. Hmm.. the major retailers still have the older design on their websites.. maybe Sega just blew it up so you can actually see it on the website (its kinda small)

  2. @ Jix Hedgehog
    It’s completely different to the older box art though, Sonic has new art and Eggman has been brought forward in place of Tails. Wonder why they’d decide to change it? Sonic takes up half of the box now.

  3. @Shadzter: Because nobody wants anybody but Sonic and Eggman. Needlemouse issues, just applied to a spin-off.

  4. @ Shadzter

    *Squints eyes* … you can see that? Eggman looks like the old Tornado.. I need my peepers checked
    Guess they’re going for a chibi look or something

  5. you only just noticed the new boxart for ds -_- I NOTICED IT BASICLLY THE DAY THE WEBSITE CAME OUT

  6. @ HyperSonicRacing
    There’s no need to have an attitude and be an asshole about it. I’m sure the DS box art had the old style when the U.S. version of the site first launced and since me and most of the staff on this site are from the UK we don’t tend to check the U.S. version of the site very often. The UK site still has the old box art.


    I’m terrible at that sort of thing. I do the same with “their”, “there” and “they’re” lol! XD

  7. that still isn’t going to stop my plan… ><;
    I'm hoping IGN gives the game a bad review so the prices go down to the point that I can afford it 😛
    I'm going broke buying their games now DX

    I can't wait for the release though.
    Hopefully my paychecks get bigger later on so I can see if I can save up if it stays $50 for a while…
    and I'm buying the Wii version because can't afford $50 or $30 or whatever for online for Xbox… stupid Microsoft…

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